Feb. 6th, 2012

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Everybody hear me? I think I've managed to locate a solution to our problems with the blue monsters that have been showing up. It may be a long shot, but it's better than nothing.

According to this book I found in the library, there's an artifact that has the potential to seal away monsters. It's called the Rod of Calem-Sur, and if you use it at the highest point in the middle of an infected area, it'll take care of them for you. The only thing is, it seems to have been separated into two parts for whatever reason, the shaft and the orb. Thankfully, there's some coordinates listed that indicate where they might be, but it'll be rough going for both of them, so I'm going to need help to get them.

I'm sure we all see the trouble with letting these things run around, so I'd appreciate anybody who lends their assistance.

((OOC: OOC signup posts will be up shortly. One will be a more action-heavy log, and the other more puzzle heavy. As another note, as of the end of the library log, there is now officially a chance to run into Onis in POPULATED buildings, with the only exception at the moment being the Hotel itself. Again, this is an opt-in plot, so it is entirely up to players if they want to deal with them, or at least see increasing numbers of quarantined buildings.))


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