Feb. 9th, 2012

first con

Feb. 9th, 2012 05:05 pm
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[ACTION; around Sirocco]

[Did anyone notice the sky changing colors for a minute a few hours ago? Well, the reason why is now strolling around town, looking a little lost. And, well, he is. Moist has gotten the explanation, and a room in the Ermis Suites, but this place is completely unfamiliar and he really wants to find a way out.

...which is also why he's itching to pawn something off, starting with that pencil he'd taken earlier. He's got to earn some money, after all, find some way to get off this island and somewhere else. Preferably somewhere far, far away from here, amnesia be damned.

Still, though, as long as he's here, might as well get comfortable. First things first, he needs to find the Ermis Suites.

Time to get some practice in on using the smartphone, then.]


--right, there we go.

Hello? Can anyone direct me to the Ermis Suites, Room 403? I'm a bit lost, as you can probably tell, and I've been wandering for hours.
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*At some point in time, a new device showed up in the Justice League building. It seems primarily designed for suiting up, and certainly when you saw it the first time, there was some sort of armor set up in it. But it's not there NOW, and the reason for this ends up being pretty obvious with the next video call...*


*...which includes somebody in said armor. Who is this stranged, masked fell -- oh, apparently it's Kotetsu, judging by the fact he just flipped the helm up. Mystery solved. The background behind him shows a broken set of doors, a perimeter of police tape located in a large radius around the entrance, some huddled, frightened looking people, and evidence of SOMETHING moving every so often through the doors, although it's too dark to make out anything properly. Tiger's still glowing faintly blue.*

Wild Tiger here! Jesus Christ, have you SEEN these things? They've gotta be the ugliest bastards I ever seen in my life! I could clobber them away from us easy enough, but they just kept coming! Good thing I had my Hundred Power considering some jackass locked the door on us while we were in there evacuating people! This is ridiculous!


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