Feb. 10th, 2012

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[The video feed comes on in a splatter of static, and its owner is heard before he's seen. The voice is an impertinent mid-tenor with no discernible inflection, or if there IS one it's been flattened by years of travel.]

--texting like a fourteen-year-old girl during study hall... oh hey, there it goes! Hahah, score one for humanity, zero for the machines!

[He view of an upside-down sky overturns and staring into the camera is a man somewhere in in the far edge of his twenties with scruffy brown hair and thick black glasses.]

Hey, Sirocco. Dude at the lab said I should introduce myself, and even though doing it kinda makes me feel like I'm at one big... memory-haver's-anonymous meeting, I guess it's a good idea. Name's Gordon. I have no idea what my last name is, or what the hell I'm even DOING here, but from what I understand that's pretty normal around here. So where are we exactly? I mean, what country is this? They were pretty quick to NOT answer that question in the lab, believe me I asked. It looks suspiciously like Canada...

wait, have I even been to Canada?

Eh, whatever. Is there anything else I ought to know while I'm at it? Oh yeah, also I'm rooming with a guy named uh... Booster? I'm headed that way, as soon as I can find the place.
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[Either Ike doesn't know about the training center or he doesn't feel he can afford to use it yet, because he's out in the park. He's off the beaten path, in a clear area, wielding a beautiful two-handed sword.

...With one hand.

Other than that, the scene shouldn't look too unusual. The moves that Ike is practicing are all basic sword techniques, because that's all he remembers. Sometimes muscle memory will cause him to do something more complex, but those instances are uncommon.

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Who: Hiroshi, Palom, Vriska, Rudy, Yuta, and Barnaby, with special guest Supernova
What: The Search for the Rod of Calem-Sur, part 1
When: Simultaneously with the log for the orb (Monday)
Where: A Japanese tower ruin
Note: Bluh bluh huge jerks

Truly a cohesive team here folks.


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