Feb. 12th, 2012

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[Anyone who happens into the library will find a large research table along the windows completely coated in newspapers, magazines, atlases and books on local history, and sprawled in a chair before all of it is a thin, bespectacled young man in an orange sweater and faded jeans who is definitely not reading any of them at the moment. Gordon growls quietly as he plucks off his glasses and presses the heels of his hands into his eyes.]

Rrrgh, dammit... Nothing. What the hell? You'd think SOMETHING would start looking familiar, but no, I may as well be reading these things in Russian or something.

[He lowers his hands and stares at the ceiling for a moment.]

...I don't speak Russian, do I? Christ, that statement's going to sound really stupid in hindsight if I do.

[A few more futile and frustrating hours later, he's out of the library and at a place where he can blow off some steam; a bar near the Ermis Apartments.]

AHAHAHAH, GOTCHA! Who's the predating subspecies NOW, bitch?! Ohohoh what's this? More of those fat fucks that blow up into a dozen little ones! Allow me to cut your gestation time short! EAT GRENADES!

[His beer sits forgotten on a nearby table while he manically fires a little plastic gun at the screen of one of those violent zombie-saturated video games that occasionally find themselves in bars. He's gleefully swearing up a storm, and it's worth mentioning that for a high-difficulty quarter-muncher it has yet to actually see a game-over screen.]
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*The fox woman has been cutting out some small paper dolls. Some sort of craft? But then she holds it out in front of her, and it begins to glow and float. Yet she doesn't really look pleased with herself...*

This feels slightly harder than I remember. Why is that...


*If you've got it, use it.

Hearing about some of the Oni attacks, she decides to help scope out some buildings that people have suspected might be infested. So you might see her standing outside a department store, focusing on something unseen. That is, until she suddenly yelps and falls backwards, landing on those many, many tails.*

G-goodness! It didn't even hesitate!

((OOC: 1% on remembering the skills of a shikigami. Spellcards will come back next 1%.))


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