Feb. 20th, 2012

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Alright, so I got a message for a few people from Future Dave just now. So, for all intents and purposes, I guess this message is from me.

Gordon, your future self wanted me to give you this. He said that it has sentimental value to you for some reason, and that you'd be glad to see it when you remembered it.

So, uh, Happy Birthday.

Karkat, your future self told me to tell you that you are a child molesting douchecopter who, uh...

[he holds up a piece of paper]

"Who has shame squeezers or one of those other weird troll things where his balls should be."

Your words, apparently, not mine.

To everyone else, well... he was from a doomed timeline. No one can escape a doomed timeline forever, so he was just glad that his doom came on his own terms, rather than being suffocated under a mattress in a freak accident or something retarded like that.
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I think there has 8een just a8out enough of this 8S going on!
It is time to t8ke things to their logical conclusion.
You know what I am talking about, don't you?
It's the 8lue8easts!!!!!!!! There are too many of them, it's ridiculous.
I know that they are connected to you! You cannot lie to me. I know it all.
So there is only one question left to ask:
What do you intend to do in order to allevi8 the situation?
It had 8etter 8e good. I am expecting you to t8ke full responsi8ility, after all.
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[There's a faint buzzing on the audio, like that of a fly spinning around in a room, but eventually the video feed turns on. The image of a ridiculous looking penguin relaxing in the middle of a garden slowly comes into view. It is quite a dapper looking one with that fancy getup there.

Eventually the creature starts talking.]

Hello there fellow amnesiacs. Those men at the lab told me to contact the rest of you after being so rudely kicked out. Tsk, is good service really that fucking hard to find? And the nerve of not giving me anything to eat!

[The bird pulls over a burlap sack and starts to eat the contents. It looks suspiciously like dirt...]

I guess introductions need to be done? I'm called Beelzebub, a pleasure to meet you all... I guess. Could someone quickly explain what these blue creatures that the lab warned me about? I did not see anything blue on my flight here though there was some strange commotion on the streets earlier. All I got from those lab workers was that I might become a tasty meal for them. Ha, as if I would let a so called demon even get close to the great me.


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