Feb. 25th, 2012

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Soooo yeah, I'm finally starting to remember some stuff! Favorite kind of coffee. The layout of downtown Seattle. You know, really useful shit. Anyway it turns out we beat back those blue Oni finally. It'll be kind of nice to see this place when it's not crawling with monsters. Except, you know...

[He turns and the background rotates from a grey stone wall to bars behind him.]

Those bastards locked me up for grabbing that shotgun! And those grenades. Okay, so yeah, they weren't exactly just lying around, it was more like they were stowed in a case inside a gun store that was closed for the night, but dammit I regret nothing! There were lives on the line! DamnstupidfrigginTawagotogadesu--

--oh yeah, turns out I can speak Japanese; no idea where I learned it. Look, can someone just spot my bail to get me out of here?


Feb. 25th, 2012 03:10 am
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Shen has been poking and prodding at the screen of this phone for a while, now, and is just about getting the hang of it when he curiously pokes the communicate app. Whups.

Your screen shows you the typical ceiling of an apartment. They do all look alike, after all, it could be anyone's ceiling. However, then the view is tilted and well, shit, the place is being overrun with avians, it seems, because here's YET ANOTHER TALKING BIRD.

... Admittedly, a very pretty talking bird. This fellow resembles nothing more than a white peacock with red and black added as an afterthought and sounds like his CV might include at least eight years at RADA. If... talking birds have CVs. Or attend RADA. You never know. He's wearing white and grey silk robes.

"Well, now at least I know what this one does..." he muses. There's a pause, and then he resumes talking. "Oh, yes." He picks up a sheet of paper with one wing and blinks at it. "'Don't forget to introduce yourself to the community.' Don't forget, indeed. I suppose that's their idea of humour." He drops the paper. "Well, then. My name is Shen and..." Blinkblink. "That's all, I'm afraid." His eyes move rather a lot, one might notice. "At least I know I'm not alone in this detestable condition," he finishes in a rueful mutter.

((Whups, forgot this bit...))
He shifts uncomfortably, reaches into a sleeve, and produces a shiny, feather-shaped throwing knife, which he eyes dubiously before tossing it aside where it hits something offscreen with a clattery metallic sound, as though it's simply landed in a pile of similar items. "Another one... why in the world would I have these in my feathers?"


Say hello to the pretty birdie?
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[action 1: daytime, Justice League Sirocco HQ]

[Booster's down at JLS HQ, surveying the damage done by the oni and everyone's favorite intrepid time travelers. Other than the new improvised skylight, the damage is thankfully mostly superficial, and the building's not really that much worse off than it was when Booster first acquired the place. Overall, definitely salvageable.

Booster stares at the hole in the roof for a while before he starts... laughing?

Man! I am so stupid! I honestly thought we could manage to stay in the black this month! What a joke, right?

[He bends over and sets one of the surviving chairs upright, solely so he can collapse into it dramatically.]

Well, gotta face the music sometime. Our government budget's just not big enough to make ends meet on its own. But don't worry about it, they don't call me the Corporate Crusader for nothing! I'll get this sorted out, no problem.

[It's almost like the past few weeks never happened.]

[action 2: nighttime, the rooftops of Sirocco]

[As always, Supernova can be spotted patrolling the night skies. He's understandably more distracted than usual, often spending a long time standing around on a single rooftop before moving on. It makes it pretty damn easy to track him down for a conversation, if anyone wants one after everything that's happened recently.]


Hey guys, kind of a weird question for you today. Has anybody noticed any kind of connection between the kind of stuff they remember and what current events are in Sirocco when they remember it?


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