Feb. 28th, 2012


Feb. 28th, 2012 01:51 am
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I remembered my home.

[Close-up of an incredibly realistic painting done of a small, sleepy looking hamlet. There are people milling about, almost seeming to move within the picture. At the far end of the painting is a small house that seems to stand out in some way, though it isn't clear why. Perhaps more detail and attention were paid to this little home, for some reason.]

It's a super boring place. I'm better off here!

[There is a sadness in her voice that can't be totally hidden, no matter how much she tries.]

It's called Thamasa. And everyone there could use magic, but we weren't supposed to. I can't remember why. Probably 'cause some stupid old guy was in charge and didn't want anyone to have any fun. But you can't keep talent like mine silent! I painted all the time anyway, and made all kinds of fun stuff happen, and they couldn't stop me because I'm so awesome and adorable and talented.

[She paints a few more things, adding small details until she's satisfied.]

Stupid, boring old town. At least here I can use my magic and no one yells at me.


Feb. 28th, 2012 10:54 am
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Iroh found his way to the Ermis Suits easily enough. He didn't really have any possessions beyond the clothes on his back and the video phone that he had shoved in his pocket after a cursory examination (He'd look closer at that later.) so moving in wasn't any kind of ordeal. The only thing left to do was meet the neighbors.

So there's a fat, old, balding man wandering about the Ermis Suites with a smile on his face. On running into you, he says "Hello! I'm Iroh...and apparently that's about all I can tell you. I'm still kind of figuring things out here, you see."

Or something to that effect.
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[Shirou was out for a walk. He decided on a change of pace, so he began to walk through the upper-class district of Sirocco. He looked at all of the elegant houses as he walked, but then he turned a corner and stopped. Why? Because one of those buildings looked too familiar to him.

It was a large, Japanese-style house. The moment he entered the proximity, he could detect a bounded field surrounding the house.]

This...this is my house. But...what is it doing here?

[Shirou enters and looks around. Everything seems to be in place, where he remembers them. He walked into his room and sat down on the floor.]

This is weird...but at the same time it's also kind of nice. I feel at home here.

[After giving the house one last look-through, he leaves and heads back to the Ermis Suites. For the rest of the day, he can be seen carrying things from the Ermis Suites to his house, or from the shopping district to his house.]


Feb. 28th, 2012 07:46 pm
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You know, ever since I arrived here, I had a feeling that I was headed for gr8ness.
So it m8kes me very happy to find out that my memories support this!
I'm not just headed for gr8ness. It's my destiny.
In other words, guess who has the 8est ancestry ever?
Here's a hint.
I do.
It's me.
I have some 8ig shoes to fill, so I'd 8etter get 8usy.


Feb. 28th, 2012 08:52 pm
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Attention, fellow exiles!

It recently came to my attention that there are some quite serviceable training facilities available to those who seek it out. Well done, Ky.

However! Unless I miss my guess, there are some among us who wish to refine skills a bit beyond casual sparring matches. Those with incredible powers, who risk hurting those around them or themselves if they practice carelessly.

It is to these people whom I offer my services as a trainer and sparring partner. Before I came here I was a Prinny Instructor, so I have experience in training, and I seem to possess enough skill and power to at least survive against most opponents.

If the ordeal with the "oni" taught us anything, it is that we must all be prepared. Seek me out, if you think you stand to benefit from it.
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Was going to go shopping today. Instead, slime.

I am no good with slime. Nearly fell over investigating Dave's slime monster thing. This is much more slime. Can't go to roof anymore.

Who is good with slime? It would be great if they could get me some things. I need paper, and toothpaste, and carrots. And some other things. I forget. Fortunately, things you need are easy to remember when you forget them. If you can't remember at all, then it probably wasn't important.

Going to look out the window for a while.
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[Dave has braved the rain of goo in his typical ironic rap-ninja fashion for a series of incomprehensible errands. He's gone to look at a super sleek motorcycle of some kind, Kotetsu's powersuit, A series of enormous, expensive speaker systems, and...toothbrushes?

After this he makes his way to the roof of the Ermis Suite, clears the slime off of it, and turns it on. He then goes on to produce a box of brightly colored, glowing toothbrushes that have a high speed motor that does unclear things while it's on and a built in sound system that plays music whenever you brush your teeth.]


Who wants a ridiculous, tricked out, high octane toothbrush?

((1% spent on how to use the Alchemiter))


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