Mar. 5th, 2012

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[Rudolph had been keeping to the bookshops, the remains of the main library, the more intact branches and what's left of museums since the Onis disappeared, often accompanied by a certain young man, pouring over what they can find, jotting notes and obviously discussing Important Things.

After a while, Rudolph Van Richten can be seen on the phones, while Hiroshi can be seen in the background examining the spines of books]

Ah, Good Afternoon - this is Dr. Van Richten, could you kindly do Hiroshi and myself a favor? We were going over the libraries and museums of Sirocco and found many of them very lacking in information about the various beasts we've seen.

What I would like is that those who do remember these monsters - could you be so kind as to come to the 2nd Library Branch and consent to an interview?


[You're here for the interview. Van Richten can be seen sitting at one of the larger tables with pen and paper ready. Several books are on the table. Hiroshi is nearby with a few books open, going from one to another, and occasionally can be seen furiously scribbling something down - occasionally pausing to stare at something in disbelief before continuing on.

Do you speak to the Doctor, or the Student?]

((ooc: for the record. Rudolph has 1% on lockpick, 1% on Draconic language, 1% on hide-in-shadows, 1% on detecting traps, and 1% on the Ezra faith, so 6% total regain.

State in the subject line if you want to talk with Hiroshi or Rudolph as this is a joint post))
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[ This is one Rin Tohsaka with her hair down. It doesn't look messy, but it's unlike her. Don't worry, the set comes complete with a scowl that can make most boys her age run away in fear. ]

I dropped my hair brush outside my window. [ Okay, more like she threw it at some idiot passerby who was making too much noise, but it's along the same lines. ] And I know what will happen if I step outdoors myself.

[ Her wardrobe consists of short skirts only after all. ]

So I'll make a deal with one of you idiots. Well, whichever idiot can actually complete the task I'm giving out. After all, I'm sure most of you will try and inevitably fail because you all are stupid. [ Maybe putting her hair up in twintails helps relieve the tension or something... ] I have Anemoi. Yes, those stupid gems you turn in for memories. I don't need them, but I do need a hairbrush.

You get what I'm saying, don't you?

[ The bratty magus Rin Tohsaka has asked you to deliver [1] Hairbrush to her. In return, you'll receive [3] Anemoi all worth 1% each. Should you accept this quest, expect your reputation with humanity to decline slightly and your tolerance levels to fade. She hoards Anemoi like the selfish girl she is by the way. ]


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