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[Rosalia is as cheerful as ever, but anyone with a sharp eye can detect that something's a tiny bit off about her mood today; some of that cheer isn't all genuine.]

Hey, everyone! I have a question.

[She pauses for a second, trying to figure out exactly how to phrase her question.]

I was just wondering, is there any way to learn - to learn how to heal people? I've been thinking about my family lately. My dad was a doctor, a really smart one, and my brother was studying to be a doctor too...I want to be able to help people, like them. I can't fight like against those blue things, and I want to be able to keep running the shop, but if there's something I can do I want to learn it too! I can work hard, I promise.

Um, that's it for now. Thanks, everyone. Have a nice day.

(2% spent on Rosalia's brother, 5% on some of her time in Mexico and the "reason" for being there. The actual memory regain occurred a while ago, but she's just talking about it now.)
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[What the hell is that on the lawn? Is that the world's biggest sheet of bubble wrap?] )

[tl;dr there's now a magnetic anti-grav field in the courtyard lawn that'll only work on water and living creatures. Who WOULDN'T want to investigate?]


[Gordon is still dirt-stained but back in the apartment, pacing with phone in hand. The magnetofield is clearly visible outside the window whenever he passes it.]

So. Here I thought I remembered everything about my work before, but I gave up a few more anemoi shards to the boys at the lab and suddenly I... I get this huge second wave, sort of. Suddenly BOOM, everything you ever wanted to know about electromagnetism but were afraid to ask, is back. Anyone else have this kind of thing happen to them? Some huge body of knowledge in pieces? I wonder how many more of these I'm going to get...
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Life's gonna suck when you grow up, it sucks pretty bad right now )


*So many ruins. So many of them complete crap. Certainly, there would have to be something that would be suited to his purposes. Why did so many people make so many useless buildings, only to abandon them later? People are idiots.

Those who are checking out the various other ruins themselves might spot a greenish witch flying around, occasionally landing and surveying. She doesn't SEEM to want to be bothered, but you know you haven't seen her before. She MUST be a fellow amnesiac. Dare you approach?*


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