Mar. 16th, 2012

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Hey guys!

I finally remembered something! Check this out.

[He reaches into... somewhere, and pulls out what looks like a strangely shaped can of shaving cream. Then he puts it away gain. A card seems to be involved somehow, but it's difficult to tell. He pulls out a few more random objects, a hat, a box of gushers, etc. And then puts them all back.]

Pretty cool, huh? I can't believe I forgot that I had one of these.

And look! I have a strife specibus too!

[He pulls out a hammer. It looks ridiculous. But he seems to like it...]

[Anywho, 2% spent on the use of his sylladex and strife specibus. 4% remaining.]


Mar. 16th, 2012 11:54 am
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[Customary Rin pointless sky video (cloudy). Customary overly-long pause before saying anything.]

Birthday was last tuesday. Nineteen now.

I was going to say something about it at the time, but then I decided not to say anything instead.

Yup, that's it. Can't have something interesting to say all the time. I should probably move before it starts raining.
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*By theory, maybe she should be more concerned about the giant green snake blocking entrance to the one place designed to process memories. But she can't help but find herself fascinated by these strange new manmade shikigamis sitting in the lobby. In fact, if you run into her, she's standing by them, a couple bags of various berries and fruits with her, trying to figure out the approximate process of getting them to work by looking at the diagrams.*

Okay, so I just need to... and then to... Well, that seems straightforward enough!
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[Well, here's an odd sight on the phone network today. It's one of the Lab's scientists, looking pretty nervous about something. You've probably seen this guy before, but maybe not, he's one of several scientists who handle anemoi and related matters--Dr. Patrick Nichols, if you're particularly good at remembering names and faces.]

Ahhh, ahahaha, um, hello! Very sorry to bother you all so suddenly like this, I know we don't usually do that, but we've got ourselves a bit of a problem up here, and, well. You lot are rather proficient at problem-solving, right? Because, ahaha, it's kind of a big one! Here, take a look for yourselves.

[He inputs a few things into the phone and a nearby computer quickly, and the feed input soon changes to one of the Lab's security cameras. Specifically, one overlooking the Lab's entrance, where a large, green, serpentine creature is curled up. After a moment, the feed switches back to the phone's camera and Dr. Nichols.]

It's right in front of the door, which means none of us can get out, and, of course, aheh, none of you can get in, so it would be to our mutual benefit if you could get rid of it. Somehow. Before we all starve to death, if you would.

((That's right, there's now a Rayquaza parked right in front of the Lab, and it's up to you guys to get rid of it. How, you ask? Good question!

INCIDENTALLY, a couple of weird, new machines have appeared in the lobby area of the Ermis Suites. But I'm sure that's just a coincidence.))
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[Somewhat near the lab is a very confused looking girl! She was told to go to the lab, but with that dragon... snake... thing there, it's kind of difficult.]

What should I do...? Nobody said anything about this.

[Give her a hand? Misdirect her? It's a newbie who doesn't actually know what to do for once! Anything is possible!]


Mar. 16th, 2012 07:51 pm
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so uh
i guess rin beat me to it but i might as well say it
i found a webcomic saved on my computer
i think i made them
theyre fucking awesome
and thats all there is to say about that

oh yeah you can read it here
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[Shampoo pops up from the bottom of the camera with a wide smile stuck on her face. It's a bit of a surprise to see her with make-up on and in a Mandarin Gown instead of her normal martial art outfit but it's no surprise when you see the background. Behind her, the small building with the sign Cat Cafe has a banner with the words GRAND OPENING and balloons in front.

She closes her fan with a flick of her wrist and points directly at the camera.]

Nǐ hǎo ma? Are you hungry for the best noodle dishes? Fried rice with shrimp? Wonton soup or chicken feet? Szechuan mapo tofu or Hong Kong style congee?

Then lái-lái, lái-lái! Come in to Cat Cafe! Come in! Our doors are open! Where the chef and workers are pretty to look at and food tastes delicious. Today's grand opening so all prices are half off!


[It's a bit mind-boggling to see how many people came and stop by to the small building. The lines are thankfully short but tables are packed, forcing some groups of people to sit with strangers they might not know.

The 17 year old girl is running around taking orders and serving food but the majority of the time, she's in the back kitchen putting on a small cooking show. With fire and throwing knives! Best duck when one of them comes flying a bit too close to your personal space.

((ooc: A mix-and-mingle post, feel free to tag other people in the restaurant. In addition, Barnaby gets 2% for his pay.))


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