Mar. 21st, 2012

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[There is a figure who is mostly muttering to himself, back turned to the phone - all that could be seen is a shock of green hair]

Looks like you fine folks were in the middle of some serious demolition here - wherever HERE is, it sure ain't Gotham but it'll do for now.

[Suddenly he turns around - The man with the white "makeup" and too wide grin looms close enough that his nose is squashed against the screen]

Well hello you happy people! Now that I am here, I am sure that we will have loooooots of fun!

[He draws back to a more reasonable distance, still grinning, though it now has a sinister cast]

It looks like you fellows are all dull little boys and girls, all work-work-work for some goldfish pebbles and no play at all. Well, I'm going to shake things up.


[He blows a spectacularly large raspberry]

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A lot of introspection. )

I quit.

((Aaaand Booster's out! He won't be responding to anything on this post, on account of his phone being a shattered mess of electronics on the sidewalk by the Suites now, so feel free to threadjack around in here and ICly organize Operation Drag Booster Back. I will have a log up for said Operation momentarily. EDIT: Log's up! /o/))
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Who: Booster Gold, volunteers for dragging his ass back
What: Booster wants to ragequit everything, several people would really rather he didn't.
When: Not long after this post.
Where: Somewhere around the southern edge of town.

He flew south. )


Mar. 21st, 2012 10:01 pm
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I got a bunch of paintings. Apparently I painted them. Don't remember.

I get a weird sense of vertigo looking at these. My mind created these, but I don't feel any personal connection to them. They were painted by someone else - that other person named Rin Tezuka whose memories I keep getting. Two strangers separated by time and memory. I look at my old paintings and I'm suddenly weirdly aware of how huge that gulf is. I don't think I'll ever be able to cross it, even if I remember everything. Maybe it's better if I don't remember anything at all.

I wonder what I should do with these.


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