Mar. 23rd, 2012

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o/~ Spring is sprung, the grass is rise
I wonder where the flowers is...o/~

*We'd say that Spring has brought out the best in Tsuruya, but it's hard to tell with her in all honesty. Either way, she seems to be in as good a mood as always as she walks down the street, singing an odd sort of tune. She seems to be en route to Rosalia's flower shop, as a matter of fact, but also taking in all the sights of spring in the city she can along the way.

You might find her in any other given store in the city too -- clothing, sweets, music, and so on, and so forth. It's a girl's day in the city, and you're more than welcome to join her.*

Aliens +1

Mar. 23rd, 2012 09:51 pm
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[Whoever is making this post seems to mainly be thinking out loud and talking very quickly.]

Alien planet, clearly. Inhabited primarily by humans. Not Earth, too sparsely populated, one of the Alliance colonies? Technology level all wrong. Retrograde amnesia also concerning. Perhaps dietary contaminants? No no no, too imprecise. Would be more endemic. Less total. No drugs I know that cause this reaction in Humans and Salarians. Must be active interference. Radiation surgery? Nanotech treatment? Other, more esoteric process? Either way, amnesia used as weapon, method of control. Must secure cure as quickly as possible. Also, matter of anemoi. No idea what they are. Memories encoded within? Not possible, anemoi exchangeable. Possibly some kind of drug. Treatment. Need to look into process for using them.

Hmm, possible there is a pattern to those afflicted with amnesia. Tell me, who else is effected?


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