Mar. 26th, 2012

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You know, I actually remember a few things, back when I was a kid. Anyone here ever heard of Uberwald? It's an old country, with vampires and werewolves and all that, and I'm certain I was born somewhere in its general area. Anyway, does anyone else come from a place like that, where things that go bump in the night are a fact of life?

...also, does anyone know where my roommate went? He just disappeared one day, haven't been able to find any trace of him since.


Mar. 26th, 2012 07:41 pm
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The screen shows... what looks like some kind of ranch behind a familiar Peacock. Said Peacock is clad in not only his usual robes but a giant canvas jacket and a hat.

"Hullo, everyone. I discovered something noteworthy at to-day's job." The camera pans to the side and up, showing a sign reading HONEST CID'S CHOCOBO RANCH AND COMPUTER REPAIR. Then it pans down a little, displaying footage of rather a lot of birds a bit larger than he is. Then it pans back to Shen. "These animals are called 'Chocobos' and I'm told they tolerate being ridden by humans, rather like horses and, even more interestingly, I'm told they are able to scare off monsters, though I haven't gotten anything more specific than that, yet. I thought this might be of interest to the next anemoi-hunting expedi--" He's broken off as one of the Chocobos has sauntered right up to him and now headbutts his shoulder in a decidedly friendly manner.

"Ah-eh... they're... friendly...." The Chocobo headbutts him again, and then snuggles him.

"Hooo-eee," a voice behind Shen exclaims. "Whah, Ah think she lahkes yew, there, Sean!"

"Shen. My name is Sh--DO YOU MIND!?" The Chocobo has now worked its head under his jacket and is attempting to get into his robes.

"Yew'd better be keerful, it's matin' season, yanno!" the rancher chortles. The Chocobo continues attempting to molest Shen, to his increasingly frantic protests. Eventually the rancher, a hayseed-looking human, wanders over and tugs at the Chocobo's feather crest, distracting her. "Okay, okay, Beulah, Ah know he's purteh, but he's got work ta dew. G'wan, git!" He gives her a light swat and she wanders off, emitting a sharp WARK! as she goes.

Shen is ruffled and humiliated and the rancher thinks that's the funniest damn thing he's seen all day.

"Hey, whyncher tell them freinds'a yewrs ta come on down! Get half-off a Chocobo with ev'ry compewter repair!"
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*The fox has been seen running around town again. It's not stealing anything, though, so a lot of it has just been amazement at seeing one at all, let alone one that large and with nine tails. A few of them have noted an odd, shining light hovering around it, and can SWEAR they heard a voice coming from it.

She's been especially spotted near the outskirts and the park, which is where you might see her yourself, enjoying the sunlight. And sure enough, there's a small white light nearby -- and it's speaking, somehow, in Ran's voice.*

{Ah, good afternoon. Are you here to enjoy the day as well?}

((OOC: Combining 3% from the green goop and 3% from Rayquaza for a whopping 6% back on her entire first 100 years as a fox. To be fair, there's not a lot of DETAIL to it.))


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