Mar. 30th, 2012

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*So apparently he's not ALWAYS a bookish shut-in. Hiroshi is actually out and about today! To... get library books, okay, fine. But he's also at the pet store today, looking into octopus chow. Montfort's adorable, to be sure, and shockingly easier to take care of than what he's read about, but darned if he doesn't need a lot of love and care. Which is hard when you have a roommate that you have to constantly keep an eye on to make sure he's not either trying to feed it bad things or turn it into something NOT an octopus.

If he's not there, he's out in one of the parks, writing in a journal and looking at books. There might be a few psychology texts in there...*
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It's a lovely day again. It's always on these nice sunny days that Shen can be seen out and about. To-day, for example, he can be found at the local music store. What's he doing there, one might ask? Whatever it is, he knows what he's after.


There's something different about Shen. Is he... shinier? His plumage brighter? Does he look oddly sleek? Yes, actually. After spending several days a distracted, ruffled mess, he's apparently gone and done one heckuva preening. Or, rather, had it done, as he may have been spotted in the vicinity of a little niche place called 'Wingummy Thingummy Avian Salon.' Clearly, he's a new bird, now. He settles in front of the phone that he'd propped up against something and sighs. "I've been thinking recently," he murmurs. "My past is... very much in the past, it seems--everything seems to indicate that my home existed sometime in the fifth century." He grows contemplative. "I very much doubt I'll be able to return, so... I suppose I should try to make a home here." He runs a wing over his feather crest a little wearily and while it springs back up in a perfectly healthy manner, he himself still looks distracted. "Has anyone else found out that their home is in the past?"

((1% or so spent remembering how to play the lute))


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