Apr. 2nd, 2012

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heeeeeyyyyy ne1 wanna c somthing awsom????
if u do.........
AND U DO!!!!!!
go 2 the park and look 4 me
ill b wating~~~ :)

((Translation: "Hey, anyone want to see something awesome? If you do... and you do! Go to the park and look for me, the amazing super talented Relm! I'll be waiting!"
Relm has remembered her Sketch ability! When successful, this lets her draw a copy of her target and use one of their abilities as if it were her own. For RP funtimes, I'm going to say that Relm can use an ability her target hasn't remembered yet, provided it's okay with the character/mun in question.
Just let me know what she can use when she Sketches her target!
Also, I should clarify: if your character shows up in the park, this will be action, so no more eye-watering rainbow text. Promise.))
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[Salarians don't sleep a lot, only one hour a night. But sleep they do. Mordin woke up after only half an hour, got a notebook, and immediately started writing furiously.

About thirty pages later, he stopped and started going back over what he had written, then made a video post.]

Complete biological knowledge of Turian anatomy. Hmm. Was hoping first memory would be...useful in some form.

[hella backdated to when Mordin moved in]

[John Egbert! of room 413! There is a space alien in your room!]

[1% on medical knowledge of Turians.]
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There's a strange sight up in the sky today: that of a young girl riding a broomstick back and forth across the city. Sometimes she swoops down to almost ground level, and then you can hear her laughing like a maniac.

Later on, she's drifting along at a more leisurely pace at rooftop level, making conversation much more practical. Or you can just call her if you really want to.

[1% spent on how to use her broomstick to fly.]


Apr. 2nd, 2012 06:29 pm
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[Action 1]

[Rin seems to be involved in some kind of undertaking! It involves her paintings. She is spending most of today in the long, cumbersome task of moving her paintings somewhere outside of the apartments. This would be a fair amount of hassle even normally, and Rin's missing limbs is not making it any easier.]

[Assist y/n?]

[Action 2]

[That night. Rin is out behind the apartments, where she has apparently assembled a smallish fire. Not of the arson kind, it's nice and constrained and not going to hurt anybody. She's watching it blankly, back against the wall as she sits on the ground, with a cigarette in her mouth. The fire seems to have been kindled with old newspapers, mainly consists of firewood, and... there's something else in there, too.]

[As it dies down a bit, Rin drags another painting onto the fire.]

[[OOC: Pleace specify which prompt you are tagging! Would like to have a couple people max in prompt #2, and only people who already have CR with Rin.]]
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Hello everyone! [ Not only is Rin Tohsaka cheerful, but she's got a strange outfit on. Yes, those are cat ears. ] Kaleido-Ruby here to inform you that everything is going to be alright! I'm going to go kill all of the monsters that invade these lands and bring back enough Anemoi for everyone to remember! There's one thing you have to remember though in return!

[ Just going to wink at the camera now. ]

I'm the cutest hero you've ever seen! Time to go save the day!!

[ After that video call, "Kaleido-Ruby" can be found making wild proclamations of justice throughout the streets, as well as arguing with her weapon. Don't worry, her weapon talks back. Often with wittier remarks than the girl herself. ]
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[After that completely innocent announcement, the Clown's been pretty quiet. However the city has not!]


[For example: One of the few banks left open in the city is wailing out with alarms as inside an ordinary looking middle-aged man is laugh manically, shooting staples at the wall - pinning a narcoleptic security guard's lapel to the wall - he's shouting]

You said that you can have these? Not I the Office Supplinator! Hand over those pens, papers, and everything you're not suppose to have and no one will have to face - REJECTION!

[The customers and tellers stayed low, completely baffled by this crazy man but are afraid to draw attention - who will save them now?]


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