Apr. 9th, 2012

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*"Oi! Stop right there!"

"Bwa ha ha ha ha! There's no stopping me! I, the Soda Popper, will see this city drown!

"The Soda Popper? ...you're kidding me, right?"

"Don't take me so lightly, you green and white fool! Taste my fizzy destruction!"

*shakeshakeshake FZZZZZZZPLASH*

"Ha ha ha! See how my special soda erodes your armor? Now it's only a matter of time before it eats into your flesh!"



*Kotetsu is in the foreground, with a brown liquid dripping from him. Behind him, a somewhat overweight pimply kid lies unconscious, with a truly ridiculous amound of soda spilling out from a broken container on his back.*

Got another friggin' idiot up here. Was spraying soda on the cars below and cackling about causing chaos or something. What's making all these weirdos come outta the woodwork lately?

...And anybody got a towel?
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*The park is a scene of chaos today! A man in a fox suit cackles madly! With... a lot of confused animals milling about.*

"TODAY! TODAY IS THE DAY THE ANIMALS REVOLT! Fear us, humans! I, The Red Fox, have come to liberate all of animal-kind from the oppressive forces of humanity! Soon, you shall face our wrath! Go, my animal companions!"


"You dare defy me?! I speak for the good of all of us! This is our shining moment! I -- whooooooa! Is that a female fox I see before me? You are a shining beacon of foxiness! What say you and I get together and go wild, eh? We can rule over these humans together!


*From pretty much everywhere in the park, you hear a sound that's something along the lines of "P-chyuuuun!"*


*Ran sits on a picnic blanket, sipping tea peacefully. There's the smell of slightly charred fake fox fur coming from a man sitting rather sheepishly nearby, nursing a cup of tea.*

Now, see? Isn't it much better to act civil?
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[Audio recording. Just Mordin organizing his thoughts.]

Analysis of items on person at arrival.

Labcoat: Lots of pockets. One contained voice recorder. Nothing saved. Useful for keeping track of thoughts later. Lightly armored. Why armor a labcoat? Work in dangerous environments?

Shield Generator: Creates personal shield. Supports theory of dangerous field work. No known way to recharge battery. Will need to look into replacement.

Pistol: Also significantly more advanced than local technology. No source of replacing heat sink. May need to acquire local replacement for reliability of use. Must make time for practice at firing range. Perhaps muscle memory remains. Worth investigating.

Omni-tool: Requires periodic calibration, capable of making very in-depth scans. Installed programs include advanced scanning suite, neural shock, inciner-

"Sounds like some mighty big words, pencilneck. After I'm done pounding your skinny ass into a locker, you can tell your nerd friends that-AAAAUUUUGGHGHHH!!!!"

[There is a moment of silence.]

...Must take care in future. Omni-Tool programs dangerous. Need safe location for testing. Hopefully no lasting harm done.


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