Apr. 10th, 2012

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[ACTION, in the labs]

TL;DR, fat guy in spandex. )

[VIDEO, soon after]

[The camera shows Gordon at the Labs in a strange orange-and-grey suit that only a handful of people in Sirocco had seen so far. He doesn't explain that yet, and instead aims the camera downward to show a blobby blue-and-yellow spandex-enclosed human sprawled on the floor.] Found another one. "System Crash." [He rights the camera again.] He did some minor damage, but nothing we can't eventually replace.

[This said while his colleagues are in the background mournfully sobbing over lost data.]

...Booster, you want 'im over at JLS for questioning? Because these guys don't want anything to do with him right now. Everyone else... is there someone out there who knows anything about brain biology, pharmacology or hypnosis? We've got a running theory that these guys are altered somehow, and we need to know what's being used.

[ACTION, later, just outside labs.]

Those out and about in the center of town may see Gordon, in the same suit, half-dragging a slightly overweight and profoundly dazed man out of the labs. The man is asking all sorts of questions, and Gordon, for his part, is not trying very hard to answer them at all.

"Whut happen'd...? My head hurts. How'd I wind up in the labs? Why m' I wearing this? Why're you wearing THAT? Wait... waitwaitwait I got it! You guys irradiated me with something and turned me into a superhero, didn't you? HA, I knew this day would come!"

Gordon audibly facepalms.
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[ACTION; library]


[Enjoying a peaceful day at the library? Sorry, fellas, it's just been disrupted by some crazy woman in a strange, homemade book-themed costume.]


[Oh, no! Who will rescue them from this lunatic? Where is the brave hero--

Oh, there's Barnaby. Hard to tell behind the armor, but he seems rather displeased about all this. This is the second time he's had to deal with crazy nutcases.]

...the Bookworm? Really. Can't you get a better name?


And better threats, at that. At least try to be original.

[And that's when she, yes, throws a book at him, which he dodges quickly before running straight at her. The fight, it seems, is on.]

[VIDEO, later]

[Oh, hey, look. It's Barnaby, and he's managed to subdue the Bookworm, who is currently handcuffed and snoring away on a table. He doesn't look too impressed, though at least she doesn't have a concussion.]

That's the second one I've fought this week. Does anyone know what's causing all this?
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--swear, if I have to replace this thing again--

[Booster's muttering to himself crossly as the video feed starts, but his expression switches to one of relief once he confirms that the phone's working.

...Is that coffee spilled all over his shirtfront? Apparently somebody has a story to tell.

Sorry, guys, just a quick tes--

The Malicious Macchiato is not so easily vanquished!

[And whatever Booster was actually going to say is interrupted by having to dodge a punch from, of course, another would-be supervillain. Booster's counter connects solidly with a... rather unpleasant-sounding crack, really, followed by a WHUMP as the guy hits the ground again.]

Dammit, it's a pretty simple arrangement! I punch you once and you stay down, then I don't have to punch you again and everybody gets to go home happy! Well, I get to go home happy. You get to go to jail with all your teeth still in your mouth, which is about as close as you're getting. Why ruin such a sweet deal?

The caffeine that powers me dri--

Shut up, I don't want to hear it! Can't even get a damn cup of coffee without some moron ruining my day.

[He bends over and picks up the Malicious Macchiato by his shirt before he turns to face the gathered crowd in the coffee shop. The switch between "annoyed scowl" and "million-dollar smile" is practically instantaneous.]

Sorry you folks had to see that! Anna, I'll be back in about 15, could you make sure I've got another usual waiting for me? A triple shot sounds great, you're wonderful.

[Pushing the door open with the guy he's holding is probably a bit more spiteful than is strictly necessary. He finally looks down at his phone again once he's outside.]

Still going, huh? They actually make these things pretty tough. Well, while I've got your attention, I might as well ask: anybody seen Danny or Jaime lately?
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*Seems like it's not only the heroes who have been paying attention to the string of events. Hiroshi's at the library today, but as a bit of a break from all the reading, he's pulled out a map he bought of Sirocco, and currently has it spread on a table. He flits with his phone a bit, nodding, before adding small marker points all around the map.*

Hmm... so the last one was here, but the one before was way over there. It's almost like they're deliberately as scattered as possible. Curious...


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