Apr. 11th, 2012

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[ Today, Irisviel can be found wearing some nice kimonos for the screen. It seems someone went up shopping before and bought many of them. Perhaps the Japanese-style house around here is what she convinced her at the end or it is just Irisviel being Irisviel.

She gives the camera a smile when she looks at it. ]

I'm so happy that they were in sale! I could bought many to share. Aren't they really nice to wear? I think this is my first time wearing something like this. It matches with the house, right? [ *SOBS* SHE'S LIKE A CHILD LET HER BE. ]

Though when I was buying them, some strange man tried to break into the store. It was strange, dressing and talking in such ways I didn't fully understand. [ No Iri, crazy bad guys that are not Kotomine are strange for you. ] Hopefully, I could use something I last remembered!

I remembered part of my magic! Now I can be of help with it in the battles around here. [ Irisviel extends her arm and shows a strange bird much smaller than that one that comes to rest on it. ] I keep practicing it to improve it, so I will do my best to assist in the battlefield now.

[ And then, a black smoke appears on the screen. Irisviel quickly looks horrified before standing up and going to the kitchen, shouting something about the food she was preparing. The feed goes for a bit more before ending. ]
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[ACTION (also fudging the timeline a little)]

tl;dr: Sherlock verbally rips a wannabe supervillain apart )

[TEXT, later on]

Honestly, Sirocco, I pop out for a few days and when I come back, I'm abruptly besieged by a so-called "cheerleader". Annoying, really. I know enough that there's apparently been a rash of attacks, if you could call them that, but I need more information.

And also, I'll need a new gun.

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[The library. Again. Rudolph is peering at the screen with a serious expression]

Well - I figured out why I have the skills that I do. Or rather I remembered why. It seems besides my medical practice and research that -

[The man takes a breath]

I am a hunter of dark creatures such as Vampires and Malignant Therianthropes. I do not remember why, but only that it was extremely dangerous and had many close -

[There's a crash off-screen]

What in Ezra's name...?

(1% on remembering vampire hunting career, 1% on remembering Lambordia)
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[Action at the park]

[Much like everyone else, Marona has run into some trouble with the local super villains! Today's offender is an older woman in a red mask and a very flamboyant stage outfit. All Marona has to defend herself with is... a flower?]

Mwahahahaha! That's right little girl; run while you can! The Madame de Masque will show you no mercy!

Please... can't we just talk this out?

Madame de Masque has no need for talk! Have at you!

[The woman charges at Marona, who gives a short yelp as she holds out the flower. As if that would help, right?

As a matter of fact, it does. Because just before the woman can reach the young girl, she is swept up by a short gust of wind filled with flower petals. The spell drops her on the ground in a daze, and Marona peers over her flower at the woman.

...Did that do it?

((OOC: 2% on item skills!))
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[Palom comes onscreen with a mask.  He already had a cape all along so he is totally half of a supervillain-hero-whatever already.]


I am the great, uh... Fireball ... Fiend!  No wait that sounds super lame.  Sage of Stupendish...ness.  Superpendishness?  Stupendous!  Stupendous Sage of Superness!  I demand a lot of chocolate or else I'm going to turn you into a pig.  That's right!  You don't want to risk that, huh, do you?!  You'd better give me every last piece of chocolate you've got!

[Yeah no the Joker had nothing to do with this one.  Palom's just being Palom.]

[In practice, Palom is more interested in fighting supervillains than being one, which is why whenever anyone leaps out in a funny costume the next few days, they are immediately set on fire.]

Geez.  What kind of supervillain name is 'The Great Eayaaaaugh'?  I came up with something way cooler.  In my sleep.


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