Apr. 14th, 2012

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[Action + video on whatever Sirocco has for an internet]

Anyone in or around the police station is going to have an interesting story to tell when they get home, probably only to find out that someone filmed it and it's gone viral in the space of an hour. At about 14:20 the door is kicked open regardless of the fact that it's an automatic sliding door and an enraged giant Peacock comes stalking in, dragging something behind him that's trussed up with a rope. He drags said something through the remains of the doorframe and over the shattered glass.

That something turns out to be a man in a homemade costume comprised mainly of green tentacles.

"Foolisch mortal," the man wheezes, his lateral lisp apparent even behind the tentacle mask that would muffle the diction of Julie Andrews. "You cannot defeat Mighty X'ghthagn'q scho easchily! Reality quakesch in my presenche! Gasche upon the fasche of madne--OW!" He breaks off as he's kicked soundly in the kidneys by a metal-shot foot. Shen then grabs hold of the mess of tentacles and flab and bodily lifts it from the floor, depositing it on the nearest desk with a rather squishy thud.

"I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE!" the bird exclaims. "Do something about this idiot!"

"You will schpend eternity in abject madnesch for thisch! Ia! Ia! X'ghthagh'q fhtagn--" He breaks off again as Shen, having drawn his guan dao, whacks him smartly upside the cranium, rendering him unconscious for a moment.

"There. I've even rendered him docile for you."

As the duty officer whose desk is now covered in betentacled geek opens her mouth to say something, the Mighty X'ghthagn'q stirs and groans. "Whu... whahappen....?"

"Me stopping you getting yourself killed in that ridiculous ensemble happened," Shen answers. He turns on one foot and stalks back out the door, leaving a very flabbergasted police station in his wake.

[Later, action]

An example of the Sirocco PD shows up at the Ermis and is asking around if anyone can tell him where to find the giant white talking Peacock who'd caused so much damage earlier that day.
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[There's a white van parked in front of a park, door open - no driver, and a box of candy inside. This is highly suspicious, but free candy.]


[A lanky man is juggling a cumbersomely wide box while checking his watch as he paces the street near the hotel and stops you]

Excuse me, do you know if a Mr. Mungo lives here - I need someone to buzz me in so I could deliver his candygram. Sorry to bother you about this.

((ooc: This is the IC kidnapping post, mention 1 or 2 if that's the method preferred. Even if you didn't sign up for kidnapping in the OOC post, you can still "sign up" by tagging here))
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Everyone's out and about and fighting strange people~

Mokona's going to stay safe indoors. Except not really, because Mokona ran out of popcorn and needs to go shopping later, and the weather's been super nice out. But mostly, Mokona is being responsible and staying safe.

Yesterday, Mokona learned how to play a game called "Mad Libs" from a bad guy named "The Mad Libber"! It's really fun. Mokona's been making her own so she can play them with friends. And Mokona's version doesn't have cutting up things with axes, it's just a fun word game. Mokona's not good at a lot of popular physical games, even though she's really good at jumping. In Twister, Mokona can only fit on one dot at a time, so it's no good unless she's the one with the spinner. But that's okay, since Mokona likes to watch and tell people what to do.

Anyone who wants to come play games with Mokona and Marona should come and do that! Games are always fun with a lot of people.


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