Apr. 19th, 2012

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[ The boy who stated he just doesn't want to see anyone cry…
…Could only see crying humans forever.

Ugh---!! [ Fighting monsters gets to be a pain in the short skirt when random memories creep up on you. Alright, so maybe it wasn't too random. Rin did finally decide to cash in a lot of Anemoi. After waiting a couple of hours for her memories to return, she got bored enough to venture out in the wild. Sprawled out over stone rubble, she can't help but wonder if passing out here was intentional. ] It must be pretty late in the evening too.

[ Speaking to herself was something she normally would think to be done in poor taste, but it can't be helped right now. No, all she can remember is a strange conversation and her thoughts during it. ]

But I love that soft part of him. [ The girl repeats to herself before bringing a hand to her head. ] Am I really saved by having such a weak guy in my life though?

[ Even though there were more pressing thoughts in her mind, she chose instead to focus on that. It really couldn't be helped. After all, Shirou Emiya made more of an impression on her than that arrogant man in red. ]

[ It's late at night, but Rin Tohsaka is beyond making a good impression right now. Considering her last two public stunts though, maybe she ought to. ]

I'm remembering things in fragments again. You think after all of the Anemoi I dumped at that stupid lab, that I would at least remember something all the way through. [ Hmph! ] I don't really feel up to returning to that annoying room of mine, so does anyone want to talk? Preferably not that other Rin since you annoy me.

(( OOC: 8% spent on Intelude 14-3. Spoilers ahoy! ))


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