Apr. 25th, 2012

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[Yuuta's in a foul mood today. It's pretty obvious, both from his expression and his actions. The minute he comes across anyone dressed in a wacky costume spouting some super villain nonsense, he immediately isolates them and puts in yet another call to get them into the hands of more capable authorities.

Geeze. It's bad enough the villains are still coming, but getting those stupid memories back on top of it? Today's just not his day.

These guys just won't quit! Hasn't anyone figured out a way to stop them yet?

((OOC: 10% on his first appearance and the beginning of his journey with Taisuke.))
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*Something's been niggling a bit at Ran recently. A memory. She wonders if this is the hole she's been feeling, the missing piece of herself.

She had a shikigami. A servant, although she feels as though she was more than that, in an odd sort of way. She's not sure anybody here would really understand. But ever since she had the memory, she's felt a longing, the urge to fill that missing space. Temporarily, at least. She cannot imagine anything would ever replace the child in her memory.

She passes by the pet store, and pauses.

About an hour later, she emerges, now with a cat and a bunch of cat supplies. Uh oh, she's not gonna become one of THOSE types of women, is she?*

((1% on Cheee -- *smacks the jukebox* -- en.))


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