Apr. 30th, 2012

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At the stroke of midnight tonight, the blare of a train siren can be heard as the Doomtrain passes over the Ermis Suites. Those who have been in Sirocco long enough may recognize the sound as the inevitable herald of Something Weird happening, but hmmm. Everything in Sirocco looks the same, and nobody feels any different. It seems as though the Doomtrain hasn't actually changed anything at all.

At least, it does until you try lying to someone.

((Doomtrain has decided to celebrate Honesty Day! Consequently, for the next 24 hours, everyone in Sirocco must tell the truth. Characters may also feel compelled to share secrets, if you wish, but it's not required. Characters also get a free 2% memories for participating in the event.))
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[users may find several beeps and strange noises coming from their phones as Lillith plays with it, trying to figure how it works. There's an imagine of the floor and someone's mary janes]

Is this on? I'm Lillith and I'm afraid I don't really know much else. Uhm... except, when I went to bathe earlier I... found several scars on my body. Maybe I was in a bad accident and, oh zounds I'm rambling on! I'm sorry!
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...I feel compelled to speak. I don't know why, but I do.

I remembered something else. I watched...I watched my mentor die. He fell in battle, to a sworn enemy. I challenged her upon his fall, but I lost.

If...anyone would like to see me, I will be in my apartment.
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[Marona looks unusually subdued today. Though her hands aren't visible in the video, judging by the movements of her arms, she's fidgeting somewhat.

Okay, deep breath. While she doesn't particularly want to talk about it, she can't help but think that it's only fair for the others to know.

I... remembered some things about home.

[Another pause. It's now or never.]

I think... most people didn't like me there very much. I have a power, Chartreuse Gale, and it lets me see and talk to Phantoms. But people don't understand it, so they think I'm possessed, and that the Phantoms are just telling me what to do so I can trick them.

[She hangs her head.]

That's... that's not true at all, though! There are very nice Phantoms out there. But normal people can't see them, so they don't understand.

[She falls into an uncomfortable silence for a moment.]

That's all I wanted to say. Um, if you think it's creepy, then... That's okay, too. I just wanted everyone to know.

[She quickly ends the feed.]

((OOC: 4% on her daily life.))
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Looks like I'm going to be blurting out everything I remembered just like the rest of you idiots.

I come from the continent of Tellius. There were normal people like me there, but there were also stinking half-beasts we called sub-humans. Well, some people called them laguz. I guess that's the proper word. Anyway, they were half-animal, half-human, and they could take full animal forms to fight. Complete savages, basically.

Here's the confusing part. I was fighting alongside these smelly freaks as part of some Laguz Alliance. I don't get why. I must have been blackmailed or pressured into it. It's like some kind of stupid joke that this is the first thing I remember. It almost makes me sick to my stomach.

Something a little better--I learned that I'm a master archer. Probably the best on the continent. I always knew I was the best at something, but it feels good to figure out what, exactly.

((2% spent on sparse knowledge of Tellius, the laguz, and his fighting role in the Laguz Alliance.))


Apr. 30th, 2012 09:41 pm
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It looks like everyone's remembering things today! I got to remember more about the girl who saved me when I was little. Her name's Maria, and she grew up to be a doctor. And now she's a paramedic, so probably she's out there saving people's lives right now! That means my dad's a doctor, my brother was going to be one, and the person who rescued me all those years ago - they're all doctors! It's really funny, how that happened.

[She giggles.]

It's also a little bit weird, though. I know she's a doctor, but I don't know how I know. I haven't seen her since I was little and the last thing I remember Dad and I live out of the country now. So maybe Dad finished his research and we got to go back? I hope that's it. I really would have liked to go out and get to meet people again...

[And that's where she freezes up for a second, because while she knows what happened it probably sounds weird to everyone else! She's gone on long enough anyway.]

Um, sorry. Never mind that. Have a nice day, everyone!

(3% spent on Maria's current-day occupation (no context) and more random childhood stuff.)
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HEEEEEEEEY everybody! I am Tsuruya, and I come here with a list of demands! I hearby order everybody out there to give me the answers to the following megas important, life-or-death questions! You will not fail to give me these answers, because you can't not give me these answer! AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

And so, I demand the following out of all of you!

- Favorite color! (Green!)
- Favorite ice cream flavor! (Mine's mango!)
- Favorite animal! (I love cats!)
- Your biggest hope for the future! (I wanna be an idol, or a doctor, or an idol doctor! Hahaha!)
- Whatchya do in your free time! (Caligraphy, watching movies, and going shopping! Hooray!)
- What kinda guy or gal you'd wanna date! (I want one with a sense of humor, but with his feet firmly planted on the ground, and who listens to everything you say!)
- And finally, boxers, briefs, or none of the above? (Panties, of course! Hahahaha!)

And you are gonna tell me... NOW! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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"I've... something of a question." The bird in question appears to be holding an intricately folded piece of paper. It doesn't resemble anything in particular, but it's still quite pretty.

"Y'see, I've remembered a few things about the sort of poetry that was very popular where I come from... as well as rather a lot of customs surrounding it, and I... wish to give this to Ran but I never did get the number of her telephone or even her apartment so I've no idea how to get it to her, and--" Here he breaks off. "That is... not what I planned to say...."

If at all possible, he actually looks a bit frightened.

"There, now, I've gone and made a mess of it...."

((1% on 5th-century Chinese poetry and its cultural implications))
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I'm not doing this today. Something's up. [ Way up. ] So no one better waste my time by calling me. Not until I learn how to keep my big mouth shut for good. Well, you better not call because I thrive off of the attention, so I'll more than likely answer even though I don't want to. Geez, it's so annoying!

[ Someone's irritable that she's being very honest today. Also backdated to qualify for this!! ]
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[On one hand, Yuta was smart enough to figure he probably shouldn't leave his room too much today for the sake of his sanity!

On the other, he totally forgot he left his phone on because it's just no fun otherwise. The video portion is pointed at the ceiling, but it's not that hard to make out what Yuta's saying. After all, no point in fighting the urge to talk if no one's around to hear, right?

Just what the heck was up with that memory? It was so weird, it had to be a dream. Dead rabbits and people turning into plants?

...Ugh. Talk about a troublesome guy. And he tried so hard to kill his own daughter and son...


Even I couldn't kill anybody in the end. And it's better that way.

[There's a creaking and a thud. Sounds like he just flopped on his bed.]

I can't stop thinking about that stupid Taisuke either. Geeze! It felt safer when I was with him, but I can take care of myself here just fine.


Hope he's okay, back at home. It was a long time ago, but if there's still Comrades like me around, there might have been others still trying to attack him...

((OOC: 10% on the rabbit illusion incident.))


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