May. 14th, 2012

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[Gordon looks in much better spirits than he had been in the past few days. Maybe it's because he FINALLY got all that marshmallow out of his hair... oh, wait. It's a little shorter. Looks like he has to take drastic measures. Well, at least it didn't get into his beard...]

So it turns out, as a post-doc I did some research in Austria. Spent the better part of a year there. Good times... Crisp air, awesome scenery, plenty of erenhaftprofessoren to bounce ideas off of, and arguably the best beer on the planet. If and when I go back home, I'm going back there. I don't care what else I have to do.

[And here he was worried he wasn't going to like his memories from here on out...]

What about you guys? Anyone else here have a place you remember fondly?

[Private, to Samus]

Heyyyy, uh, would you be interested in going over those power suit prints tonight or tomorrow? The library, center branch, second floor.

I'll even take the liberty of kicking the teenagers out of the hologram viewing room before you arrive.

[1% on the Innsbruck Experiment, 14% total.]
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I hope everybody is having a nice week. Last week I was kidnapped by a pirate, then rescued by a ghost. The experience would have put me off of miniature golf permanently, but I don't really think it's the game for me either way.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, thanks to whoever dealt with the whole comic book villainy thing that was happening, with the costumes and the rhyming couplet dialogue. I am okay with it not being a thing anymore.


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