May. 15th, 2012

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[Lillith had been washing her clothes religiously until she got a stipend and is out shopping! After staring at the cars and traffic lights until someone finally tells her how to use a crosswalk.

She has to be a practical girl - save some for food, and other necessities. It's amazing there's massive ready-made clothes, and they seem to have some label to help with sizing, they must have some really advance spinning jennies to do something that neat!

Funny how she remembers silly things like that and not her full name. She's currently in a clothing shop, looking at a dress close to the style that she wears, and drops the price tag, letting out an audible squeak]

Eeps! Why is it so expensive?!

[Anyone want to break it to her? Or just hang out for a shopping trip]

((ooc: 1% on remember general tech-level of her world))
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*The Joker may be apprehended for now, but there are still little crimes going on all over the place. That's simply the way of cities; no one city can be completely devoid of lowlifes. Today seems to be no exception; you can see a cop talking to a store owner, looking perplexed. What might catch your attention, however, is the stolen goods: The store owner is one of those types who pays partly in anemoi, and apparently now can no longer do that as the thieves made off with all of it.

Well isn't this interesting.*

((OOC: A sort of general gossip thread. Talk to the cops, or talk amongst yourselves over this development. Who would wanna steal Anemoi?))


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