May. 21st, 2012

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*Ran is a little bit of everywhere today, but it's not really shopping. In fact, if you see her, she's passing off documents to shopkeepers of various types. You don't suppose she's...*


*Ran is here, relaxed and sipping some tea.*

I have decided I should try to put myself to greater use around here. I have thus started looking for a job. Responses seem to be slow, however... I do not suppose anybody out there would require my aid? I am apparently quite good at tending to basic domestic chores should that be what you need.

Ahhh... forgive me if I am being at all untoward in asking like this. It is simply that I feel I remember doing such work in my life, though for who and for how long I cannot say.

((OOC: 3% on her day to day life at home, although not yet remembering WHY she worked like that.))
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Hey. Someone out there is some kinda crazy sword guy, right? All balancing on a bamboo shoot while contemplating the mysteries of a single drop of rain sliding down your sword blade or some shit, right?

Or I dunno, maybe you just like to hit things. Whatever. I need to try something.

[Remembered a bunch of the training he got from Bro Strider. Specifically the bits focusing on sweet ninja swords forged by old stoic asian dudes and definitely not bought online on eBay for $20.]


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