May. 25th, 2012

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[Video, to JLS members]

Hey everyone, uh, Booster and I got to talking and... [He gives a shrug and a shortened laugh.] Looks like I'm working with you guys officially, now!
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Does anyone want cake? I feel like making some tomorrow, but I can't eat a whole one by myself.


[Out by the side of the Ermis Suites? Then you might see Rosalia there, armed with a walking stick and a large pitcher of water, staring intently at a singed handkerchief lying in a patch of dirt.]

Hm, maybe I can make it a little bigger this time...

(2% spent on Rosalia's birthday and some headcanon-y childhood stuff.)
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*He's the only one left from his world, as far as he remembers. Even Bunny's gone now. He just hopes it's true they get to go back where they came from. But...*


I feel like going out for a drink. Anybody else up for going with me? Who are legal, anyway.
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Hello - I would like to make a small request. Those of you going out into the field for combat, if you are beset by hostile creatures and fell them - If it isn't too dangerous, or too difficult, could you bring back the body? I would like to be able to analyze the body structure and what native weaponry it has so that I can properly document it for future reference.


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