May. 26th, 2012

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*So one minute, Hiroshi is hit by a train thingy. A rather familiar train thingy, so he's not surprised he's unharmed afterwards, but a train thingy regardless.

Then he remembered something. And holy crap, what a something.*


I'd just like to say I'd like to offer my services as a doctor to anybody and anyone that needs it. It seems I managed to become quite the doctor at a young age, so I think I can help out anybody who's injured.

...ho ho ho.

((OOC: Guess who got Mordin's medical repetoire?))
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I have made an incredible discovery. You might want to sit down before hearing this one. Are you sitting down? I can't tell because I am recording this, so I am going to assume you are sitting down now.

I am actually a mighty warrior.

It's true. Back at some point in the past I fought and defeated an obviously evil blonde guy. There was a lot of shouting and a lot of swords, and it was very exciting.

Must have lost my arms in battle, and became artist after. Or something. Still sorting out details.
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Ah, hello! I was wondering if anybody else was having some odd memories. Only I just remembered now that I had a second... shall we say "apprentice" of sorts, but it does not truly make a lot of sense. One is a mouse, one is a cat. Surely the two would clash, would they not? Or is that just a silly myth? Oh, I simply haven't been the same since that strange device seemed to rush into me.
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At approximately ass o' clock in the morning, a familiar train onomatopoeia splits the air. Many of the residents are rudely interrupted in their sleep/bathroom excursions/late-night superheroing by a big ole train showing up out of nowhere and running them down with no evident physical damage.

Whether immediately, or later in the day or week, the victims of Doomtrain's latest hit-and-run prank will enjoy an unexpected memory regain. The memories may not exactly jive perfectly with what they remember back home, but hey, twists like that are normal for some folks...

Event details! )
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My childhood sucked. Paralyzed with a pet bird as my only friend? Dead parents? An arranged marriage with some wussy kid I barely knew anything about?

I sure as hell wouldn't put up with someone trying to marry me now!

[Lillith's memories.]


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