May. 27th, 2012

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[Action, Sundollar Coffee]

[That damn train.]

[It's phantom hit-and-run with him had occurred in a cartoonish blur as he was setting out to grab some lunch. Exactly an hour and fifteen minutes later as he'd almost forgotten about it, but the crippling flash of red fire, blood, screams, a hawk ripping a sparrow to shreds, choking sobs, foul movements and the cackling hideous face of something he'd never seen before sent him slumping against the wall, the mug in his hand slipping out with a crash.]

[Video, a little later]

[Gordon's still a little pale even for him, his brow furrowed.]

Just... just when I thought all these damned memories couldn't get any more confusing. How there's demons thrown into the mix! Ugh, god, I didn't... how...

[He drags a hand over his face, still a little overwhelmed. You would be too, with what he's had to remember.]
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Getting hit by that train isn't exactly my idea of fun, but if I remember something because of it, then I guess I can't complain too much. Or, uh, mostly, anyway.

Well...the good news is, I remember that Booster and I are from the same place. Sort of explains why we're both in the JLS, heh. I guess Metropolis and Amity Park aren't that far from each other!

[He lets the 'bad news' portion of the post hang uncomfortably.]

((OOC: 1% on what AF so eloquently describes as "Booster punches himself in the face and then blows himself up with a nuclear sub." The other 2% to come later.))
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My last name is Sartre. I grew up with my father Albert and my brother Erhard in Maine. He's eight years older than me and was in college and already a surgeon when he was sixteen. He'd sometimes help my dad research something in my blood. I mostly just saw him during the summers, but I saw my dad every day. He'd help me with my homework if I needed it, and sometimes had bedtime stories. I went to Cumberland Elementary School until I was eight. My teacher's name was Mrs. Scherer. Then my dad quit working as a professor at Cumberland College and we moved to Mexico so that he could continue his research there, although my brother stayed in Maine for school.

Not bad for someone who supposedly can't remember anything before the age of 15, huh? Guess this place must've done something to reset my amnesia so I could remember everything instead of stuff only after showing up at Providence!
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[Hector had one of those literal 'catapulting out of bed' nightmares, something powerful that won't stay down, friends screaming.... It takes a while for him to work up the nerve to ask, but when he does - he tries to put on a detached air, but it's clear from the look in his eyes that he's been shaken pretty badly]

Uh - does anyone know anything about some sort of... ugly, blue creatures? That... Sorry, just. trying to. make. sense of -

[He gestured uselessly]

(Hiroshi's memories)


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