May. 28th, 2012

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I knew it..! [ There's one very happy-looking young girl on camera today. Or probably even proud or near smug-looking. ]

I finally got some memories back and they prove I really am powerful! Listen up, I've climbed an entire mountain and defeated a monster with magic back home! So I won't let anyone make fun of me or say I can't defend myself anymore, okay? You better start treating me the way I deserve to be treated as a powerful person with magic..!

( ooc: Ilya got Palom's memories! )
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...It's probably bad when you think it's weird to remember something so... so normal, huh?

Looks like my family was rich, because I remember going to our snow lodge with some friends and playing through the murder mystery. The key clue ended up being a cat - or two of them, actually. One of my friends brought his pet cat with him, and the one organizing it brought another that looked almost exactly like him. It was fun, though.

[A pause. This memory just... isn't sitting well with him.]

...In a way it was weird, though. I remember talking kind of strangely. And I don't think any of those people were Comrades like me, but somehow I was still friends with a bunch of high schoolers. That, and...

There's no way my dad would have let me have anything to do with any of the family property. So what happened...?
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So I thoughts I finally had me a REAL dramatic memory, see? Like, holy moly, out of a movie or something stuff! I remembered getting stuck in a burning building, and it was really megas scary and everything! But then I thought more about it, and it had something to do with some sorta thing called a Fire Rod, and, well, call me crazy, but it all smells wrong -- and I ain't talkin' about the smoke! I don't suppose anybody knows what a Fire Rod is, do they? 'Cause I think I mighta got one 'a yours by mistake -- memories, that is! Crazy!


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