May. 31st, 2012

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Because that's what a hero does, hm? I'm almost sorry that wasn't me! Whoever that guy was, he had some pretty good lines. Not to mention style! Dashing into that burning building to save that Amamiya girl... Classic! Just like being in one of my old comic books! I might be a hero myself these days, but seeing it through someone else's eyes was a real treat!

Kaburagi... that's someone's last name, isn't it?
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Backdated to May 30th please!

Hey guess what everyone? Today's my birthday! [ Kaguya seems so pleased by this. ] I don't know how old I am, but it's another year on my belt. Er, wait, I don't wear a belt. Another year on my dress then!

[ Oh, but that's not all. ]

I also learned that you're not allowed to guy into a guy's room in the morning or the evening. [ This is a shocking revelation to her for numerous reasons. ] Shirou never really did explain why that was, but it has something to do with bumping his head against something. Oh! I do have an important message for you, Shirou! You can't take that cloth off of your arm because of um, what was it again? Well, I'm sure you know why, but you better just not do it!

[ Kaguya's bummed Ilya's memories for the event. So not only does she steal her birthday, she steals this scene as well! ]


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