Jun. 3rd, 2012

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Just when my memories were starting to make some sense, I remember some pretty absurd things. Well, I want it on the record that if there are any alligators here, I intend to boil them alive before they can think of doing the same to me!!

[ Huffy and just as classy as usual. Rin intends to deliver as she carries on in her higher-pitched bitchfest fit. ]

Also geez, I really though I would handle death a lot better than I did. Why would I kick a sword? Furthermore, why would I let it send me flying? I'm starting to think that I really dislike swords. They're usually associated with jerks.

... Er, no offense to those of you here that use them. [ Spoken in a tone that's not apologetic in the slightest. ] Ugh, are we still ending up with memories we shouldn't have? I don't really recall speaking that way, so it must belong to someone else.

So right. One of you unlucky jerks has a dead brother. I think it was your brother. It might have been your father. Well, do what you will with that information.

OOC: Backdated to June 2. Also with Dave Strider's memories.

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This morning, Joachim will have woken up to find a few things missing. Namely, his roommate's weapons and, well, his roommate.

There's no sign of a struggle, no damage to anything, no 'I quit' note, no phone wreckage. In fact, his phone is sitting quietly on the kitchen table. There is one sent message on it.

[Text, to Ran]

Ran. I'm sorry. I only wish I'd known earlier.

((OOC: Not dropping him. He's just doing what appears to happen to every resident of Sirocco at one point or another and going missing.))


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