Jun. 25th, 2012

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["Delivery for Mister Shen..." A courier delivers a bizarrely-shaped package for the bird in question, who is still under observation at the Labs. This object turns out to be a Chinese lute.]

[He's festooned with sensors and still looking rather tired, but Shen finds a comfortable place to sit and stretches, cracking the knuckles... of his... feet.... That done, he picks up the lute and strikes a few chords on it, a wing pressing the frets and a foot strumming the strings. It's a somewhat contortionist style of playing, but appears to work. His playing is passable, even pleasant. His singing, on the other hand, is a bit... rusty.]

[For the next twenty minutes, Shen plucks at those strings and warbles in Chinese, his voice occasionally cracking in a truly avian keeeeOWW. Folks can understand the words, though the metaphors are pretty difficult to parse, seeing as he's probably the worst lyricist this side of the legendary Song So Poo, Court Composer for the Kantwin Dynasty.]

[Pity anyone stuck in the observation room with him.]

[EDIT: As though that weren't bad enough, he and Gordon are now singed, torn up, bruised, and twitching messes. While Shen may still be in the observation room, Gordon's in the lab at large. Oh, dear.]
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I'm sure some of you out there aren't doing so well with this infestation of monsters, so I have some good news. I have experience fighting beasts, see? And where I'm from, I was one of the greatest mercenaries alive.

Now, if anyone is interested in my services, I am willing to help. Just make me an offer. Make sure it's a good one, though. There better be anemoi involved, or else you're just wasting my time.

((Old 3% spent on archery skills and memory of fighting feral laguz.))
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[Danny needs a break from all the fighting he's been doing for the past several days, what with all the suddenly hostile monster animals running about.

He carefully lowers himself onto the ground from mid-air near a block of shops that were half-destroyed a few days earlier. He needs a moment to breathe. He feels strangely...heavy.

It's then that he notices he probably needs more than just 'a moment to breathe.' He looks down at himself and sees his skin sagging and stretching taut across his bones. It slowly slinks and oozes towards the ground as though it can't decide if it wants to stay solid or become liquid. He lifts his hands closer to his face for inspection and watches in horror as the skin refuses to move with the bones and begins dripping to the ground.]


[He tries running, but finds that with each step lifting his legs becomes more and more difficult. He leaves behind a small puddle of himself with each step he takes, and his legs are melting at a much faster rate than the rest of himself. It only serves to make Danny panic more.]

I-I can't--I'm melting!


Jun. 25th, 2012 11:34 pm
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[Marisa's trudging back to the Ermis Suites, dragging her broom behind her. That alone is worthy of note as she is normally very energetic, and she normally flies just about everywhere. On top of that, Marisa and her clothes are battered and dirty. Except for her hat, which is somehow spotless.

Somehow she didn't run into any EVOs on her way back to her room, whereupon she proceeded to collapse face first onto the bed and fall asleep. Looks like being an EVO yourself and going on a rampage really takes the bounce out of your step.]


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