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Hey, think we can get new name tags? I just remembered my name and it's just too awesome not to show off!

[He wipes his forehead with the back of his hand, and now it's visible that he's standing next to the water and pretty shirtless.]

And, just so everyone knows, my full name's Alfred F. Jones, and I have no idea what the "F" stands for! [HE SEEMS ECSTATIC DESPITE THAT.]

Alllright, going for a swim, now. I bet I can beat any of you guys in a race!

[He probably can he's ridic in shape He grins and shuts off the feed, but not before waving at the camera! Can't say "bye" without waving, jeez.]

[1% memory regain, spent on his human name!]
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[Oh look it's this jerk again. He's lounging on the couch again, this time without beer. For the time being anyway. He has the most smug grin on his face imaginable right now.]

Listen up, citizens of Sirocco! Lots of you doubted the awesomeness of I, Gilbert Beilschmidt! Yes, that's right, I have recalled my full name! Isn't it the coolest name ever? Kesesesese~ Befitting someone as incredible as myself, I'd say!

But anyway! Those of you who doubted how awesome I am? In your face! I remembered more than just my name! I remembered a grand battle, in which I led a massive army and beat the crap out of some sissy in glasses! It was incredible how skilled I was, barking orders and trampling the foe into the ground! Bet none of you are that strong and respected! Kesesese~

[After quite some time of smug gloating, he suddenly pouts.]

Also, whoever decided that this Alfred guy should live with me is a jerk, I want my suite to myself back. ...At least Alfred is a pretty cool guy, though, so it could be worse. He's not as cool as me, but that's to be expected.

{Gilbert is remembering a battle from the War of Austrian Succession. Also feel free to mock him for not having a suite to himself anymore.}
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[ V O I C E ]

Oh--now it's working!

[He's had some trouble with this smart phone thing, but after fiddling with it for half an hour he's pretty much figured it out. He clears his throat and searches for the mic before speaking. Don't want to not be heard, y'know!]

Alright, so I guess we're all government agents or something?

[There's a pause, followed by shuffling.]

Shit, I knew I put that thing somewhere...a-ha! Found it!

The name's Alfred, and I need Gilbert to come open the door! I've already lost my key. Got my ID, just...not the key.

[ A C T I O N ]

[Alfred's wandering up and down the halls, and whenever he comes to his room, 313, he lingers, stares at the door, then moves on. Dammit, if he had just put it somewhere he'd remember--! But oh well, he's already here, and eventually he'll stick his hands in his pockets and realize the key is in his left pocket. It's strange, but he feels like the right is of some really huge importance.]


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