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[It'd been a shock to wake up and find Nero gone. Not just the normal kind of gone from when the girl would wander off, but three days without her showing up at all or responding to any of her messages? No. Something was off. Something was wrong.

Arturia had been frantically searching the city all day, worry clear on her face, and asking anyone and everyone she found if they'd seen a girl who looked like her, but preferred to wear red. Somehow she managed to act like she was calm and collected, but anyone who had met her before could tell by how tense her posture was and how she treated every question like an interrogation.

Before long it finally occurs to her to put up a post on the network. A very tired-looking, worn out Arturia appears on the screen, her voice actually pleading as she speaks.]

Has anyone.... has anyone seen Nero? My sister. My twin. We share a face so a woman who looks like me. Please. She hasn't returned in three days and with these monsters running about I fear the worst may have happened.


Feb. 16th, 2012 10:19 pm
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[Months in the future, but not many...

It all went wrong six months ago, when Hiroshi tried to banish the oni. It didn't work as expected. In fact it did the exact opposite. The rod only effected maybe one person in ten, but that was more than enough. Each effected person had exploded, revealing a fully formed, blue, mindless killing machine. Within a week, half the city was dead or worse, the rest running for their lives. Now Sirocco is in burning ruins, with oni wandering the streets, chasing and killing anyone they come across.

The last survivors are holed up in the laboratory at the heart of the city. The oni haven't managed to find a way in quite yet, but it's only a matter of time.

Dave abruptly stands up from where he had been sitting in the corner, getting some rest.]

That's it. I give. This is a lost cause.

[ooc: Just as described, this is in the future. However, it's not the only future. This is a splinter timeline, and none of the events leading up to this are actually going to happen after the Ao Oni plot is resolved. To that end, when tagging this feel free to make up various horrible or heroic things that have happened over the last few months. The vast majority of the game's cast are probably dead or turned to Oni by this point, so if you don't tag here, it's likely you're dead.

Again, these events will not come to pass and have no effect on the game outside of this post beyond what Future Dave and Supernova remember.]
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[ This video starts with Irisviel acquiring back her car. Yes, it's a cool Mercedes 300 SL Coupé behind her with a smile.

Which can only lead to one conclusion. ]

Everyone! I remember how to drive a car! I'm offering lessons for everyone, as well as I'm taking jobs to deliver anything. I just stopped a moment to say this. Oh, and Shirou! I'm ready to teach you whenever you wish! Thanks everyone!

[ The video ends.

And the action begins. Allow me to place a gif to show you all why you do not let Irisviel drive a car.

If you happen to be around the town to see her, then you might find Irisviel driving at high speed, riding the curves like a boss in ways that surely will cause someone to have a heart attack. She is so good at this that she's avoiding any BIG collisions, though she's hitting some parts of the car while she drives.

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Has anyone ever done something they didn't know they could do? I mean, not even something they were trying to do, but a weird new thing that just kind of happened out of nowhere.

I guess I'm still getting the hang of this memory loss thing....

[/filtered to Dave Strider]

Hey, Dave? Do you have a minute? There's something I need to ask you about....
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[Since her adventures into the forest, new memories of people she fought fluttered through her mind. The girl with the panda that she kissed, the herbalist twins Pink and Link, Mousse... wait, she wasn't supposed to miss her honorary punching bag at all. But she especially missed her family members, especially after a quiet and uneventful new years past.

Even if no one else celebrated, it didn't mean that she had to let the new year start with a whimper. No, she decided that if she really missed the home she currently remembered that much, she should make a piece of it here.

For the past week, Shampoo's been limping in and out of an abandoned building that was clear of that weird infestation of monsters. Well, not necessarily abandoned anymore. Though the paperwork isn't completely finished, the young girl is now the owner of a small two story building! With some muscle power and selective borrowing from nearby abandoned buildings, Shampoo was able to make a relatively decent looking cafe on the first floor along with a cozy kitchen. Pity she had no staff to help out.

Anyone walking south of the Ermis Suites might notice a flyer posted on a telephone pole. A closer look shows an address, some Japanese kanji [猫飯店 - Neko Hanten], and the words:




Those interested can also find her working outside the restaurant fixing chairs or breaking a large wooden board with black inky scribbles in frustration.]

((OOC: .5& on first meeting with female Ranma + Genma Panda, 1.5% on falling into the Spring of Drowned Cat))

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[It was raining down by the waterfront. This is only worth mentioning because it was only raining over a city block and a bit of the harbor. Thankfully, the new arrival was mostly under awnings. Mostly. The legs of his pants were pretty wet.]

Strange. This place isn't very familiar. I'm forgetting something, but what? ...must not be my day, I can barely remember my own name. No wallet, no identification, no information.

[As he starts to wander around town, he starts to look distracted. Like he's thinking through an argument, or thinking of things he can't really understand. When he gives himself a reprieve, he might stop to ask someone nearby:]

Sorry if this sounds strange, but you wouldn't happen to recognize me, would you?
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WHO: Nero, Arturia, and Irisviel
WHAT: Irisviel is going to teach the "twins" how to ride horseback.
WHERE: A farm.
WARNING: Irisviel is teaching Nero and Arturia how to ride a horse. Does this really need any more warning than that?

There's not enough Monty Python jokes in the world.... )
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Hey there. I decided that since things have been so boring lately, that I was going to go on a hunt against some of these monsters on my own. [ Because that's smart and safe. ] So far things have been pretty successful, but I've encountered something that.. [ Clearing her throat and with reddening cheeks, she averts her gaze from the device in hand. ] I'm not sure she's-er-they-er-she-ohgeezIdon'tknowhowtoexplainthis!!

[ Turning around the phone, she'll show the "monster" she's come across. A rather enchanting one at that. It seems Rin hasn't been noticed yet as she's able to observe her from a distance. ]

Right, so I think I'm going to attempt to speak with her now. I'll talk to you idiots later.
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[ Hello, Anemoi. Look at your device, now back to this video, now back to device, now back to the video. Sadly, it's not your video, but if you stopped a moment to admire Irisviel and her horrible ridding skills, it could be your video.

Look down, now back up. Where is she? She's is the amazing farm with the horse of your dreams. What's in your hand? Back at her. She has it. It's the reins of the horse that you want to ride. Look again. The reins are now screams of excitement and horror from the horse.

Anything is possible when Irisviel is in a farm and not in the city. ]

I'm on a horse!

[ Yes, this is Irisviel attempting to ride a horse at the highest speed possible that it should be illegal. ]

This is so much fun! Everyone should try it. Kyaa! [ She orders the horse to stop for a moment, so she could speak calmly. And secretly, the horse is grateful for this. ]

I remembered the face of a small child being carried in the arms of a man. They were so happy that my hearts feels so warm. I'm looking forward to remember more of it.

[ Ilya's and Kiritsugu's memories are at 1%! ]


Jan. 14th, 2012 02:17 pm
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[This city... ponderous. Inefficient. Like a tamer version of the Corrupterment he now remembers.]

[At this rate, nothing will change... people's crawl towards total recall will never accelerate. The world beyond Sirocco will never be explored. The key to returning home will never be unlocked.]

[What Sirocco needs... a leader.]

Hear me, fellow exiles!

We have come from many worlds, united by a single purpose. However, we have failed to pool our resources in any proactive way towards recovering our homes and our memories. To this and, let a new reign take leadership in this land!

I will now be running for President of Sirocco. Let the Evilection begin!
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[Well, that was a strange memory. He'd been minding his own business, then got attacked by some blue guy wielding a red lance, thrown back into a shed, and then...he's not entirely sure.]

Hey, I've got...kind of a general question. Has anybody else out there suddenly had someone address them as "Master?"
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Things come in threes, but not always good things. )


TAKURO NO! GAAH! Ha... ha...

*The apartment again. He'd fallen asleep at the table, piles of books around him. Montfort watches him with concern from his tank across the room.

He puts his head in his hands. No... no, he's good. Really. He's fine. It's just... everybody has tragedies in their lives, right? He shouldn't let it get him so emotional. Calm rationality. That's the key. The key to everything, right? The key to... success...

He can't do it. This one, this last memory. It's too much. They're dead. They're all dead. He did nothing to stop it. In the end, the only person he'd saved was himself. Like a coward.

He puts his head in his hands -- and, for the first time since arriving here, looking very much like the scared teenage boy he is, he weeps.*


*He's mostly recovered at this point, but there might still be a little hint of redness to his eyes. Otherwise, he looks as cool as always.*

Hey. I have a question. Everybody remembering things... how do you continue to pursue your memories if they're filled with tragedy? Logically, it'd be better to take advantage of forgetting the past and move on with the future, right?

((OOC: 1% of the bonus New Years memories used on vaguely remembering the circumstances of his arrival, and the last 2% remembering the fate of Takuro in 6.0))


Jan. 10th, 2012 08:58 pm
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[of the inside of Palom's mouth]

Look!  All that gross mucus-y stuff is gone!  I'm finally better now!  [Not that anyone could really tell he was sick; his volume only decreased like a half notch even with a sore throat]  Wanna see up my nose?  I've always wanted to know what it looked like but it's kinda hard to tell with just a mirror and a light.  Oh maybe you guys can play me back the video of my nose later so I can see inside myself that'd be really cool OK wait hold on I hafta take a deep breath so I don't accidentally sneeze in the middle or something I'm still a little bit



..........Well now there's snot everywhere.  Gross.

Anyway!  I remembered a lot of cool stuff!  I'm from Mysidia!  It's a city of mages!  And I'm the youngest one, but I know like, almost all of the black magic spells already cause I'm a prodigy!  Toldja I was!  Everyone was jealous of me and Porom 'cause the Elder took care of us and taught us himself and we knew the most, but also 'cause I was way better at casting magic than they were.

Oh!  And I remembered something else!  We were all mages because we were protecting this thing called the Crystal of Water.  I don't know what it does but I bet it was really important.
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[Hello Anemoi, there is a very serious-looking young woman fiddling with the buttons on her communicator. After a few moments of the natural fumbling that comes from trying to use it for the first time and not realizing the camera is on it rights herself and she gives the camera a small, if flat, smile.]

Ah, hello. My name is Arturia. I've just arrived here? Could someone tell me someplace where I could get something to eat? I seem to be famished.

[She looks at the interface on the screen for a moment, studying it, before realizing she's still being recorded and that she forgot something:]

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

[And she figures out how to turn it off.]

[And once that post and the obligatory wait for replies is through, Arturia herself starts walking through the city, a map she obtained under one arm while she checks the place out. Any landmarks, restaurants, and so on she catalogs in her memory--which she is surprised to find is pretty sharp despite not remembering much beyond her name and the ability to function earlier in the day.

She is not an unusual sight, given she's dressed modestly in a white blouse and blue skirt, but there's a certain rigidity to her, a certain steel, that the observant could notice. Otherwise she is an ordinary, if good looking, young lady.

Who happens to run into your character.]

Excuse me, I'm looking for the Ermis Suites? I was told I have a room waiting for me there, but it's not marked on my map. Could you point me in the right direction?


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