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Feb. 11th, 2012 05:36 pm
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[ The first thing that comes up is a very short silence, as though the one on the other end of the feed is still giving a bit of thought to what he's trying to say. It doesn't last that long, though, and soon enough, a man's startlingly deep voice comes up, one with a slight monotonous edge to it, calm and composed, even somewhat apathetic if you pay enough attention. ]

Greetings. Sirocco, correct? That would be the city's name, as I understand. This device certainly is convenient... well. In either case, an introduction is in order, I suppose. My name is Kirei, and naturally, this is the only information I have to offer at the moment. If this city is one of a small population, it makes a certain amount of sense for everyone to be familiar with one another. Beyond being simply easier to manage such a thing when in a city with a small population, it makes things easier in case of an emergency. [ Then, another pause, and the feed suddenly switches to video, allowing one to see the face of a man who's speaking-- an adult man, probably in his mid to late thirties, wearing a dark blue coat that seems to be over something that is extremely difficult to make out, but if you look hard enough, resembles the clothes of a priest more than anything else. ]

It is generally easier for others to remember names when there is a face to accompany it. [ Then, he narrows his eyes very slightly, as though in thought, but doesn't express whatever is on his mind. ] I shall not keep you for long. This city has plenty of matters to attend to, I'm sure, more important than a new arrival. But if there is anything that those at the lab... hm, fail to mention for one reason or another, that one should know upon arrival, I would certainly not mind being informed. Better safe then sorry, as they say.


[ So! After settling in, what is the first thing Kirei does? ~EXPLORE~! In other words, Kirei would be out and about today, taking a silent walk around the city, but the freaking tall guy in a coat and priest's clothes is bound to catch a certain amount of attention anyway, so you may find yourself bumping into him or just noticing him.

Alternatively, anyone coming into the restaurant on the first floor of Ermis will notice at, at some point during the day, it's completley empty- Kirei chooses his times well!- save for the guy in question who's sitting somewhere and eating amazingly huge amounts of boiling hot spicy foods. Look, this prompt was necessary, okay. ]

Always him

Feb. 4th, 2012 01:15 pm
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[1 - Before]

Hmmmm...I wish these things came with instructions.

[Guess who can be found sitting on the steps of the apartments, messing with his shoes? He remembered getting them as a gift and that they do something but not what or how to actually make them work. So here he is. Offer a suggestion?]

[2 - After]


[They worked! Now Ruby can run super fast. Unfortunately, he forgot that he doesn't know how to make them stop. So he can be seen zipping through town, yelling his head off for someone to help him. Help, or be a hit-and-run victim?]


Jan. 10th, 2012 08:58 pm
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[of the inside of Palom's mouth]

Look!  All that gross mucus-y stuff is gone!  I'm finally better now!  [Not that anyone could really tell he was sick; his volume only decreased like a half notch even with a sore throat]  Wanna see up my nose?  I've always wanted to know what it looked like but it's kinda hard to tell with just a mirror and a light.  Oh maybe you guys can play me back the video of my nose later so I can see inside myself that'd be really cool OK wait hold on I hafta take a deep breath so I don't accidentally sneeze in the middle or something I'm still a little bit



..........Well now there's snot everywhere.  Gross.

Anyway!  I remembered a lot of cool stuff!  I'm from Mysidia!  It's a city of mages!  And I'm the youngest one, but I know like, almost all of the black magic spells already cause I'm a prodigy!  Toldja I was!  Everyone was jealous of me and Porom 'cause the Elder took care of us and taught us himself and we knew the most, but also 'cause I was way better at casting magic than they were.

Oh!  And I remembered something else!  We were all mages because we were protecting this thing called the Crystal of Water.  I don't know what it does but I bet it was really important.
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[ When this video feed turns on, you can see a pretty lady with long, white hard standing with a small smile around the city. It's clearly a new face since it's the first time she does something like this, so she looks quite excited that this is recording. ]

Ah, it looks like it's on!
Many things have happened here, and many memories seems to be lost, but I'm sure I'll remember them soon.

I'm Irisviel, and I'm really happy to meet you all. Even if I don't remember too much from my own past, I hope we can help each other here.

[ There's a small pause. ]

And I think I'm lost. This city is so big...!

[ The Irisviel you tried to contact seems to be lost in the city. Help her before she gets a car. ]
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[ Sitting outside on a busy street is one Caren with a crudely painted sign propped up by her side:


[ Caren herself is dressed in more revealing clothes than usual (minus the red cloth) and is without emotion on her face. Yes, she seems more focused in ringing the loud bell in her hand for attention. ]
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Before I arrived here, I was an active member of the church. [ Non-capitalized because she hasn't quite regained that much of her memory. ] Seeing as this is the season most popular for the church, I've decided to get involved. Since you've all been worthless leeches to this city for the past few weeks, you should donate as much as you can to the church.

[ Without a change in her features, she continues. ]

By the church, I mean me. As an active agent of the church, I have a headache from all of the bells ringing and that song where a boy who's yet to reach adolescence sings about wanting me. This is for your own good.

Refusal will result in me following you around constantly reminding you that you're a heathen. Don't act as though I will be unable to locate you. I've been watching all this time. [ With that, she gives a light smile. ] Plus, the Lord will guide me to the sinners.

Please make checks payable to 'the Magnificent and Ever-so-Gracious Caren'.


Dec. 12th, 2011 12:15 am
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[Judging by the horizon behind Karkat's head, he's posting this from somewhere relatively high up. On top of a derelict building he's assumed is his hive, to be specific. He doesn't want to run into anybody in person just yet, so he's going for privacy.]

Okay, so I must have just eaten several gallons of sopor slime in my sleep, and I have some basic, important questions that I think any shitsponge who hasn't recently heavily intoxicated himself by accident should be capable of answering. One, how much slime do they say you have to take at once to incur permanent brain damage; and two, where the fuck am I? Submit your answers in the form of shitty freeform slam poetry for my consideration at a later date, and then leave me alone, forever.

Fuck. If I become retarded it's my lusus' fault. Wherever and whatever it is.
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There is a specific part of the brain that stores memories. [ He doesn't even bother -- he just rolls right into it, hands in his lap, legs crossed, a smile on his face. ]

The limbic system is... about -- [ He taps the not-quite-top of his head with a grin. ] here. Well, around here. It's a set of brain structures including the hippocampus, amygdala, anterior thalamic nuclei, septum, limbic cortex and fornix, which support a variety of functions including emotion, behavior, long term memory, and olfaction. By now, I'm sure most of us are familiar with amnesia. It's a condition in which one's memory is lost. [ He makes a gesture with his hand, flicking it, then joining his hands together again and placing his elbows on the table. ]

The causes of amnesia can be split up into different categories. Supposedly, they can be any condition that interferes with the functions of this particular system. [ He pauses, smile never faltering. ] For example, mental disorders, post-traumatic stress, and defense mechanisms. [ Another pause. Just to let that sink in. Then, he leans back, unlinking his hands. He holds up a hand -- two fingers out. ]

There are, in fact, two different kinds of amnesia. [ One finger goes down. ] Antereograde amnesia, and... [ The other raises once again. ] retrograde amnesia. [ He gestures with that same hand. The guy is practically talking with his hands. ] Retrograde amnesia is the loss of pre-existing memories to conscious recollection, beyond an ordinary degree of forgetfulness. Think of it like a full tea pot. The liquid can be poured into a cup, essentially removing the tea. However, the tea can be replaced. Though, it isn't generally seen as good manners to pour tea back into a tea pot. [ He chuckles. ]

Memories can be categorized as well... procedural memory can be automated skills, where as more personal memories like your name, or a specific episode that occurred to you, those are classified as declarative memory. Only one is generally affected. Let's say a man forgets things like his name, address, family, who he is, where he's been in his life, and everything that's ever happened in his life that has made him into the person he presently is. However, he learned piano at some point in his life. The time at which he learned this skill isn't really important. He learned it, that's what matters. He doesn't forget how to play piano. In fact, he plays just as well as he had without his amnesia. Personal details are declarative memories. Something like being able to play an instrument is a learned skill, so it falls under procedural memories. The tea that was poured into the cup was his declarative memories, so to speak.

As I said, there are a lot of causes for amnesia. Stress, trauma, mental disorders... [ his words linger for a moment. ] Well, the possibilities are endless. I can't help but wonder... if I'm forgetting all these things in response to something else.

... Sorry, I was just kidding.
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So guess what! I've found some anemoi. I didn't even t8ke them all for myself!
Who wants to pl8y a g8me?

I remem8ered a gr8 g8me I used to pl8y when I was younger. If anyone's interested in learning more a8out it, they should let me know, and I'll get a session going.
If that's not enough to pique your curiosity, well, that's why I mentioned those anemoi 8efore. You'll get a 8ig pile of them just for showing up!!!!!!!! It'll all 8e part of the g8me. All you need to do is pl8y along and eng8ge in a little friendly cultural exch8nge.

Do I have any t8kers?

[Mission recruitment!
-What: Playing a rousing game of FLARP with Vriska as the gamemaster. FLARP is not a nice game.
-Genre: Survival horror, adventure. Expect less fighting and more puzzle solving and hiding.
-Power level: Low. Ultra-powerful characters not recommended, no powers required at all. Young characters a plus.
-When: Some time in the next week or so.
-Hiroshi: Should get in on this.

Finally a mission for you people who aren't insane badasses. Let's get this shit organized!]
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So this is how the mortal world ends. [ A soft spoken voice accompanied by a gentle sigh afterward. ] Well, that's what I would prefer to believe. That this is the after-life because how could a person forget everything about themselves? I'm scared.. because what if I can never recover what's been lost? I want to know about my parents, my friends, my life.. What did I enjoy doing at school and was I ever in love... yes, those are the memories I need to remember right away.

[ Lifting one of her arms in the view of the camera briefly, she looks over the bandages that are covered in her blood. ]

Oh. [ The realization hits her quick and she hides her arm again. ] Could you put my mind at ease and maybe tell me what you have remembered?

[ Later in the evening as the sun begins to set, Caren can be found wandering along one of the harbors aimlessly. It seems she has no real goal in her steps as they often change paths. It doesn't appear as though she's exploring much of anything though, golden eyes staring off at something in the distance. ]


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