Nov. 2nd, 2011 12:23 am
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[Danny had originally been dressed for Halloween as a shoddily thrown together version of an astronaut, wearing a baggy white suit with a fishbowl on his head. But his costume has now been changed and he is currently dressed as this fine young lady. Complete with his hair tied in pigtails.

He has been spending the last fifteen minutes trying to contort himself every which way to reach over to wherever the zipper may be on this dress so that he can at least try to get out of it and save some face.]

Why--can't I--where is it?! Augh!

[This is obviously a cue for anyone and everyone to come up and laugh at him.]
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The area just outside the hotel is a memorable area, if only due to the frequency one sees it. On one corner of the intersection is the hotel itself. Across the street houses the Public Gardens. Across the other street, shops. The fourth corner, rarely mentioned, is a small park the size of a thin city block. Overlooking the intersection is a statue of some now-unknown local hero.

Tonight, however, it is a different statue. Now it is a classic, a man sitting down looking thoughtful, resting his chin in his hand. Under the statue is a plaque:


[[OOC: In layman's terms, have characters who are curious comment here and you'll find out what happens at the appointed time.]]

003 ☆

Oct. 28th, 2011 02:48 pm
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[ The feed turns on to a close-up of Haruhi's face, who's grinning ear to ear. However, she backs up slightly, folding her arms as she yells out loud (and if you're in her apartment or live near her, you'll be able to hear): ]


This is Suzumiya Haruhi speaking. [ Of course, she still doesn't 'technically' remember her last name, but she trusts Kyon's judgement when he told her so... she'll be using it. Besides, it's not like amnesiacs would lie, right? Right. ] Anyway, I remembered something really amazing! Apparently- I was right! I'm a really important person, a brigade leader in fact!

And what brigade is that, you ask? [ As she asks that question, she says it with a detective's intonation, as if she's trying to make you curious. ] It's the ultra-special, super-cool, S.O.S Brigade!

Which is short for "Spreading Excitement all Over the World with Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade"! Now then, what does this brigade do? [ Pause... ] I don't remember! But, that doesn't matter! Until I figure out what the brigade is truly for, I'll be using this brigade in order to have fun, find aliens, time travelers, espers, and sliders-- and make life really exciting!

Also: Kyon, right? You're a part of this brigade, and I don't care if you don't remember- you're still an official member, and I'm keeping it that way!!

For everyone else, just meet me outside of the apartments if you'd like to join! I'm sure it'll be really exciting!

[OOC: Regained the SOS Brigade's name in full, plus the end of Endless Eight, leaving her memory regain in total to be 1.2%. Write up is here, as usual.]
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You know the most frustrating thing about slowly remembering things is that everything comes in snippets. I haven't really regained a full memory as of yet and it's starting to piss me off. I guess I'll have to do some work to uncover everything as quick as I can!

[ Her voice sounds uneven, almost as though she was shaken up over something. ]

I just have to know what's going on! I can't just sit back and think everything is fine when it's not. That girl.. who was she? I want to know what people have been doing when they remember things right now! [ Pausing to consider something. ] Those stones.. Anemoi? I can turn those in for memories, right? Where can I find more of them?

[ Around noon, Rin can be found leaving the lab with her satchel in hand. It seems to still be full of whatever she brought in with her, an annoyed look on her face. After chatting with the folks inside, she decided to keep her spare pieces for now, displeased with the answer to her questions. It was best to keep them for an emergency, wasn't it? Especially when there's no chance she'll remember more of something she recalled. Not up for the gamble of remembering another tragic thing, she can be found trudging back to the apartment building. ]

[ Later in the evening, she'll try another message... ]

Halloween is coming up pretty soon. I think it's childish, but I can't say no to free candy. Does anyone have any plans?
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i just remembered something that wasn't about the most awesome dude in the history of awesome dudes.
oh fuck this is weird
i am a father!
my daughter is named casey and i don't remember who her mother is :(
it's very upsetting!!
but i remembered that i love her very much, so i hope she's doing okay without me around.
maybe her mom is taking care of her! i sure hope so........

[1% => OMG NICK CAGE I LOVE HIM, 2% => sweet loving daughter Casey, but not that she's a giant yellow salamander. Also he doesn't remember he uses blue, so it's black for a while!]

[ooc: HI GUYS I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING LATE WITH THESE TAGS ;A; if y'all don't wanna back tag this, that's fine, I understand completely ;;]
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Hey, think we can get new name tags? I just remembered my name and it's just too awesome not to show off!

[He wipes his forehead with the back of his hand, and now it's visible that he's standing next to the water and pretty shirtless.]

And, just so everyone knows, my full name's Alfred F. Jones, and I have no idea what the "F" stands for! [HE SEEMS ECSTATIC DESPITE THAT.]

Alllright, going for a swim, now. I bet I can beat any of you guys in a race!

[He probably can he's ridic in shape He grins and shuts off the feed, but not before waving at the camera! Can't say "bye" without waving, jeez.]

[1% memory regain, spent on his human name!]
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[ Video ]
[ The camera shows a young blunette strolling through the streets of the city, her gaze flickering from the screen to the buildings are her every few seconds. She's quiet at first, until she finds a place off to the side to stand and decides what to say. Though her expression has been uneasy up until now she is quick to replace her uncertain frown with a big smile. ]
mi~i. I am sorry to have not introduced myself sooner. I have only just arrived and begun looking around. My name is Rika and I am among those that have lost their memories. Amnesia seems like a very scary scary thing, but I am sure we will be able to work hard and begin remembering. I look forward to learning about myself and everyone here. Let us do our best together. Fight-o Fight-o!


[ Action ]
[ As mentioned, Rika's already beginning to look around. If your character works in a building or is on the streets... or really, if they're anywhere that Rika may potentially go, she is likely to pop her head. The only thing stopping her are locked doors and people who tell her to shoo. ]
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[It comes when you are not expecting it. It happens after a long pause in which Danny halts, trying to process something that's just bubbled up to the surface of his mind. It takes place when you are trying to go about your daily life and are not wearing any sort of protective ear-wear, no matter where you are in the apartment building or what volume setting you have on your phone-communicator-thingamabob.]


((OOC: 2.1% on his last name and the portal accident that turned him into a half-ghost. 0.5% remaining. 3.5% total memory regain.))

002 ☆

Oct. 16th, 2011 08:25 pm
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[Haruhi is being solemn today, and actually acting like an ordinary girl. Why? Well, why don't you listen...]

... What do you do if you just remembered -- [A slight pause, for about ten seconds or so] kissing someone?

Does that mean that you like him?

A- And don't get me wrong, he was the one who kissed me, alright?!

[OOC: 0.5% memory, get! Write-up here for those interested.]
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[Kyon is in his apartment. He has look of abject horror on his face.]

Haruhi Suzumiya. I know her. I know her. If I were any place else, I don't know how I could possibly have forgotten. And now I...damn, I don't even know how I feel!


I have a question. Has anybody else remembered someone back home who ended up here?
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Mokona's new job is running the Job board!

It goes up two times each month, so look out for it near the apartment doors!
If anyone ever wants a job done for them, just tell Mokona and she'll put it on the board!

This time, there are six jobs!

Helping People Jobs

- Farmer Murphy has lost a goat! She has floppy ears and a black patch on her nose and she loves eating petunias the best! He wants someone to find Maybell and bring her back soon!

- Farmer Carol's orchards are super full this year and she needs someone to help pick all the apples before they all get frozen! She'll take as many extra helpers as she can, and she says she'll throw in a bag of apples along with regular pay! She gave Mokona some for putting up the job; and they're really good!

Big Jobs

There's still a lot of wrecked buildings outside! It's safe, but there's no nice places to live yet. And that means that there's always a lot to do!

- The streets are really icky out there! They're covered in rubble and need to be cleaned! It's a long job, so it's good for someone without anything else to do! It's a really big job, so up to two people can do it. It's long and tough, so bring a friend to work and talk with! There might be anemoi in the rubble, and you can keep any you find!

- There's a big house near the walls that's dirty too! It needs to be cleaned up so people can do things with it. Again, it's a job for two people who really like housework and repairing things! You don't need to worry about water or lights yet, but everything needs to be clean and painted and not broken or rotten or anything.

Scary Jobs

- There's a big mean bird that keeps messing up gardens and scaring pets! Mokona's not walking home alone from now on, too! It's big and yellow and goes "WARK WARK WARK!!" It's not too good at flying, but it can jump high and runs really fast. People say it might be nesting near the old movie theater, since lots of feathers show up there.

- Sue Salvatore has a spooky ghost in her kitchen and it's really annoying her! If anyone is good with ghosts, they should go to her house at night and ask to see it!

((OOC: This is 100% mod-sanctioned; y'all, and you know what that means! FYI in this case it means memories. Or at least memories in some cases! It is pretty much like in RPGs where you collect all the chickens and you don't know whether you're getting rupees or an empty bottle or a basket full of live fish until you do it.

I'll be rolling out results via random number generator to remove bias, and even if they don't get anemoi they will at least get a nifty bonus item. What Mokona says doesn't necessarily mean that there absolutely will be or won't be anemoi attached to a particular job. It is a wonderful grab bag of memories and fun.

Some jobs have a Mod NPC associated with them! In this case, the ghost and the goat assignments do. The bird is a feral chocobo and can be NPCed by players.

As stated by Mokona, if you want your character to request a job, go for it! Heck, if you yourself just want a certain job up there, just PM or Plurk at me! I'm gonna be doing like twelve of these per month, I am always up for new material and I rarely bite.

And if there are any further questions, ask away! Also feel free to plan OOCly in here for now although if things get huge enough I'll probably start putting up a separate post for that sort of thing.))


Oct. 13th, 2011 08:55 pm
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[New person up ins the network, all having purple hair and making a video post!]

It's nice to meet you all!

Although until you reply, I haven't exactly met you, and until I introduce myself properly, you haven't exactly met me... so really, I shouldn't say that until...

...I think I'm making this too complicated. My name is Yuyuko, and - much like a great deal of you, I gather - I can't remember a thing aside from that name.

[ 02 ]

Oct. 11th, 2011 09:15 pm
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(1) closed, slightly backdated
[ A tiny little memory has come back to her. She remembers pink hair, red ribbons; a sunny smile. She remembers feeling good at that smile, and she remembers that the girl who smiled at her was important. Is important. It is such a small thing, but it is significant. Homura plays with the ring on her finger, wondering the meaning of it, and ties the red ribbons in her hair. She's remembered how she used to have her hair, too-- she has no hairband, but tying it like this works just as well. The room is empty right now, and she hasn't yet talked to the girl who sleeps here as well.

She goes to walk out the door. ]

(2) open
[ video: ]
Does anyone want to come search for anemoi? ... If you do, and you aren't busy tomorrow, come to the lobby of the apartments after 12'oclock lunch. Thank you.
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*Apparently Tsuruya wasn't kidding when she said she was going to look for a job. At least, not if the fact she's your server for today at the restaurant downstairs is anything to go by. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she already seems pretty popular; after all, who doesn't like a pretty young waitress who clearly enjoys what she's doing?*

Heyas! How YOU doing? Feel free to get as much of what you like, and remember: you can have as much water as you want for free! Hahahaha!

001 ☆

Oct. 6th, 2011 04:34 pm
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[The video feed turns on to show a young teenage brunette, pouting angrily.]

This is ridiculous.

Anyway! If any of you guys know the name ‘Haruhi’ in any way, report to me immediately. I will accept no excuses. [She hesitates, but then gives a smirk-] But for those who do remember something, if you’re an alien, time traveler, or esper – or even anything amazing or super-cool, report as well!

… And I suppose everyone else should just introduce themselves.

That is all. [After a few seconds, the feed shuts off.]


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