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I'm curious. Of all the slow trickle of memories we've been recovering, who among us has remembered his or her parents? Aside from a strange dream I've been having lately, the first thing that came back to me was what kind of man my father was. Not a name or anything of the sort, just that I admired him a great deal... I wanted to carry out his dream for him, not caring that he had failed to grasp it himself. I suppose such naivete is natural for a child. Ideals, even those that are possible, can't simply be inherited.

...Excuse me. I shouldn't treat these communications as a diary. Still, the question stands; perhaps it's information we could bond over, as long as we're trapped together.
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Look, look~

It's time for more special jobs!

Helping People Jobs

- A bird stole somebody's favorite hat and then lost it! It's a floppy white hat with spikes on the end and a big circle on the brim. There was a lot of running and chasing after the theft, so it could be anywhere.

- There's a holiday about candy this time of the month! The town wants more people to go out and give sweet things to people in costumes for the sake of holiday spirit! Candy will be provided, unless you want to make your own!

Scary Jobs

- A lot of weird bugs have moved into the Sugarcrunch Bakery basement! Getting ingredients down there is really creepy, and they keep eating all the tasty things, too! They're making things for an important party, so take care of this one fast, okay?

- Something weird is sneaking around the apartment laundry! It keeps chewing on underthings and mixing colors together, so if anyone's clothes are looking a little pinker, that's the reason why. Nice underthings are expensive, so let's fix the problem before it gets worse, huh?

Big Jobs

- There's another house that's going to be a nice place to live. It's a very big house. Winter is coming and since it's a very big house, it's important to fix up the roof before snow falls and makes it crash in. There's a lot of junk and broken things in it, but there's some nice stuff, too. So if you don't like roofs, there's something for that kind of person. This is another job that lots of people can work on.

((OOC: When you complete a mission, link to the relevant post/thread/log in order to get paid! If the mission's objective-based, link back when it's done, and if it's more general, like the "clean shit up" ones, just link when you've done something related to it. If an objective-based mission's running long and close to the deadline,

I wasn't particularly clear on this the first time, so if you've got a job you're just sitting on, you can backdate it! After this, I'll just assume that unreported jobs went unfinished and there will be hilarious IC consequences, possibly involving imps breeding in the washing machines.

Once again, if you've got any questions, commentary, or ideas, speak right the hell up! I'm still streamlining the process and feedback is excellent. I'm probably going to fiddle with the RNG aspect and make anemoi less likely to appear for characters who snagged some last time and more likely for characters who haven't had much luck in that area lately.))


Oct. 22nd, 2011 01:42 am
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[Hei is not taking this amnesia thing very well. He takes his frustration out in private, though. For some time after he arrives, he explores the city. He gets acquainted with the geography, the landmarks and the general layout. He also takes time to think. His mind automatically directs him to consider advantages, explanations, solutions… and meaning. But too many of those things he can't get a solid grasp of. For Hei, it's a revolting feeling to be this lost and without control.

But, then, he's not alone here. He may not be in any kind of mood to interact with these people, but he needs to. And for that, he needs to put on a face. He won't be Hei--he'll be Li. The first name that comes to his mind.]


Ah, hello?

[The screen shows a partially flustered Hei, his face way too zoomed in. He pulls it back a bit to make the viewing more comfortable.]

Sorry. I suppose I'm not used to using models like this. Although, I guess there's no way to know for sure. [He laughs a little.]

My name is Li. It's nice to meet everyone. How are you doing? I just got here, and I do have one question I'd like to ask everybody. What have all of you been doing to get anemoi? At this point, I'm not sure what I'd be good at, so I thought it might be a good idea to ask around. I don't know if I'd be ready to leave the city, but I'm sure there are other options… right?

So, um, thanks in advance. Again, it's nice to meet everyone.

[He sort of nods/bows toward the camera, then the transmission ends.]
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Who: Open to all!
What: Miscellaneous activities
When: Friday, 10/21
Where: Farmer Carol's farm.
How: ...Walking, running, skipping, or log-rolling are all acceptable.
Why: Because I want to.

As Palom had promised, the farm indeed boasted more wholesome family fun activities than you could shake an apple at.  While the main purpose of the day trip, ostensibly, was to finish up harvesting the fruit, the opportunity to explore the farm and its rural surroundings was enticing as well.  By mid-afternoon, Farmer Carol was fully satisfied with the hard work of the volunteers and announced that they were free to do as they pleased.

[You are free to post!]
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[Action: inside Yuri & Hei's apartment]

[Yuri stares in surprise at the extremely odd outfit that he's discovered among his possessions. He would think it just an unusual kind of costume, but it appears to come with--a crossbow? He picks up and turns the weapon over in his hand. It is no mere prop. Why would he have something like this? He frowns, studying the face of the mask, with its handprint mark, reminiscent of the scar on his face.]

[Video: much later]

[Yuri has hidden the costume and crossbow away in his closet, but there is a new item visible in his apartment, which he purchased today: a sewing machine. He's remembered something else. Not the reason he owns a crossbow, but the fact that he can sew, and quite skillfully, too. He thinks it likely that he designed and made the costume, for whatever reason, as it appeared at roughly the same time as his memory, odd as that is.

Suddenly, there are elaborate patterns forming in his mind, no few of them for capes, but instead of a cape, he's working on making a men's jacket.]
Hello. My name is Yuri Petrov, for those of you I've not yet become acquainted with.

I've just remembered a talent for designing and creating clothing. It's quite relaxing, actually. [He could really use the relaxation.] If anyone would like something made, I would be happy to do so.


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