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[Remember this kid, from a while back? Yeah, Danny Phantom seems to have disappeared once he got cured and stopped being an acidic puddle, but in the meantime, this guy must have taken his place! How strange.]

Ĉu neniu alia scias esperanto? Mi ĵus rememoris paroli gxin!

Uh...heh, if you didn't get that, it was in Esperanto. I'm not totally fluent in it yet or anything, but I was learning it back home!

...Which is actually kinda weird now that I think about it, because I also remember failing every Spanish test I ever took in school...

((OOC: 0.3% on Wulf speaking Esperanto and starting to learn some from Tucker and also resources on the Internet. 30% total regain.))
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[Anonymous, to everyone]

Hello, what's your favorite way to pass time? I know mine >:)
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[Palom has volunteered to round up zoo animals!  .......This can only end in laughter and happiness and joy.]

[action, apartments]
[There is a knock on your door!  If you open it up, you will be met by a bright-eyed cheerful child.]

Hi!  I chased a skunk onto this floor, so you might want to not be here in a few minutes.  ...Or probably now.  Maybe you should just jump out the window.  ...Anyway, see you at dinner!

[action, city streets]
[That there is an ostrich making hideous screeching noises as it tears down the streets.  Luckily, it is obeying traffic laws and staying on the sidewalk.  What is the cause for this great alarm and uproar?  ...Probably the boy sitting on its back clinging desperately to its neck.]

I-I-I th-th-thought the g-gaaaaame w-was s'posed to b-be o-over w-when I c-c-caught yooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...........!!!!

[action, park]
[And of course, there is a juvenile elephant in the park calmly eating leaves off a tree.  Everything is better with elephants.  Just when you think maybe you should call animal control or the police or something, the intrepid great mage Palom will leap out of a patch of bushes, staff brandished.]

It's a behemoth!  Don't worry; I've got this under control!  FLAREAGA!

[action, for any animal or animal-esque characters and also Relm]
[You are minding your own business probably sipping tea or meditating or something terribly innocuous when a net bashes you in the head.]

Gotcha!  Don't struggle; you don't stand a chance against the great zookeeper Palom! 


Gosh, you look a lot different than the picture they gave me.  They should get better artists.
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[Karkat, after disappearing and reappearing, is for formality's sake being reprocessed through the labs just in case his memories have been stolen again. The staff tries to go through the script and repeatedly remind him that even if he remembers Sirocco, he might not recall everything and may be disoriented. He's been repeatedly telling them to shut up and leave him alone while being jostled around.

They knew this was coming. The pressure cooker just sprung a leak. He can be heard from the apartments easily.]


I fucking know! Anemoi! Jobs! Monsters! Apartments! My name is Karkat Vantas and I'm a troll from Alternia and I had several terrible friends and was an apalling failure! My symbol means "freak of nature who should be skewered full of arrows and burned alive for being awful garbage" and my lusus loved dead things that smelled like shit! My wriggling day is the twelfth bilunar perigee of the sixth dark season's equinox! I have an extensive collection of dumb romantic comedies on my grub drive! I remember all the pointless bullshit I rememered while I was in this dump and I remember all the new and inane memories I made with the amnesiac chump asshole brigade who lives here!

[He tears a calendar off the wall and begins kind of crumpling it up a little just for effect.]

How long was I even gone, anyway?!? Should I have aged or something? Was I in stasis? I can't fucking make sense of your bizarre so-called "human earth calendars!" What even is a "month?" Like four solar sweeps? Wonderful! The more time I missed in these zany human-infested behemoth leaving-grounds the less I can claim to have witnessed of the shittiest gathering of wiggler-fucking morons in probably all universes ever!

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Someone said the memories we're getting back aren't really ours, right? Because... I just remembered a lot of very strange things. Getting turned into a pig... getting arrested... and I think my mom acted badly at a big party? And somehow, I was a boy.

...This is really confusing.
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Backdated to May 30th please!

Hey guess what everyone? Today's my birthday! [ Kaguya seems so pleased by this. ] I don't know how old I am, but it's another year on my belt. Er, wait, I don't wear a belt. Another year on my dress then!

[ Oh, but that's not all. ]

I also learned that you're not allowed to guy into a guy's room in the morning or the evening. [ This is a shocking revelation to her for numerous reasons. ] Shirou never really did explain why that was, but it has something to do with bumping his head against something. Oh! I do have an important message for you, Shirou! You can't take that cloth off of your arm because of um, what was it again? Well, I'm sure you know why, but you better just not do it!

[ Kaguya's bummed Ilya's memories for the event. So not only does she steal her birthday, she steals this scene as well! ]
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I knew it..! [ There's one very happy-looking young girl on camera today. Or probably even proud or near smug-looking. ]

I finally got some memories back and they prove I really am powerful! Listen up, I've climbed an entire mountain and defeated a monster with magic back home! So I won't let anyone make fun of me or say I can't defend myself anymore, okay? You better start treating me the way I deserve to be treated as a powerful person with magic..!

( ooc: Ilya got Palom's memories! )
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Does anyone want cake? I feel like making some tomorrow, but I can't eat a whole one by myself.


[Out by the side of the Ermis Suites? Then you might see Rosalia there, armed with a walking stick and a large pitcher of water, staring intently at a singed handkerchief lying in a patch of dirt.]

Hm, maybe I can make it a little bigger this time...

(2% spent on Rosalia's birthday and some headcanon-y childhood stuff.)
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I hope everybody is having a nice week. Last week I was kidnapped by a pirate, then rescued by a ghost. The experience would have put me off of miniature golf permanently, but I don't really think it's the game for me either way.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, thanks to whoever dealt with the whole comic book villainy thing that was happening, with the costumes and the rhyming couplet dialogue. I am okay with it not being a thing anymore.
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Who: Shirou Emiya, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Irisviel von Einzbern
What: It's Mother's Day, so Shirou and Ilya have decided to show Iri their appreciation.
Where: A small park near Emiya Manor
When: May 13, early afternoon
Warnings: Expect lots and lots of fluff.

Read more... )
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[The video starts out focused on Danny's face--that same black-haired kid that popped up a while ago screaming about not being dead. Right now, he looks particularly worried.]

So, uh. Does anyone know anything about cats? Because...I think mine might be dying.

[He turns the video around to focus on his cat--actually, Kyon's cat, Shamisen, from before he left--on the floor, trying to cough up a hairball with little success thus far.]

He's never done anything like this before, and I--I don't know what it is, or how to fix it, or anything!

[After a long, long hiatus absence from the skies, Danny Phantom returns to night patrol! He does the usual stuff--flying around, watching out for trouble, standing on rooftops looking somewhat mysterious (he hopes)...

...And also flying through a whole group of birds without realizing it until they become a squawking mass of angry beak-attacks.

Interrupt/watch/laugh at him?]


May. 9th, 2012 12:24 am
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-ith extra cheese and-


Just bumped a timetable. What's today's date?
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I-I've got something to say, too!

It's really important and you all have to be paying really close attention, OK?!  I'm pretty sure no one else has said anything even close to being this important.  I guess I should apologize if it makes you faint or something, but it's not really my fault if you're so bad at taking super important information.  I mean, it's the kind of thing that you only hear once in a thousand years!  Fighting monsters or liking someone or whatever is fine, but this is absolutely, positively the number one thing anyone's going to hear today!

...Is everyone ready?

I'm not gonna repeat myself! 

OK.  Here goes!

...Wait, I need to take a deep breath.  [Hnnnnnnngghhhhhhhhhh--!!!]  OK LISTEN HERE IT COMES!



Told ya it was important!  I don't have any lame secrets to keep, but that's still better than what all of you are going on about.  Sheesh, what's wrong with you guys?  You should be more like me!  There's nothing to hide or to be ashamed of!  If you've done something or if you are something, just say it!  There's nothing wrong with any of that stuff!

My name is Palom and I'm the greatest prodigy ever!  And don't you forget it.  And I guess Relm isn't that bad even if she is a smelly stupid girl and maybe I kinda like her hat; it's not exactly the greatest thing in the world, but I ca -- ....

.........[cue banging noises as palom throws the phone away in horror]
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I'm not doing this today. Something's up. [ Way up. ] So no one better waste my time by calling me. Not until I learn how to keep my big mouth shut for good. Well, you better not call because I thrive off of the attention, so I'll more than likely answer even though I don't want to. Geez, it's so annoying!

[ Someone's irritable that she's being very honest today. Also backdated to qualify for this!! ]


Apr. 30th, 2012 09:41 pm
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It looks like everyone's remembering things today! I got to remember more about the girl who saved me when I was little. Her name's Maria, and she grew up to be a doctor. And now she's a paramedic, so probably she's out there saving people's lives right now! That means my dad's a doctor, my brother was going to be one, and the person who rescued me all those years ago - they're all doctors! It's really funny, how that happened.

[She giggles.]

It's also a little bit weird, though. I know she's a doctor, but I don't know how I know. I haven't seen her since I was little and the last thing I remember Dad and I live out of the country now. So maybe Dad finished his research and we got to go back? I hope that's it. I really would have liked to go out and get to meet people again...

[And that's where she freezes up for a second, because while she knows what happened it probably sounds weird to everyone else! She's gone on long enough anyway.]

Um, sorry. Never mind that. Have a nice day, everyone!

(3% spent on Maria's current-day occupation (no context) and more random childhood stuff.)
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[Marona looks unusually subdued today. Though her hands aren't visible in the video, judging by the movements of her arms, she's fidgeting somewhat.

Okay, deep breath. While she doesn't particularly want to talk about it, she can't help but think that it's only fair for the others to know.

I... remembered some things about home.

[Another pause. It's now or never.]

I think... most people didn't like me there very much. I have a power, Chartreuse Gale, and it lets me see and talk to Phantoms. But people don't understand it, so they think I'm possessed, and that the Phantoms are just telling me what to do so I can trick them.

[She hangs her head.]

That's... that's not true at all, though! There are very nice Phantoms out there. But normal people can't see them, so they don't understand.

[She falls into an uncomfortable silence for a moment.]

That's all I wanted to say. Um, if you think it's creepy, then... That's okay, too. I just wanted everyone to know.

[She quickly ends the feed.]

((OOC: 4% on her daily life.))
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*Something's gnawing at Kotetsu. Like a desperate urge. He tries to distract himself from it by kicking the butts of a few more low level villains, but eventually he can't seem to fight it anymore.*


RIGHT! I have no idea why I feel like I need to mention ANY OF THIS CRAP, but I can't take it anymore! Guys! I brush my teeth while I'm in the bath! I always clip my nails too short! It's really freaking stupid but I end up really liking any actresses that show up in my dreams! I WAS FREAKING NUMBER 6 OUT OF 7 ON THE HEROES LIST BEFORE BUNNY SHOWED UP AND BECAME MY PARTNER! There! I said it! I don't even know why because it's not like they were weighing on my head but it's like a big freaking burden's been lifted!

Okay! I'm gonna go drink myself into an alcoholic stupor now! BYE.

((OOC: 1% on his ranking before meeting Bunny.))
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[It's well past dinnertime when Shirou stumbles his way into his house. He's exhausted, sore, and has cuts in a few places from dealing with all of the brainwashed wannabe supervillains running around. He's moving pretty slow, and all he really wants is a hot bath and his futon.

He's halfway down the hall to the bathroom when he pauses. A new memory returns to him, vivid as if he was experiencing it again. There was a battle on the grounds of a temple. A man clad in red...Shirou had seen him before. The woman he was fighting kept her face shrouded with a hood, so he couldn't tell what she looked like. Eventually the woman withdrew, and the man began to do the same until Shirou tried to go after her.

Then everything went to hell.

"Drown in your ideals and die."

Taken aback by what he remembered, Shirou leaned against a wall and slumped into a sitting position on the floor. He remained like that for a little while.]

[Audio; filtered to Rin; forward-dated to tomorrow morning]

We need to talk. In person.


Apr. 22nd, 2012 01:49 pm
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[Sky video! Oh wait, no. Ceiling video. Also, acute observation may suggest that Rin is at least a little bit drunk. Again.]

[Long pause.]

I was looking at myself in the mirror and I thought,

reflections are creepy.

It's not just me, right? My reflection has eyes and moves around. If I look at it, it looks back. But it's not alive. What's up with that. It freaks me out.

I want an orange but they are hard to peel.
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[He'd been trying not to show it after that mission to the tower, but Gordon was still a little shaken up. That pale bloated... thing, still haunted his mind, along with the dull remembrance headache of the psychic shockwave it sent through them all at the top of the tower. What the hell was it? Why did the name Advisor spring to his mind so quickly? God, and that thing escaped too. That means it's OUT there somewhere. Who would be able to stand up to it? Even with all their firepower, it still had all of them totally at its mercy. In fact, if it hadn't been for Samus, than Hiroshi would have been...]

[Video, to Hiroshi]

Hey, kid... You doing okay?

[Video, to Samus]

Hey. Thanks again for saving Hiroshi from that Ad--from that overgrown grub back there. You seemed to know what you were doing in that tower better than any one of us. Some of it... ring familiar to you, I guess?

[Video, to Sirocco]

Anyone here ever get the feeling that they might NOT want all their memories back after all?


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