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[Hey, everyone. It's Theta Sigma again. He looks a bit... annoyed.]

'Allo. I've got a question.

[He hefts a little brown and white kitten into view.]

Anyone want a cat? I can't handle this animal, I just can't--

"That's 'cuz you're a wuss!" [Yes, that tiny voice came from the kitten. It TALKS.]

You can see why, can't you?

"You just can't handle my sheer good looks and virility! You're threatened, human! Threate--oo!" [This last happens because he drops the kitten into a box.]

Otherwise, he's a perfectly normal kitty. Collar says his name's 'Mittens,' but I don't think it fits 'im. If you take 'im off my hands you can name him whatever you want.

"box box box box box box box box box...."
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Who: Shirou Emiya, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Irisviel von Einzbern
What: It's Mother's Day, so Shirou and Ilya have decided to show Iri their appreciation.
Where: A small park near Emiya Manor
When: May 13, early afternoon
Warnings: Expect lots and lots of fluff.

Read more... )
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*Kotetsu is having a really, really bad day.

It started off with a morning memory of one of his most embarrassing high school moments. Furthermore, he's been feeling mildly sick, possibly due to something he ate. And now on top of it, more stupid villains are running around, and Booster is missing. Again. He's beginning to think he's gonna have to staple that guy to the Justice League building.

So now, for the lack of a secretary, guess who's having to handle all the official business?*

No, I told you I don't know where the hell he is! If you just leave a message, I'll try to -- oi! OI! Don't just hang up like -- grrr! *phone slam. Ring.*

Hello, Justice League? You got some guy calling himself the Big Baby? Look, we're doing our best, but we're stretched thin as -- *ring* Could you hold please?

Hello, Justice League? ...WHO THE CRAP CARES ABOUT THE FRIGGIN' REFRIGERATOR?! *slam* Sorry about that, as I was say -- *ring* ARRRRGH.

*There's a reason he's not usually in charge of this sort of thing.*

((And yes, I just used 1% of his regains for a throwaway memory, shut up.))
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[ Today, Irisviel can be found wearing some nice kimonos for the screen. It seems someone went up shopping before and bought many of them. Perhaps the Japanese-style house around here is what she convinced her at the end or it is just Irisviel being Irisviel.

She gives the camera a smile when she looks at it. ]

I'm so happy that they were in sale! I could bought many to share. Aren't they really nice to wear? I think this is my first time wearing something like this. It matches with the house, right? [ *SOBS* SHE'S LIKE A CHILD LET HER BE. ]

Though when I was buying them, some strange man tried to break into the store. It was strange, dressing and talking in such ways I didn't fully understand. [ No Iri, crazy bad guys that are not Kotomine are strange for you. ] Hopefully, I could use something I last remembered!

I remembered part of my magic! Now I can be of help with it in the battles around here. [ Irisviel extends her arm and shows a strange bird much smaller than that one that comes to rest on it. ] I keep practicing it to improve it, so I will do my best to assist in the battlefield now.

[ And then, a black smoke appears on the screen. Irisviel quickly looks horrified before standing up and going to the kitchen, shouting something about the food she was preparing. The feed goes for a bit more before ending. ]
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*"Oi! Stop right there!"

"Bwa ha ha ha ha! There's no stopping me! I, the Soda Popper, will see this city drown!

"The Soda Popper? ...you're kidding me, right?"

"Don't take me so lightly, you green and white fool! Taste my fizzy destruction!"

*shakeshakeshake FZZZZZZZPLASH*

"Ha ha ha! See how my special soda erodes your armor? Now it's only a matter of time before it eats into your flesh!"



*Kotetsu is in the foreground, with a brown liquid dripping from him. Behind him, a somewhat overweight pimply kid lies unconscious, with a truly ridiculous amound of soda spilling out from a broken container on his back.*

Got another friggin' idiot up here. Was spraying soda on the cars below and cackling about causing chaos or something. What's making all these weirdos come outta the woodwork lately?

...And anybody got a towel?
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[If anyone looks at the network, they will find themselves subjected to something that looks too...staged...too cinematic to be a normal network post. And too Spanish.

That's right. Rex is broadcasting the first episode of El Amor De La Pasion Del Amor. All 44 minutes of it. It is filled with overdramatic acting, evil twins, pregnancies, women fainting and falling to the floor in the throes of love and passion, long kisses that last an eternity with flowery backgrounds, and men ripping their shirts. Constantly. Regardless of what is happening, be it a confession or cooking breakfast. Because real men fry their bacon shirtless.

This is a public service and you should all be thanking him.

When it ends, he speaks.]

Oh man, I can't believe they have it here! Was that awesome, or was that awesome?

sixth hop

Apr. 1st, 2012 11:41 am
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[Barnaby has been thinking this over for a while now. He'd gotten offers to join the Justice League before, but it's only now that he's finally decided on it.]

[AUDIO, locked to Booster]

Is there an opening on the Justice League?


[So, after that call and as soon as he can get some free time to himself, you can find Barnaby in the library, reading a book. Specifically, he's reading about a certain symbol and whatever it means. Every so often, he'll scribble something down on a piece of paper. He's been at this for a while, judging from the fact that he's filled up the paper with thoughts and facts, like "Jung - human psyche" and "what does the sword mean?"

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Oh man, guys, I never thought I'd be saying this, but the library's got the greatest stuff!

I know how it looks, but this book-- [he holds up this book] --is really great. It's got this action hero traveling through time and taking on all these adventures, and he falls in love with this woman, even though he knows it can't last! And they're both keeping secrets from each other, trying not to hurt each other but they're really just making it worse in the long run. Just listen to it:

[He opens the book to a random page and reads.]
"She walked across the room and picked up her towel, still wet with shower water. “Torolf,” she said softly, “there’s something I have to tell you…”
But her bed was empty.
Torolf was gone, escaped out the bedroom window. In the distance, Hilda heard the fading sound of galloping abs."


[Wait, no, he's getting too excited. That's seriously uncool. He puts on a grumpier face, to make it look like he's not actually that interested.]

...It's way more exciting than anything going on around here, anyway.

((OOC: 1% on El Amor De La Pasion Del Amor, and his love of shitty Spanish soap operas and trashy romance.))
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[ There's a video post coming from Iri. She seems to be shopping some Japanese clothes such as kimonos when she takes a break to post this. ]

My daughter is here now. Even if she doesn't remember me, it makes me happy to know that she's here and that I can spend time with her. I really want to hurry up and remember more of the happy times we have spent together.


I also remembered my husband's name. He was such a nice person, always paying attention to the small details for me. I'm really lucky to have him at my side, and I am sure that soon I will remember more. Kiritsugu always worried a lot for me, even when he was such a busy man for what I know!

Ah, I should hurry up and buy this gifts. Thank you for listening!
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[Shampoo pops up from the bottom of the camera with a wide smile stuck on her face. It's a bit of a surprise to see her with make-up on and in a Mandarin Gown instead of her normal martial art outfit but it's no surprise when you see the background. Behind her, the small building with the sign Cat Cafe has a banner with the words GRAND OPENING and balloons in front.

She closes her fan with a flick of her wrist and points directly at the camera.]

Nǐ hǎo ma? Are you hungry for the best noodle dishes? Fried rice with shrimp? Wonton soup or chicken feet? Szechuan mapo tofu or Hong Kong style congee?

Then lái-lái, lái-lái! Come in to Cat Cafe! Come in! Our doors are open! Where the chef and workers are pretty to look at and food tastes delicious. Today's grand opening so all prices are half off!


[It's a bit mind-boggling to see how many people came and stop by to the small building. The lines are thankfully short but tables are packed, forcing some groups of people to sit with strangers they might not know.

The 17 year old girl is running around taking orders and serving food but the majority of the time, she's in the back kitchen putting on a small cooking show. With fire and throwing knives! Best duck when one of them comes flying a bit too close to your personal space.

((ooc: A mix-and-mingle post, feel free to tag other people in the restaurant. In addition, Barnaby gets 2% for his pay.))
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[ There feed seems to flicker on and off a few times when it first starts - but actually, it's just someone fiddling with it, really. It's easy to find that out by the way the screen is pointed at something completely random and keeps moving, before it finally seems to display body parts. A much too close up of a red eye, then a hand covering the camera.

After a few minutes of fiddling like that (complete with interested noises, like a kid playing with a new toy) the image finally settles down on what seems to be a young girl. At first her gaze is curious.. ]

So this is what people here use to talk to each other, huh..?

[ ... But then she huffs and seems to put on something that seems more determined or even haughty, as if she's trying to cover up her surprise and confusion. ]

It can't be that seriously nobody knows how we got here, right? There's no way that's true! Those people who gave the explanation were so unhelpful too, geez.. [ she pouts just slightly. ] Someone has a more complete answer to all of this that they didn't forget, right? So.. come on, out with it!
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So hey! How's the remembering going you guys? Me, I'm doing great! Getting to remember a few more things about my daughter, and all the neat stuff I did back home. And I just remembered my hero! He was this guy, Mr. Legend. The greatest Hero of them all! He taught me I could do a lotta good things with my gifts, and I'll never forget that! Any of you guys remember anybody you admire?


Hey kid, got a sec? I wanna talk to you about something.

((OOC: Several unused 1% tokens on little bits and pieces, but 2% of them used on remembering his idol.))
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How do you report vandalism? Especially if you know who did it.

[It's worth noting that in what can be seen of the background, Yuta's room appears to be covered in... paint. Lots and lots of paint. Also, words. Is that "ugly" in lime green back there?]
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Terrific news! I've remembered some things about my past! It seems I owned a tea shop in the great city of Ba Sing Se.

There was a boy working there with a scar on his face who called me uncle. He always seemed on edge about something. Maybe he didn't like the wall hangings...

[2% spent on the memories described above.]
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[Shirou was out for a walk. He decided on a change of pace, so he began to walk through the upper-class district of Sirocco. He looked at all of the elegant houses as he walked, but then he turned a corner and stopped. Why? Because one of those buildings looked too familiar to him.

It was a large, Japanese-style house. The moment he entered the proximity, he could detect a bounded field surrounding the house.]

This...this is my house. But...what is it doing here?

[Shirou enters and looks around. Everything seems to be in place, where he remembers them. He walked into his room and sat down on the floor.]

This is weird...but at the same time it's also kind of nice. I feel at home here.

[After giving the house one last look-through, he leaves and heads back to the Ermis Suites. For the rest of the day, he can be seen carrying things from the Ermis Suites to his house, or from the shopping district to his house.]
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[ This video starts with Irisviel acquiring back her car. Yes, it's a cool Mercedes 300 SL Coupé behind her with a smile.

Which can only lead to one conclusion. ]

Everyone! I remember how to drive a car! I'm offering lessons for everyone, as well as I'm taking jobs to deliver anything. I just stopped a moment to say this. Oh, and Shirou! I'm ready to teach you whenever you wish! Thanks everyone!

[ The video ends.

And the action begins. Allow me to place a gif to show you all why you do not let Irisviel drive a car.

If you happen to be around the town to see her, then you might find Irisviel driving at high speed, riding the curves like a boss in ways that surely will cause someone to have a heart attack. She is so good at this that she's avoiding any BIG collisions, though she's hitting some parts of the car while she drives.

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Hey, I've got some plans for this evening, so I'm going to be turning my phone off during them. If you want to get a hold of me, call me before then, or tomorrow.

I hope you all have a happy Valentine's Day.


[Shirou spends most of the day in his room, working on things. If you want to give him chocolate, now's your chance!]

[Action; for Rin]

[Shirou is in the hallway of the Ermis Suites, wearing a dress shirt and pants. This was a fancy restaurant they were going to, and when he told Rin of the reservation time, he also told her to dress up, as he had. He approaches Rin's door and knocks.]

† one;

Feb. 11th, 2012 05:36 pm
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[ The first thing that comes up is a very short silence, as though the one on the other end of the feed is still giving a bit of thought to what he's trying to say. It doesn't last that long, though, and soon enough, a man's startlingly deep voice comes up, one with a slight monotonous edge to it, calm and composed, even somewhat apathetic if you pay enough attention. ]

Greetings. Sirocco, correct? That would be the city's name, as I understand. This device certainly is convenient... well. In either case, an introduction is in order, I suppose. My name is Kirei, and naturally, this is the only information I have to offer at the moment. If this city is one of a small population, it makes a certain amount of sense for everyone to be familiar with one another. Beyond being simply easier to manage such a thing when in a city with a small population, it makes things easier in case of an emergency. [ Then, another pause, and the feed suddenly switches to video, allowing one to see the face of a man who's speaking-- an adult man, probably in his mid to late thirties, wearing a dark blue coat that seems to be over something that is extremely difficult to make out, but if you look hard enough, resembles the clothes of a priest more than anything else. ]

It is generally easier for others to remember names when there is a face to accompany it. [ Then, he narrows his eyes very slightly, as though in thought, but doesn't express whatever is on his mind. ] I shall not keep you for long. This city has plenty of matters to attend to, I'm sure, more important than a new arrival. But if there is anything that those at the lab... hm, fail to mention for one reason or another, that one should know upon arrival, I would certainly not mind being informed. Better safe then sorry, as they say.


[ So! After settling in, what is the first thing Kirei does? ~EXPLORE~! In other words, Kirei would be out and about today, taking a silent walk around the city, but the freaking tall guy in a coat and priest's clothes is bound to catch a certain amount of attention anyway, so you may find yourself bumping into him or just noticing him.

Alternatively, anyone coming into the restaurant on the first floor of Ermis will notice at, at some point during the day, it's completley empty- Kirei chooses his times well!- save for the guy in question who's sitting somewhere and eating amazingly huge amounts of boiling hot spicy foods. Look, this prompt was necessary, okay. ]
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*At some point in time, a new device showed up in the Justice League building. It seems primarily designed for suiting up, and certainly when you saw it the first time, there was some sort of armor set up in it. But it's not there NOW, and the reason for this ends up being pretty obvious with the next video call...*


*...which includes somebody in said armor. Who is this stranged, masked fell -- oh, apparently it's Kotetsu, judging by the fact he just flipped the helm up. Mystery solved. The background behind him shows a broken set of doors, a perimeter of police tape located in a large radius around the entrance, some huddled, frightened looking people, and evidence of SOMETHING moving every so often through the doors, although it's too dark to make out anything properly. Tiger's still glowing faintly blue.*

Wild Tiger here! Jesus Christ, have you SEEN these things? They've gotta be the ugliest bastards I ever seen in my life! I could clobber them away from us easy enough, but they just kept coming! Good thing I had my Hundred Power considering some jackass locked the door on us while we were in there evacuating people! This is ridiculous!
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I just remembered something.

Last Saturday was my seventeenth birthday. [ Who cares what else is going on - this girl had a birthday and no one remembered it, herself included. ] I also remembered Shirou is very good at running away.

I'll even let you get a head start this time.


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