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[Anyone who's known Shen for more than, oh, say, thirty seconds, would never expect to see him doing what he's doing, now.

He's in a perfume store. That isn't the strange bit. The strange bit is that he's assembling shelves. He's been sweeping and assembling shelves and re-stocking merchandise all day. Y'see, someone spotted that that giant bird EVO was him--kind of hard not to, with that colour scheme--and called him out on it. And he agreed to fix whatever he could fix.

One might wonder if he's feeling well or got another blow to the head or if someone's holding his feather-conditioning powder hostage.

One could ask...]
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Well I can see why those Superjocks get too big for their panties...

[Joker grins from ear to ear]

So how's the city? Enjoying the fun new You. I know I am! Just don't lose your head over it!

Mehwehahahaha HA HA HA!

[As he cackles, his head suddenly pops off, and he catches it with his hands before setting it back - dramatically "Screwing" it back on]

Whoopsies, guess I still got a few screws loose! Anyways, I think I'll go out and paint the town red!
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Because everything can be solved with a Big Scientific Machine )

[...THEN, he sends a phone broadcast.]


Huh, whaddiya know... We did it. We've sent out a signal that completely deactivated all active nanites in a twenty-mile radius! All those EVO's should now be reverting to normal! Now before anyone starts to celebrate remember that there are still damaged buildings and structures out there; make sure everyone is safe before you do anything else.

[Video to JLS]

Okay, guys. Just how bad is the damage this time around?


[The scientists are finally leaving the Labs, tired, shambling, and even more disheveled than usual. Gordon is among them, looking exhausted and pale himself but still standing a few inches taller than his wilted counterparts. Still, if anyone needs to speak to him about this whole thing, now's the time to do it.]

((This marks the end of the EVO event, but backtagging is encouraged! Have fun beating up monsters!))
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[Danny needs a break from all the fighting he's been doing for the past several days, what with all the suddenly hostile monster animals running about.

He carefully lowers himself onto the ground from mid-air near a block of shops that were half-destroyed a few days earlier. He needs a moment to breathe. He feels strangely...heavy.

It's then that he notices he probably needs more than just 'a moment to breathe.' He looks down at himself and sees his skin sagging and stretching taut across his bones. It slowly slinks and oozes towards the ground as though it can't decide if it wants to stay solid or become liquid. He lifts his hands closer to his face for inspection and watches in horror as the skin refuses to move with the bones and begins dripping to the ground.]


[He tries running, but finds that with each step lifting his legs becomes more and more difficult. He leaves behind a small puddle of himself with each step he takes, and his legs are melting at a much faster rate than the rest of himself. It only serves to make Danny panic more.]

I-I can't--I'm melting!
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[Video broadcast]

[Gordon fidgets slightly in front of the camera, running a hand through his hair before he even speaks. He always hated doing this.]

Attention, Sirocco. It seems some... things have been suddenly popping out of nowhere in the town. Justice League members are already mobilized and trying to fight these creatures back as soon as they appear. Others who want to fight along with them are welcome to do so, but please be advised these mutants--or whatever they are--are extremely dangerous.

But in order to really stop them, I believe it's vital to first rind out what these things ARE and where they're coming from. If they look familiar to anyone, or if you happen to find a tissue sample of a downed creature, bring it into the Labs to be studied. Then maybe we can figure out what the hell's going on around here.

[Video, to Mordin]

Hey Mordin. You wouldn't happen to know a really good biologist I could bring in to help us out in this, would you?


[The Labs are in a productive uproar again, men in labcoats scrambling to keep up with one another. If you happen to be one of the ones bringing in a monster part--err, "sample," you'll find Gordon and a few others, willing to take it off your hands... some of the wimpier ones donning gloves and a mask first, of course.]
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[After hearing about the monsters and witnessing Ran's pyrotechnics, Shen went on to see what all the hubbub was about. He's already encountered civilians screaming and running from horrible slime creatures and another one beating a giant bug senseless with an umbrella. In some ways, it looks like someone took 'normal day in Sirocco' and cranked it up to eleven.]

[He rounds the corner and passes a cafe with a giant hole in the wall and is nearly to the end of the block when the wave of dizziness hits him. He staggers and leans against a lamppost. Panting and nauseous, he has maybe a moment to wonder what the hell is happening to him before he blacks out.]

[Instead of falling to the sidewalk like any normal being, however, his senseless form twitches violently and, with a terrible wet cracking and a tearing of fabric, he changes, transforming into a ten-foot-tall monstrosity. Two pairs of sparse, pointy wings beat the air while a third pair curl inward, the claws at the end twitching. The feet develop foot-long talons, the legs bend unnaturally at two pairs of hips, the tail becomes a thrashing, barbed whip. Three glowing red eyes flick open and the beak opens, displaying row upon row of sharp teeth, emitting a horrific, multitoned squawk.]

[This creature that used to be Shen gouges at the sidewalk with its talons as people flee, screaming. Its wings snap outward and it takes to the air. Is it leaving the city?]

[No such luck. It folds its wings and dives, talons outstretched, into a crowd that attempts to scatter. Its shriek can be heard for nearly a mile.]
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*It happens without warning. She'd just been doing her normal thing, working in the restaurant. One of the patrons had looked ill, so she went to see if he was okay -- and he'd changed then. Suddenly, what was once the kindly old man who always ordered meatloaf once a week now is a huge, slavering beast.

People are screaming. Tsuruya backs up, startled. The creature howls, and swings a terrible claw at her, and hits...


Tsuruya had reacted without thinking about it, jumping several feet away. She grabs the first thing she can find -- a plate -- and slings it at the thing. It makes a shocking degree of impact.

She could question how it is she's suddenly acting faster and stronger than she did before -- but now's not really the time, is it?*
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[Palom has volunteered to round up zoo animals!  .......This can only end in laughter and happiness and joy.]

[action, apartments]
[There is a knock on your door!  If you open it up, you will be met by a bright-eyed cheerful child.]

Hi!  I chased a skunk onto this floor, so you might want to not be here in a few minutes.  ...Or probably now.  Maybe you should just jump out the window.  ...Anyway, see you at dinner!

[action, city streets]
[That there is an ostrich making hideous screeching noises as it tears down the streets.  Luckily, it is obeying traffic laws and staying on the sidewalk.  What is the cause for this great alarm and uproar?  ...Probably the boy sitting on its back clinging desperately to its neck.]

I-I-I th-th-thought the g-gaaaaame w-was s'posed to b-be o-over w-when I c-c-caught yooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...........!!!!

[action, park]
[And of course, there is a juvenile elephant in the park calmly eating leaves off a tree.  Everything is better with elephants.  Just when you think maybe you should call animal control or the police or something, the intrepid great mage Palom will leap out of a patch of bushes, staff brandished.]

It's a behemoth!  Don't worry; I've got this under control!  FLAREAGA!

[action, for any animal or animal-esque characters and also Relm]
[You are minding your own business probably sipping tea or meditating or something terribly innocuous when a net bashes you in the head.]

Gotcha!  Don't struggle; you don't stand a chance against the great zookeeper Palom! 


Gosh, you look a lot different than the picture they gave me.  They should get better artists.
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I finally remembered the rest of what happened with that Rasputin fellow. Or most of it, at least! I'm still not entirely sure what was up with that fellow. Some sort of demon cult nonsense that got out of hand, I suppose. The important part is that he didn't get to destroy the world. Sure, he wasn't the only one trying to do it, but I'm not that worried about what's happening back home. If Yuri and the rest of them are still around, humanity's in good hands!

Shame about that big castle of his crumbling, though. It was pretty nice, aside from all the screaming oozy monsters everywhere. And that layout with all the switches... Sure, it slowed us down and all, but I can't imagine living there! It wasn't actually that nice, but it flew, so I'm giving him points for style at least.

And speaking of style, has anybody seen a crocodile lying around? It's about three meters long, not counting the tail. And it's dressed like a pirate. It's pretty hard to miss, just call me or text me if you see it around!

((OOC: The crocodile, while stuffed, is currently animate due to mysterious circumstances. It will be threadjacking and/or hanging around in goofy poses in the comments.))
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Well, it seems Ky was right.

There's no reason in keeping it secret now. I worked for about two years at a classified, government-contracted research facility in the middle of the New Mexico desert. Black Mesa. Seems it's no coincidence that I started conducting anemoi research here so quickly; that's almost exactly what I was up to over there too! Anomalous materials research! It's almost as though I walked right out of that lab, and into this one!

Now I'm starting to wonder... is that it? Is this really ALL I have to remember? 'Cuz it could be. Those monsters I recognize could've just been escaped experiments. Everything ties together. I even threw more Anemoi into the refraction-coding analyzer to make sure and all I get are a little things, minutia, friends, co-workers, locker combination, spectroscopy settings, how many times I fried the microwave in the break room, the history of the company, stupid stories about Aperture and the stunts they used to pull before they... well... nothing huge and important, anyway.

I guess I could live with this... It'd be a relief to not have anything else to remember.

[It doesn't look like a relief. In fact he seems to be staring into the far distance more than the camera. Something about this is still not sitting right with him, and it shows.]

[2% on life at Black Mesa, 1% on general lore and propaganda about Aperture Science, 1% on friends and colleagues.]
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[Hector holds up a cord, with a tuning fork danging from it, the handle of it look like coral, and so rough it'd probably cut open the hand of anyone who holds it too tightly]

Found this on my bed, it's mine. It seems like I have some special powers.

[He grins cockily]

This baby helps me focus, buried treasure, people trapped under the rubble, secret passages? Just let me give it a whack and I'll find them in no time flat! Don't think about yoinking it, it only works for me and me alone! I knew I'm not some ordinary person.

((1% on cavity/buried item sensing, 1% on "having a special destiny" - 5% total. Mood is Manic))
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Who: Joachim, Hector, Dave, Danny -- and Misery
Where: A swampy ruins
When: Friday, June 8
What: Someone's beaten our party to the ruins -- and they're not very friendly.
Note: All participants received 1% worth of Anemoi per person.

Prepare for trouble, and make it double. Or something.
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This morning, Joachim will have woken up to find a few things missing. Namely, his roommate's weapons and, well, his roommate.

There's no sign of a struggle, no damage to anything, no 'I quit' note, no phone wreckage. In fact, his phone is sitting quietly on the kitchen table. There is one sent message on it.

[Text, to Ran]

Ran. I'm sorry. I only wish I'd known earlier.

((OOC: Not dropping him. He's just doing what appears to happen to every resident of Sirocco at one point or another and going missing.))
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Because that's what a hero does, hm? I'm almost sorry that wasn't me! Whoever that guy was, he had some pretty good lines. Not to mention style! Dashing into that burning building to save that Amamiya girl... Classic! Just like being in one of my old comic books! I might be a hero myself these days, but seeing it through someone else's eyes was a real treat!

Kaburagi... that's someone's last name, isn't it?
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*By now it's not particularly a secret that memories are getting mixed up. If anything, Kotetsu's marveling at the luck he's had not dealing with that situation himself. So NATURALLY, within a half hour of that thought, in comes the Doom Train! Well. Shit.

Well, no big deal, right? If he remembers something weird, it won't be hard to figure out it's not him. Just a matter of figuring out whose memory it really is. He yawns, and leans back, lounging on a couch in the Justice League Building. Might as well take a nap while he waits for it.

And then it comes. And his eyes shoot open -- and narrow.*


*There is someone pounding on Shen's door. Hard. And angrily.*

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[Hector had one of those literal 'catapulting out of bed' nightmares, something powerful that won't stay down, friends screaming.... It takes a while for him to work up the nerve to ask, but when he does - he tries to put on a detached air, but it's clear from the look in his eyes that he's been shaken pretty badly]

Uh - does anyone know anything about some sort of... ugly, blue creatures? That... Sorry, just. trying to. make. sense of -

[He gestured uselessly]

(Hiroshi's memories)
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Getting hit by that train isn't exactly my idea of fun, but if I remember something because of it, then I guess I can't complain too much. Or, uh, mostly, anyway.

Well...the good news is, I remember that Booster and I are from the same place. Sort of explains why we're both in the JLS, heh. I guess Metropolis and Amity Park aren't that far from each other!

[He lets the 'bad news' portion of the post hang uncomfortably.]

((OOC: 1% on what AF so eloquently describes as "Booster punches himself in the face and then blows himself up with a nuclear sub." The other 2% to come later.))
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[Video, to JLS members]

Hey everyone, uh, Booster and I got to talking and... [He gives a shrug and a shortened laugh.] Looks like I'm working with you guys officially, now!


May. 5th, 2012 10:12 pm
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[Weird thing, but easy enough to use. Push button, point at face, talk. I guess they can do all sorts of things nowadays...]

[Anyway, new face on the comm. Sorta skinny, maybe late teens, but who knows in this place.]


I'm not exactly sure who it is I'm talking to, but my name is Shou. I'm...

[Pause, look off camera right at something.]

...probably some sort of warrior. I can't think of any other reason I'd be carrying this spear around, at least.

Does anyone out there want to show me around the important parts of town? I don't know where to get food, where to get a good drink... also some place called Room 404.

+1 ideas

May. 2nd, 2012 08:14 pm
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Long as this truth only thing is going around, I'm gonna take advantage of it.

Someone tell me where all these weirdos in ridiculous clothes are coming from! C'mon, I bet SOMEONE out there knows and just weren't 'fessing up. Well you can't hide it anymore!


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