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Well I can see why those Superjocks get too big for their panties...

[Joker grins from ear to ear]

So how's the city? Enjoying the fun new You. I know I am! Just don't lose your head over it!

Mehwehahahaha HA HA HA!

[As he cackles, his head suddenly pops off, and he catches it with his hands before setting it back - dramatically "Screwing" it back on]

Whoopsies, guess I still got a few screws loose! Anyways, I think I'll go out and paint the town red!
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[Anonymous, to everyone]

Hello, what's your favorite way to pass time? I know mine >:)
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[There's Klaxons ringing everywhere in the only functioning Jail in the city, as the surviving police station, and even the Justice League HQ got the calls:

Prisoner Escape. Criminal Known as The Joker has blown a hole in the prison wall, the Warden is also missing. Evidence so far concludes the Warden left with The Joker willing.

Anyone who passes by the Jail will get a huge man-shaped hole in the wall, rubble, many other criminals being made to sit in the courtyard with other prison officers watching them as police officers scurry over the scene with equipment.]
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Who: Gordon Freeman, The Joker, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, Marisa Kirisame, Mokona, Supernova
What: Punching the snot out of the Joker and recovering Mokona
When: May 11th
Where: Joyce's Lucky Clubs, a defunct casino equipment manufacturer
Notes: Mixed in with the coinage from the slot machine are some anemoi; enough for 2% for everybody.

ITP: Not a whole lot of dignity.
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*Kotetsu is having a really, really bad day.

It started off with a morning memory of one of his most embarrassing high school moments. Furthermore, he's been feeling mildly sick, possibly due to something he ate. And now on top of it, more stupid villains are running around, and Booster is missing. Again. He's beginning to think he's gonna have to staple that guy to the Justice League building.

So now, for the lack of a secretary, guess who's having to handle all the official business?*

No, I told you I don't know where the hell he is! If you just leave a message, I'll try to -- oi! OI! Don't just hang up like -- grrr! *phone slam. Ring.*

Hello, Justice League? You got some guy calling himself the Big Baby? Look, we're doing our best, but we're stretched thin as -- *ring* Could you hold please?

Hello, Justice League? ...WHO THE CRAP CARES ABOUT THE FRIGGIN' REFRIGERATOR?! *slam* Sorry about that, as I was say -- *ring* ARRRRGH.

*There's a reason he's not usually in charge of this sort of thing.*

((And yes, I just used 1% of his regains for a throwaway memory, shut up.))
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[After that completely innocent announcement, the Clown's been pretty quiet. However the city has not!]


[For example: One of the few banks left open in the city is wailing out with alarms as inside an ordinary looking middle-aged man is laugh manically, shooting staples at the wall - pinning a narcoleptic security guard's lapel to the wall - he's shouting]

You said that you can have these? Not I the Office Supplinator! Hand over those pens, papers, and everything you're not suppose to have and no one will have to face - REJECTION!

[The customers and tellers stayed low, completely baffled by this crazy man but are afraid to draw attention - who will save them now?]
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[There is a figure who is mostly muttering to himself, back turned to the phone - all that could be seen is a shock of green hair]

Looks like you fine folks were in the middle of some serious demolition here - wherever HERE is, it sure ain't Gotham but it'll do for now.

[Suddenly he turns around - The man with the white "makeup" and too wide grin looms close enough that his nose is squashed against the screen]

Well hello you happy people! Now that I am here, I am sure that we will have loooooots of fun!

[He draws back to a more reasonable distance, still grinning, though it now has a sinister cast]

It looks like you fellows are all dull little boys and girls, all work-work-work for some goldfish pebbles and no play at all. Well, I'm going to shake things up.


[He blows a spectacularly large raspberry]



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