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Backdated to May 30th please!

Hey guess what everyone? Today's my birthday! [ Kaguya seems so pleased by this. ] I don't know how old I am, but it's another year on my belt. Er, wait, I don't wear a belt. Another year on my dress then!

[ Oh, but that's not all. ]

I also learned that you're not allowed to guy into a guy's room in the morning or the evening. [ This is a shocking revelation to her for numerous reasons. ] Shirou never really did explain why that was, but it has something to do with bumping his head against something. Oh! I do have an important message for you, Shirou! You can't take that cloth off of your arm because of um, what was it again? Well, I'm sure you know why, but you better just not do it!

[ Kaguya's bummed Ilya's memories for the event. So not only does she steal her birthday, she steals this scene as well! ]
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[So Kaguya's been landed with a new roommate! One of the nice fellows from the Lab escorted her to the room and explained that she's blind, asking that Kaguya please be understanding and accommodating of her.

Aestuosa, for her part, has mostly just taken to sulking grumpily on the room's couch. After the Lab guy leaves, she finally speaks up.

I don't need you to baby me.
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[The video feed clicks on to reveal a relieved John. He's surprised that he found it so quickly. This kid makes losing communication devices into a fine art form. He's actually lucky it was still in his room and not flung haphazardly out a window. The angle is a bit strange though, as he seems to be in the process of pulling the communicater out from the depths of his closet.]

Finally! I thought I'd lost this thing.

[Leaving it on, he moves to sit down on his bed.]

Hi guys! I haven't checked out the network in a few days now. Did I miss anything cool?
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You can relax, everyone! I dealt with the incident that was causing all those weirdos to run around! No more random men attacking you with salt shakers on the street.

Oh yeah, and I guess a few other people helped. Either way, this sounds like a good reason for everyone to have a good time.


Rin! Rin Rin Rin! You were right! There's a drinking age! Most bars won't let me get anything with booze in it! This is awful!


May. 9th, 2012 12:24 am
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-ith extra cheese and-


Just bumped a timetable. What's today's date?
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...I feel compelled to speak. I don't know why, but I do.

I remembered something else. I watched...I watched my mentor die. He fell in battle, to a sworn enemy. I challenged her upon his fall, but I lost.

If...anyone would like to see me, I will be in my apartment.


Apr. 22nd, 2012 01:49 pm
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[Sky video! Oh wait, no. Ceiling video. Also, acute observation may suggest that Rin is at least a little bit drunk. Again.]

[Long pause.]

I was looking at myself in the mirror and I thought,

reflections are creepy.

It's not just me, right? My reflection has eyes and moves around. If I look at it, it looks back. But it's not alive. What's up with that. It freaks me out.

I want an orange but they are hard to peel.
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It's been a while since I remembered anything useful--[ A pause to consider if she should tell people what she's learned in between now and then. ]--but today is different! Well, I'm not sure if this is a good day to say it because I'm told only a fool would believe anything today, but that's alright. I'm just so excited I have to get it out!

[ Placing the phone down on a desk, she steps back and attempts to twirl around in excitement. Losing her balance, she stumbles around a bit before giving the grand announcement: ]

I'm a princess! [ Ta-da! ] Isn't that cool♪ Apparently the world I rule over is called Kagura Amahara. That's right, I'm no ordinary princess! Most princesses have a kingdom, but I have an entire world. It doesn't make any sense because how can I fight if I'm a princess?

Oh! Maybe I'm some kind of stand-in princess. Like a double! [ She'll laugh as she moves to pick up the device again. ] Pretending to be the princess so whenever some assassin comes up, BAM! I get them instead! Isn't that cooler instead?

sixth hop

Apr. 1st, 2012 11:41 am
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[Barnaby has been thinking this over for a while now. He'd gotten offers to join the Justice League before, but it's only now that he's finally decided on it.]

[AUDIO, locked to Booster]

Is there an opening on the Justice League?


[So, after that call and as soon as he can get some free time to himself, you can find Barnaby in the library, reading a book. Specifically, he's reading about a certain symbol and whatever it means. Every so often, he'll scribble something down on a piece of paper. He's been at this for a while, judging from the fact that he's filled up the paper with thoughts and facts, like "Jung - human psyche" and "what does the sword mean?"

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[It's evening on March 14. Ky is in full-on Order uniform, which has just been washed, and is looking sharper than normal. He's also waiting outside a nice restaurant.

If you're Kaguya, he's waiting for you. But if not, and you happen to be in the area, feel free to chat him up while he waits!]
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[Audio -- Filtered from Kaguya]

I'm sorry, but I have...a matter that I've been dwelling on for the past three weeks, and I still haven't been able to figure it out. I would appreciate it if someone, particularly someone who is well versed in these sorts of issues, could help me resolve it.

You see, a good friend of mine here...asked me out on a date. On Valentine's Day. One that she seemed to enjoy very much. And due to, er...circumstances regarding said date, I ended up promising her a second date to a location of my choosing.

Thus, I am...trying to sort out my own feelings on this issue. I believe she has feelings for me based on her actions, and I need to determine how I feel about her so I can resolve the matter, one way or another. Would anyone have any advice on what to look for or how to interpret it?

[Audio -- Filtered to Kaguya]

Kaguya, I have found the restaurant I would like to take you to. Is there any particular day that you would like to go?
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[ Hope no one was planning on sleeping any because throughout the entire day there are various text messages sent from her phone. They are a combination of in-depth and thought-out replies like: ]


[ Etc, etc. Around evening time though: ]

sry everyone :(
it was sending messages on its own :(
also did i miss a holiday or something??
who wants to celebrate really late?!
hey kay
however you spell your name!!
lets hang out okay :D
anyone else want to join us?
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Everybody hear me? I think I've managed to locate a solution to our problems with the blue monsters that have been showing up. It may be a long shot, but it's better than nothing.

According to this book I found in the library, there's an artifact that has the potential to seal away monsters. It's called the Rod of Calem-Sur, and if you use it at the highest point in the middle of an infected area, it'll take care of them for you. The only thing is, it seems to have been separated into two parts for whatever reason, the shaft and the orb. Thankfully, there's some coordinates listed that indicate where they might be, but it'll be rough going for both of them, so I'm going to need help to get them.

I'm sure we all see the trouble with letting these things run around, so I'd appreciate anybody who lends their assistance.

((OOC: OOC signup posts will be up shortly. One will be a more action-heavy log, and the other more puzzle heavy. As another note, as of the end of the library log, there is now officially a chance to run into Onis in POPULATED buildings, with the only exception at the moment being the Hotel itself. Again, this is an opt-in plot, so it is entirely up to players if they want to deal with them, or at least see increasing numbers of quarantined buildings.))
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If I may have your attention for just a moment, please, I'd like to announce that the training center I've been working on is now open for business. If you ever need a place where you wish to practice your combat skills, you can come here.

[At this point, Ky gives the address, monthly subscription fee (with a special deal for those who sign up within the first month), and hours.]

I feel fortunate that I could open it at this time, considering what's been going on in the city as of late. We can never be too prepared for anything. Just please, exercise caution, and if you feel like you can't win, then withdraw. Lost pride can be restored; a lost life cannot.
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Things come in threes, but not always good things. )


TAKURO NO! GAAH! Ha... ha...

*The apartment again. He'd fallen asleep at the table, piles of books around him. Montfort watches him with concern from his tank across the room.

He puts his head in his hands. No... no, he's good. Really. He's fine. It's just... everybody has tragedies in their lives, right? He shouldn't let it get him so emotional. Calm rationality. That's the key. The key to everything, right? The key to... success...

He can't do it. This one, this last memory. It's too much. They're dead. They're all dead. He did nothing to stop it. In the end, the only person he'd saved was himself. Like a coward.

He puts his head in his hands -- and, for the first time since arriving here, looking very much like the scared teenage boy he is, he weeps.*


*He's mostly recovered at this point, but there might still be a little hint of redness to his eyes. Otherwise, he looks as cool as always.*

Hey. I have a question. Everybody remembering things... how do you continue to pursue your memories if they're filled with tragedy? Logically, it'd be better to take advantage of forgetting the past and move on with the future, right?

((OOC: 1% of the bonus New Years memories used on vaguely remembering the circumstances of his arrival, and the last 2% remembering the fate of Takuro in 6.0))
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(( backdated to Dec. 24 - yes, I am that late. sorry for the belated/closed post ;w; ))

Knock♪ Knock♪ [ Room number 306 isn't much of a walk for her (being just down the hall and all), but she's already neglecting to knock. Instead, she'll just announce her presence like so. ] I'm here like you asked. I'm not too late, am I?

[ Don't mind the girl talking to the closed door for a bit. ]

Well, I sure hope I'm at the right door. I was thinking about what you said, about Christmas and all, so we should really celebrate together. I was supposed to come here, right? I wonder if I'm forgetting something important. Sheesh, it's kind of hard! Because what if I'm remembering things while I'm here too. A never-ending loop of forgetting things. That doesn't seem fair, does it?

Oh! [ Perking up, she holds up a gift bag with lots of red and white tissue paper. ] I got a gift too! That was part of the agreement, right? Wait no, I think I just saw a sign that said I was supposed to get a gift for my friend. I hope you like it♪
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I'd like to ask a question out of curiosity. To those of you who have gone on expeditions to gather anemoi...have all of the trips you've been on been excessively...strange? I've been on two myself, and the only word I can use to accurately describe both experiences was..."wacky." It's a word I seldom use, but I can think of no better descriptor. And I was wondering if anyone had been on any hunts that did not come across that way.

...At any rate, be careful out in the snow. With the amount of precipitation we're getting right now, conditions can be very hazardous. I don't want to see anybody getting hurt from overconfid--

[At this point, Ky suddenly stops speaking. A series of memories is rushing back to him. Memories from his childhood. Memories of a beautiful woman with a kind smile.

Memories of her lifeless body resting inside a casket.

A sound can be heard as Ky sets his smartphone on his nightstand. Then another as he sits himself down on his bed and pulls out the golden crucifix that hangs around his neck under his clothes. This is all he has left of his mother.]

...So...she lost her life in the war.

[He's completely forgotten that he had the smartphone turned on.]
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WHO: Valvatorez, Joachim, Ky, Kaguya, Ken, and Barnaby
WHAT: All lizards great and small.
WHEN: December 12
WHERE: An abandoned prehistoric village, somewhat familiar.
NOTE: Don't drive like this at home, kids.

Tales of Secret Wizards and Dinosaurs here!

All participants gained 3% worth of Anemoi.
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Who: Ky Kiske and anyone who wants to help
What: Ky is refurbishing an abandoned building into a studio for practicing one's combat techniques and he needs help.
Where: An abandoned building in eastern Sirocco.
When: 12/15
Warnings: Expect some swearing, but nothing worse.

There are a lot of things to do. Holes in the roof need to be patched, walls need to be removed, floorboards need to be replaced, and so on. Feel free to assume work that needs to be done.

Additionally, should characters need a break from the heavy lifting and other manual labor, there's a table with sandwiches and cold drinks by the entrance.
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[Those of you acquainted with Ky may have noticed that he's been spending a lot of time downtown, particularly around a specific building. This building looks like it hasn't been used in years, and he's been both inside it and all around it.

In reality, the building belongs to him now. For a while, he'd been double-checking the structural integrity of the building and making notes on what all needed to be fixed up.

Then, today, a series of flyers went up on various bulletin boards around the city:]

Help Wanted
Building Repair and Refurbishing
Payment Offered
Call Ky Kiske at ***-***-****

[Feel free to catch him around or call him.]


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