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[The feed's a little jerky, and there's a sound from below, like Ken's hitting something periodically with his feet.]

I regained another memory today. It's mysterious, how out of order recall seems. My parents' names and faces are still unclear.

But I remembered something from my daily life! I'm a striker for the local soccer club. That's a position that mostly handles offense. Wormmon's never seen me play, but he says he'd heard I was pretty good!

Did anyone else used to play a sport?

[He actually sounds like he's almost laughing.

For those in the general area of the Ermis Suites, Ken's in the park across the way, kicking a soccer ball around with Wormmon and generally having a good ole time. He has a hobby! He has a hobby and a nice, normal life somewhere!]

[[ooc: Ken finally redeemed some of his cave adventure anemoi! 1% on his soccer club. Thread made for Yuta, but all are welcome~]]
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[The feed turns on to reveal a broad-shouldered young man with blue hair and a headband, and what appears to be a cape and a shoulder plate -- but the camera doesn't show that much in full. He has a quizzical look on his face.]

Hey, it works. Can anyone hear me? I'm looking for directions to the Ermis Suites. The people at the workshop told me I'm living there now, but they didn't give me directions and whisked me out before I could ask. If you can hear this, can you tell me how to get there?


[Eventually, once Ike reaches the Ermis Suites, he decides to go get some food. So he can be seen inside the restaurant on the first floor, eating...one hell of a spread. There must be enough servings to feed two or three people there. And a disproportionate amount of the food on the table is meat.

And he's plowing through it at a good clip.]
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[Ken and Wormmon have decided to retrieve the fallen wedding ring from the sewer! Wormmon climbed down on in and successfully located the missing item, swept a bit down the pipe.

Except now Ken is kneeling, as if prepared to climb in himself. From a ways away comes a plaintive cry:]


fourth hop

Jan. 7th, 2012 02:55 pm
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Cut for childhood trauma. )


[Huh, looks like Barnaby's been a little busy. There's something...different about him today, though. It's like he just remembered something particularly unpleasant, something that may destroy him, if given enough time.

He's also just finished drawing something. He's holding a piece of paper in his hand, studying it like he's searching for something in it.

It's a while before he speaks, his attention turning to the PDA.]

Does anyone know what this is?

[He holds up the piece of paper. It has this symbol on it, though a few details are slightly off. Hey, he's working from memory here.]

I'd appreciate it if anyone could tell me anything about this.
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WHO: Tsuruya, Ruby, Ken, Rosalia, Barnaby, Jaime, and anybody else who wants to be in pictures
WHAT: Let's motivate some kids!
WHEN: January 5
WARNING: Bad acting is inevitable.

Do you like bad student films? )
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Because of the moon falling, Mokona's a little late with the job board this time! For everyone new, this is Mokona's job. Mokona finds out "irregular" things that people want done and then tells everybody else. Some of them are hard, but some of them are things that everyone can do.

Helping People Jobs

- There's a lot of snow around now! It's not very exciting, but we need people to sweep it up off the sidewalks and driveways. We also need people to sweep it off roofs so they don't fall in, which is a little more exciting, but easier to get hurt doing.

- Someone's wedding ring fell in the sewer! Pretty gross, huh? Anyway, they need someone small with a bad sense of smell to go in and get it for them. Most of the drains where it might be are big enough for someone short to stand up in, but anyone big would have to crawl. If you really need money, you can do it, but it could be really gross.

Scary Jobs

- The bears were getting pretty worked up a while back. A few of them even chased a boy up a tree. It's cold enough for bears to start going to sleep, which is good. But one of them decided that the best place to sleep in the winter is Farmer Murphy's goat shed, which isn't so good, because now the goats are too scared to go inside.

- A gang of peg-legged penguins with swords came and stole Mr. Yamanaka's beautiful prize tropical fish. He wants his fish back and the thieves punished. This might be a job for the "heroes" but he's worried enough about his fish that he's okay with going "freelance".

Big Jobs

- We really are getting a lot of weird monsters around! Someone in town wants to put together a helpful book about them, but some of them are trouble and she says she's too busy to do everything herself.

There's a lot of monsters and animals, so the pay depends on how much "info" you can bring back.
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Did--did anyone else remember something like that?! The...the being here and having our memories, I mean. Before getting knocked out by Clock--uh, a blue ghost in a purple cape, and then waking up like this later?

[Danny sighs and looks down for a moment.]

I don't get it, though. He's a good guy--he helped me save my friends back home! I don't understand why he'd do something like this to us. Although, I guess, I don't understand any of what's going on any more... None of this makes any sense, either what's going on here, or what happened back home!

((OOC: 2% on remembering Clockwork knocking him out before his amnesia set in. 0.4% on Sam and Tucker's ecto-acne, and Clockwork allowing him to go back in time to change it. 8.9% total memory regain. 7.1% remaining.))

Final Day

Dec. 31st, 2011 11:54 pm
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The moon is officially taking up more room than the sky. The words "crash course" has never been more ideal to describe a situation. And no, seriously guys, as far as I know, the word Majora was just made up yesterday, I swear.

With a gigantic Moon of Damocles above your head... what will you do with your last ten minutes?

((Mention in bold at the top of your post what time your comment starts. Yes, something will happen at midnight. Maybe later, depending on how much attention I'm paying!))
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cut for memory regain and brooding )

[What on Earth is Ken carrying around the apartment building? Whatever it is, it seems quite happy in his arms, and is listening to a rather excited Ken give a rather meager tour.]

...and the elevator is here, Wormmon, if we ever get separated. Ask someone for help if you can't reach the button.

[[ooc: 3% holiday regain + 2% hail regain = 5% spent on remembering Wormmon & that they're partners (but nothing about their adventures or the Digital World). Wormmon's memory has also been wiped.]]
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Ichijouji, you were right. I remember my full name now. It's Yuta Takizawa.

There was some other stuff, too. I lived in Saitama with my parents and my dad worked at a bank. I don't remember why, but I moved in with my grandparents when I was eight.

[...This actually bothers him a bit - what circumstances would make his parents leave him in the care of his grandparents? Still, he pauses only a fraction of a second before he continues.]

Everything else is just ordinary, day to day things. School, home life; things like that.

Is it normally this easy? Nothing's distinct, but I feel like I've remembered plenty about my life already.

((OOC: 5% poured into mundane memories of life before the series and during the time skip, sans plot-related details.))
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So let me get this straight.

The government here is hiring amnesiacs - some of which are kids - until we can earn back our memories. I don't know why, but something about this just sounds really sketchy to me.

[Just arrived and already breaking out the sarcasm! Clearly this kid is a real gem.]

Anyway, I'm new here, and there are some rocks falling from the sky. Could somebody help me get to the apartments without getting pelted too much by it? It doesn't look too heavy right now, but I don't think I want to risk it. I'm already suffering from memory loss, so there's no need to make it worse.


Dec. 22nd, 2011 09:41 am
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its hailing brain rocks out and they fucking hurt
im going to invest in a hardhat

totally different subject now
theres no one here who likes puppets right
please tell me there isnt

[1% spent on this and the events leading directly up to it. 2% just hanging around.]
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WHO: Valvatorez, Joachim, Ky, Kaguya, Ken, and Barnaby
WHAT: All lizards great and small.
WHEN: December 12
WHERE: An abandoned prehistoric village, somewhat familiar.
NOTE: Don't drive like this at home, kids.

Tales of Secret Wizards and Dinosaurs here!

All participants gained 3% worth of Anemoi.
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[Ken is making a post to the network! (On purpose and everything.) And what's more, he honestly looks happy. Maybe even relieved.]

Everyone, thank you. I'm truly grateful for all of the help I've received.

I'd like to introduce myself to you all again. Good afternoon.

My name is Ichijouji Ken. I'm eleven years old.

And I think.....

[He pauses. He didn't get that many memories back, after all: so this part is hazy, just a snapshot of a hallway, footsteps moving down it: his footsteps. A hand puts a key in a door: his hand. A sign by the door labels it as apartment 303 - "Ichijouji".

An apartment with a name on the door. A place he lives. What kind of place? He doesn't remember. But he can't have lived there all alone.]

....I think....I have a family.

[[First AC regain - 1% spent on surname and age, as remembered by staring at the address plaque outside his apartment.]]
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Christmas comes a little early this year. )


A DAUGHTER! Hey everybody! I just remembered! I have a daughter! Her name's Kaede, and she's the sweetest, most wonderful little girl ever! Well, I'm sure she is, anyway, since she's my daughter, but I can't remember everything yet. I guess that just means I gotta try and remember more stuff, right? Ah, if I only had a photo, I'd show her off! Isn't that a great memory?

((OOC: 1% on Kaede. It's about damn time.))
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Yo peeps! So Ruby and I, we were thinkings maybe we could do that film that the teacher wanted for her kids! But we're gonna need more actors, so if anybody wants to help inspire some youth, come and join us! It'll be fun, I promise!


Yo ho, Kyon! I gots some tickets to a megas awesome sounding comedy flick, wanna join me? We can get something to eat afterwards! I kinda wanted to talk to you about something I remembered anyway; I think it'd have more meaning for you than anybody else around here.


Hey, Koizumi! I remembered something megas neat! Wanna meet me in the restaurant for something to drink? I wanna see if it helps you out at all!

((OOC: 4% on remembering the SOS Brigade, and everybody in it -- and also her inklings about it.))
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[The video clicks on, and is dark for a moment until it's adjusted right. Terezi is visible for a few moments, contemplating it the screen. She's in the shadow of a building, out among the streets.

Then, she holds up a piece of paper to the screen.

Can anyone read this?

[It's upside down.

She brings the paper back down. She reaches to turn off the feed, then stops, and sniffs at the paper. And licks it, experimentally.

She brings the paper back up to the screen. This time, it's the right direction. "Ermis Suites, Room 418".

third hop

Dec. 10th, 2011 01:39 pm
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[So Barnaby recently decided that since he's got himself a roommate, he should probably learn how to cook. He bought recipe books the other day, though for some reason, he's attracted to the fried rice recipes (as well as beef stroganoff and cabbage rolls), and just yesterday got the needed ingredients.

...so far, his attempt at cooking is not going so well, judging from the fact that there's a bit of wreckage in the kitchen. Like, say, a hole in the wall, and a broken jar.

And the perpetrator is already standing up, trying to get his bearings as he's glowing blue and adding up the cost in his head and wondering just how he's going to be able to pay for this. That, and he needs to find a way to keep this new power of his in check.]


[After the blue glow fades and he's sure he can't accidentally wreck something, he picks up the PDA and addresses the network.]

I have a question. Say you, ah, remembered that you have a particularly powerful ability at the wrong moment, and you activated your power by accident. What would you do if you accidentally destroyed part of your wall in the process?
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[The video screen's fuzzy for a moment, then sharpens to - a jerky shot of the buildings and streets surrounding the lab. Someone doesn't know his feed is on.]


[A crinkling of paper as he consults some written instructions.]

Ermis Suites....Ermis Suites....

[If you're in the area, there's a boy with a rather blank expression on his face looking around in total confusion. He's distracted enough, both by looking for the building and by his own thoughts, that he might walk towards the road - or other pedestrians - without seeing them there.]


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