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Okay, so...I've been keeping a close eye on Vriska ever since she had us play that 'game' a while ago. She hasn't really done anything since--she's actually kind of boring when she's not 'playing games'--but earlier today, I noticed some, uh, stuff showing up in her room.

[Danny moves the camera away from himself and focuses it on a pile of glittering space riches. A seemingly neverending supply of old, gems, jewelery, and, uh, broken eight balls too, I guess?]

It just...popped in outta nowhere. And I don't know what she's going to do with it, exactly, but she's offered anemoi before, and we all know how that ended... She might be planning something with this stuff, too, and I don't know about you guys, but I think it'd be a pretty good idea to stop it now before she actually does anything again!

((OOC: 0.8% on Shades of Gray, 0.8% on Pirate Radio, 0.4% on Fright Knight. 6.5% total memory regain, 4.5% remaining.))

Second Card

Dec. 5th, 2011 09:06 am
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[The feed starts up with a shot of a bear in a cage being loaded onto a truck. Said bear is not moving - or at least, not that can be picked up from this distance. After a moment it will switch over to Kousuke.]

Took care of the bear problem. We're going to release him beyond the boarder-

[And for a second there, Kousuke trails off, zoning out completely. But only for a second.]

What the hell was I doing in a bear pit?!

((OOC: 4% on misc. weaponry knowledge, 1% on jumping into the bear pit to save a girl.))

3% gain

Nov. 30th, 2011 08:49 pm
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Okay, look. I gave that lab anemoi like they told me to. And I still don't understand how it works, but I guess I did remember a few things, and some of them were about those creatures. Unfortunately, even with everything I remember I don't... honestly know a lot about them. But I can give a few details here and there.

I don't... know why they exist. In my world. There doesn't seem to be a reason for it. But I guess I can't really deny they exist at this point.

[TEXT; TO arachnidsGrip]

You set us up. If you're trying to create new memories, congratulations, because I'm not going to forget that.

((OOC: 3% on the Onis, and some of the iconic moments in his own dealings with them that recur between game versions.))


*For everybody else, Hiroshi seems to have hit the library even harder now, and is reading just damn well everything he can about monsters and creatures. Well. That's a shift.*
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Who: Danny, Kousuke, Hiroshi, Palom, Vriska
What: A Gygaxian GM traps a bunch of kids in a mansion with a horrible monster stalking them. Hilarity fails to ensue.
Anemoi: 3% to everyone but Vriska.

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This is the time of year when everyone starts preparing for winter and making lots of good food, which means it's a time when extra jobs start to appear.

Helping People Jobs

- Ms. Li at Sirocco Elementary wants someone to make an inspirational film for her students. She'll lend out the equipment if nobody has any. This is a job for a lot of people, so let's all team up!

- It's getting to be time for winter, and that means it's time for winter fashion! The person in charge of K K Ace Designs seems to be in a rut and needs some outside help. People good at fashion or inspiration are best for this one, but someone with a good body for modeling might help too.

Scary Jobs

- More and more new monsters have been showing up! There's a few big ones with snappy claws around the far side of the harbor. The kitchen staff want to find out how they taste, so bring one back for us!

- There's a hungry bear foraging around right outside town. It's pretty cute, but if it starts getting into town and into garbage cans and pantries, it could cause a lot of trouble. It's not a very big for a bear, but it's still pretty big.

Big Jobs

- It looks like the new superhero headquarters needs some work done before it's in tip-top super shape! The building's pretty good, but it needs a few more things.

1. Electricity! It's already in the network, so this is mostly about hooking up all the stuff like computers and telephones and extra lights and coffee machines.
2. Security! It should have a sturdy fence, at least, or maybe a wall or a scary dog. EDIT TIME IT'S EDIT TIME~ Booster is afraid of dogs so that last one is no good. DOUBLE EDIT~ IGNORE THE LAST EDIT BECAUSE IT IS A SECRET!
3. Decoration! Nobody wants to work in a drab place, so spruce it up with nice wallpaper and that kind of thing. Some of the furniture isn't too good, so you can scavenge in the ruins for better things.
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So guess what! I've found some anemoi. I didn't even t8ke them all for myself!
Who wants to pl8y a g8me?

I remem8ered a gr8 g8me I used to pl8y when I was younger. If anyone's interested in learning more a8out it, they should let me know, and I'll get a session going.
If that's not enough to pique your curiosity, well, that's why I mentioned those anemoi 8efore. You'll get a 8ig pile of them just for showing up!!!!!!!! It'll all 8e part of the g8me. All you need to do is pl8y along and eng8ge in a little friendly cultural exch8nge.

Do I have any t8kers?

[Mission recruitment!
-What: Playing a rousing game of FLARP with Vriska as the gamemaster. FLARP is not a nice game.
-Genre: Survival horror, adventure. Expect less fighting and more puzzle solving and hiding.
-Power level: Low. Ultra-powerful characters not recommended, no powers required at all. Young characters a plus.
-When: Some time in the next week or so.
-Hiroshi: Should get in on this.

Finally a mission for you people who aren't insane badasses. Let's get this shit organized!]
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[Dave went ahead and spent the anemoi he got from the turtle king, but didn't share what he remembered. Whatever it was, it's left him awfully busy, as you swear you're seeing Dave everywhere. It seems like there would have to be at least four or five of him around to do everything he's doing. Shirou, Rin and Vriska may actually remember seeing a second Dave briefly appear to cover the main Dave while they were out anemoi hunting.

Regardless, Dave just ran into you and is looking confused.]

Shit, is this the first time I've run into you today?

[1% spent on how to time travel. 1% spent on how the Alpha Timeline and Offshoot Timelines work. 1% remaining.]


Nov. 15th, 2011 09:52 pm
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Hello again, humans!
Know what's 8oring as hell? Living in a lawnring full of total freaking str8ngers, that's what!
That's why I decided that we should all h8ng out and watch some of your terri8le human movies in some sort of human movie party!!!!!!!!
I picked this one out totally randomly to watch. I guess it's called "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"???????? Which is a really dum8 n8me for a movie, but hey! May8e there's a chance that the entire thing won't be awful. May8e there's some kind of tall, rugged manly human in it that I don't c8re about. I don't know anything about this stuff.

So who wants to do this thing?

[[1% spend on Street tough maverick with nothing to lose. She doesn't let many people into her room, but it's spending the next few weeks slowly getting populated with some fangirl tribute graffiti.]]

[So! Not sure on a time for this, but my tenative suggestion is Sunday, November 20th, some time in the latter half of the day. Feel free to suggest other times in the area, but I can't do Saturday.

Also a question is what format to use! This was questioned in the planning post, so let's discuss options:

LIVESTREAM: Easy to sync up! Only one person has to have the movie! Built-in chatroom!
AIM: Everyone has it! Easy to use! Everyone has to get the movie.
IRC: Same as AIM, but we can change our names and do /me action commands! Not everyone likes IRC.

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Okay, so. I just remembered some more stuff and...I think I was a--a superhero back home! Or, uh, something like that.

Wow, this sounds ridiculous.

I mean...I don't know what else you'd call flying around beating up bad guys with green energy beams. [Danny shifts, his gaze moving to the corner of the room off-screen. He fidgets and looks significantly more awkward than a supposed superhero ought to be.] Not like that makes it any less weird. Dead people beating up bad guys is always going to be weird.

So! Uh...does anyone else come from a place where superheroes aren't totally fictional, or is it just me?

((OOC: 1% on fighting mooks and bad guys throughout Reign Storm, as well as public perception of him afterwards. 3.5% remaining, 4.5% total memory regain.
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I've recovered more of my memories, and they've given me much to think about. However, in addition to memories of my personal life, I've also recalled some more techniques for fighting.

Thinking about locations to practice, though, gave me an idea. What I, and I'm sure many of you, might benefit from is a specific place where we can practice the techniques that we've learned and remembered in our time here. A place like the park certainly has open space, but it isn't intended for practicing martial arts.

What I'm proposing is that a small group of us pool our money together, buy a building currently for sale, and convert it into a dojo or something similar with the specific purpose of training ourselves in the various styles of combat we know. Would anyone else here be interested in such a proposition?

[Ky has remembered his position as Commander of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights, Ride the Lightning, Sacred Edge, and Greed Sever. 4% spent.]

First Card

Nov. 6th, 2011 02:08 am
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[There's a new face in town! But that's odd -- there haven't been any messages over the communicators. Is this guy just technologically impaired or something?

No... he's definitely checking it regularly, and it doesn't seem to frustrate him too much to look through the posts. So what's the deal?

Well, in any case, if you're close enough to ask that question (or shout it, even) chances are he's realized you're there and giving you a wary look.

Bug him anyway?

[Action; Later]

[Hey Booster! Guess who just barged into your room?]

...Tch. So I've got a roommate?


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