Jun. 26th, 2012 04:10 pm
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Important announcement. Learned much about nanotech infection. Have created stopgap solution!

Have device

[He turns the camera so it focuses on something that looks like a big spike about a foot and a half long with a box about the size of a paperback book stuck on the blunt end.]

Should deliver current that disrupts nanites. Only problem, no effective method of delivery. Have to do it manually. Close quarters, dangerous, but should incapacitate EVO as long as battery holds out.
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Well, it seems Ky was right.

There's no reason in keeping it secret now. I worked for about two years at a classified, government-contracted research facility in the middle of the New Mexico desert. Black Mesa. Seems it's no coincidence that I started conducting anemoi research here so quickly; that's almost exactly what I was up to over there too! Anomalous materials research! It's almost as though I walked right out of that lab, and into this one!

Now I'm starting to wonder... is that it? Is this really ALL I have to remember? 'Cuz it could be. Those monsters I recognize could've just been escaped experiments. Everything ties together. I even threw more Anemoi into the refraction-coding analyzer to make sure and all I get are a little things, minutia, friends, co-workers, locker combination, spectroscopy settings, how many times I fried the microwave in the break room, the history of the company, stupid stories about Aperture and the stunts they used to pull before they... well... nothing huge and important, anyway.

I guess I could live with this... It'd be a relief to not have anything else to remember.

[It doesn't look like a relief. In fact he seems to be staring into the far distance more than the camera. Something about this is still not sitting right with him, and it shows.]

[2% on life at Black Mesa, 1% on general lore and propaganda about Aperture Science, 1% on friends and colleagues.]
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[The video feed shows a very disgusted-looking Ky. Something is sitting very poorly with him.]

I know for certain that these memories can't be mine. I remember a facility, deep below the New Mexico desert...a scientific research facility. A gigantic one; odds are good that these memories contain only a fraction of what's within. And the procedures...ugh, I barely even want to talk about them.

Let me just say that scenes such as this make me glad that the United Nations in my world has banned the further pursuit of physical science. Practices such as this should be thoroughly condemned.
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Backdated to May 30th please!

Hey guess what everyone? Today's my birthday! [ Kaguya seems so pleased by this. ] I don't know how old I am, but it's another year on my belt. Er, wait, I don't wear a belt. Another year on my dress then!

[ Oh, but that's not all. ]

I also learned that you're not allowed to guy into a guy's room in the morning or the evening. [ This is a shocking revelation to her for numerous reasons. ] Shirou never really did explain why that was, but it has something to do with bumping his head against something. Oh! I do have an important message for you, Shirou! You can't take that cloth off of your arm because of um, what was it again? Well, I'm sure you know why, but you better just not do it!

[ Kaguya's bummed Ilya's memories for the event. So not only does she steal her birthday, she steals this scene as well! ]


May. 29th, 2012 11:14 am
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Memories not being unlocked from mind, actually downloaded into brain. Remembering things happening to other people. Only explanation. Should organize, find who has who's past.

Remember being human, fighting with electrified sword. Defeating human appearing woman with wings. A threat, enemy of mankind. Gave mercy, did not kill her, sent her into hiding. Sound familiar to anyone?
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Ah, hello! I was wondering if anybody else was having some odd memories. Only I just remembered now that I had a second... shall we say "apprentice" of sorts, but it does not truly make a lot of sense. One is a mouse, one is a cat. Surely the two would clash, would they not? Or is that just a silly myth? Oh, I simply haven't been the same since that strange device seemed to rush into me.
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Hello - I would like to make a small request. Those of you going out into the field for combat, if you are beset by hostile creatures and fell them - If it isn't too dangerous, or too difficult, could you bring back the body? I would like to be able to analyze the body structure and what native weaponry it has so that I can properly document it for future reference.


May. 1st, 2012 03:09 am
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Well, if I can tell one person, I might as well come right out with it and tell the rest of you!


I'm gay! That's all!

...That really was a weight off my chest. I should have done it weeks ago!
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...I feel compelled to speak. I don't know why, but I do.

I remembered something else. I watched...I watched my mentor die. He fell in battle, to a sworn enemy. I challenged her upon his fall, but I lost.

If...anyone would like to see me, I will be in my apartment.
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*Something's been niggling a bit at Ran recently. A memory. She wonders if this is the hole she's been feeling, the missing piece of herself.

She had a shikigami. A servant, although she feels as though she was more than that, in an odd sort of way. She's not sure anybody here would really understand. But ever since she had the memory, she's felt a longing, the urge to fill that missing space. Temporarily, at least. She cannot imagine anything would ever replace the child in her memory.

She passes by the pet store, and pauses.

About an hour later, she emerges, now with a cat and a bunch of cat supplies. Uh oh, she's not gonna become one of THOSE types of women, is she?*

((1% on Cheee -- *smacks the jukebox* -- en.))
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[The library. Again. Rudolph is peering at the screen with a serious expression]

Well - I figured out why I have the skills that I do. Or rather I remembered why. It seems besides my medical practice and research that -

[The man takes a breath]

I am a hunter of dark creatures such as Vampires and Malignant Therianthropes. I do not remember why, but only that it was extremely dangerous and had many close -

[There's a crash off-screen]

What in Ezra's name...?

(1% on remembering vampire hunting career, 1% on remembering Lambordia)
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*The park is a scene of chaos today! A man in a fox suit cackles madly! With... a lot of confused animals milling about.*

"TODAY! TODAY IS THE DAY THE ANIMALS REVOLT! Fear us, humans! I, The Red Fox, have come to liberate all of animal-kind from the oppressive forces of humanity! Soon, you shall face our wrath! Go, my animal companions!"


"You dare defy me?! I speak for the good of all of us! This is our shining moment! I -- whooooooa! Is that a female fox I see before me? You are a shining beacon of foxiness! What say you and I get together and go wild, eh? We can rule over these humans together!


*From pretty much everywhere in the park, you hear a sound that's something along the lines of "P-chyuuuun!"*


*Ran sits on a picnic blanket, sipping tea peacefully. There's the smell of slightly charred fake fox fur coming from a man sitting rather sheepishly nearby, nursing a cup of tea.*

Now, see? Isn't it much better to act civil?
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It's been a while since I remembered anything useful--[ A pause to consider if she should tell people what she's learned in between now and then. ]--but today is different! Well, I'm not sure if this is a good day to say it because I'm told only a fool would believe anything today, but that's alright. I'm just so excited I have to get it out!

[ Placing the phone down on a desk, she steps back and attempts to twirl around in excitement. Losing her balance, she stumbles around a bit before giving the grand announcement: ]

I'm a princess! [ Ta-da! ] Isn't that cool♪ Apparently the world I rule over is called Kagura Amahara. That's right, I'm no ordinary princess! Most princesses have a kingdom, but I have an entire world. It doesn't make any sense because how can I fight if I'm a princess?

Oh! Maybe I'm some kind of stand-in princess. Like a double! [ She'll laugh as she moves to pick up the device again. ] Pretending to be the princess so whenever some assassin comes up, BAM! I get them instead! Isn't that cooler instead?
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[Somehow Scrooge managed to take most of that money himself to a recycling dump. Much to his dismay - what would be considered an incredible fortune comes down to... $2500 in scrap. Well if he made the original money, he can do it again!]


Well lads and lasses - I got a business proposition fer ye. I'm lookin' to survey the local mountains and locations of known mines fer anythin' worth prospectin'. While I don't have any anemoi to spare, I am willin' to pay for hard workers and those who know their way around a sticky situation.

[He chuckles, looking as giddy as a schoolboy... duckling?]

Whatever anemoi ye happen to find, finders keepers.

Now is there anyone with a sense of adventure and ambition willin' to take a chance?

((ooc: ooc recruitment here.))
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*By theory, maybe she should be more concerned about the giant green snake blocking entrance to the one place designed to process memories. But she can't help but find herself fascinated by these strange new manmade shikigamis sitting in the lobby. In fact, if you run into her, she's standing by them, a couple bags of various berries and fruits with her, trying to figure out the approximate process of getting them to work by looking at the diagrams.*

Okay, so I just need to... and then to... Well, that seems straightforward enough!
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[It's evening on March 14. Ky is in full-on Order uniform, which has just been washed, and is looking sharper than normal. He's also waiting outside a nice restaurant.

If you're Kaguya, he's waiting for you. But if not, and you happen to be in the area, feel free to chat him up while he waits!]
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[ Satan seems to be sitting in a coffee table when she starts recording this. She seems somewhat amused as she's enjoying her nice drink. ]

I was remembering some things, from my world and here, which amused me to no end. Tell me, how do you imagine a demon to be like? Specially the great demon you all fear, it goes by many names.

[ There's a voice in the background, it appears to be yelling something as 'Get back to work' which Satan will use to unleash her anger.

The following is a great amount of anger in phrases like 'You better learn to respect your place, you insolent human' or 'If you dare to raise your voice again you will regret every second of it'

Yup, such violet ways makes the feed to end. ]
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[Audio -- Filtered from Kaguya]

I'm sorry, but I have...a matter that I've been dwelling on for the past three weeks, and I still haven't been able to figure it out. I would appreciate it if someone, particularly someone who is well versed in these sorts of issues, could help me resolve it.

You see, a good friend of mine here...asked me out on a date. On Valentine's Day. One that she seemed to enjoy very much. And due to, er...circumstances regarding said date, I ended up promising her a second date to a location of my choosing.

Thus, I am...trying to sort out my own feelings on this issue. I believe she has feelings for me based on her actions, and I need to determine how I feel about her so I can resolve the matter, one way or another. Would anyone have any advice on what to look for or how to interpret it?

[Audio -- Filtered to Kaguya]

Kaguya, I have found the restaurant I would like to take you to. Is there any particular day that you would like to go?
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[Rudolph had been keeping to the bookshops, the remains of the main library, the more intact branches and what's left of museums since the Onis disappeared, often accompanied by a certain young man, pouring over what they can find, jotting notes and obviously discussing Important Things.

After a while, Rudolph Van Richten can be seen on the phones, while Hiroshi can be seen in the background examining the spines of books]

Ah, Good Afternoon - this is Dr. Van Richten, could you kindly do Hiroshi and myself a favor? We were going over the libraries and museums of Sirocco and found many of them very lacking in information about the various beasts we've seen.

What I would like is that those who do remember these monsters - could you be so kind as to come to the 2nd Library Branch and consent to an interview?


[You're here for the interview. Van Richten can be seen sitting at one of the larger tables with pen and paper ready. Several books are on the table. Hiroshi is nearby with a few books open, going from one to another, and occasionally can be seen furiously scribbling something down - occasionally pausing to stare at something in disbelief before continuing on.

Do you speak to the Doctor, or the Student?]

((ooc: for the record. Rudolph has 1% on lockpick, 1% on Draconic language, 1% on hide-in-shadows, 1% on detecting traps, and 1% on the Ezra faith, so 6% total regain.

State in the subject line if you want to talk with Hiroshi or Rudolph as this is a joint post))
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*Despite being a fox, she remembers where the combat training center is, and decides to take advantage of this. A new memory has come back, and she needs to make sure that she remembers it properly, lest the memory be worthless.

The room is large, which is perfect; she needs a lot of space. She pulls out the deck of cards she'd found in her room a while back and, pulling a single card out of the deck, closes her eyes -- and then holds it in front of her.*

Shikigami "Banquet of 12 General Gods."

*She sends out her shikigamis, and an absolutely jaw-droppingly gorgeous yet intimidating spell is cast out from them, as they begin to simultaneously fire hundreds of magic bullets at once. It is intricate, and one would hate to be in the midst of the maelstrom, although the way the bullets barely damage the surrounding building indicate a deliberate lack of lethality.

At length, the spell finishes. Ran puts the deck away -- and then looks down at the six paper dolls which had simply fluttered to the ground rather than join the formation.*

Why... why is it so much weaker than it should be? What is this power I am missing?

((OOC: 1% on Ran's spellcards. But without Yukari's power boosting, they're about half as strong as they ought to be.))


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