Oct. 12th, 2011 05:18 pm
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Now that I remember my full name, I can properly introduce myself.

Hey there fellow amnesiacs, I'm Dr. Kurosaki Isshin. Once I remember what I'm a Doctor OF, I'll be in business!

[1% spent on his full name and that he's a doctor of some sort.]

02 | audio

Oct. 10th, 2011 02:09 pm
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[There's the sudden sound of angry dogs - sounds like Jaime'd just gotten in a fight with one and LOST - before Jaime grabs the phone:] Sorry about that. One of the guys here kinda wouldn't take no for an answer.

But um... I have to ask since it sounds like some of us're slowly getting our memories back. Have you guys ever remembered something as weird as a girl just magically appearing out of nowhere? Seriously, she was hot, but she was on my car! My car that I'd fixed all by myself and she wanted me and my best friend to help her out with something.

Excluding the fact that I have a cool best friend who'll help me repair cars, I'm not really sure what to think. I mean, most people just can't appear from thin air... right?

[ooc | Jaime's regained 1% of his memories: mainly, how Paco's his best friend and his ability to repair cars. He also remembers how he met his canon girlfriend, Traci 13, but... not that they're dating.]
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You know, I thought that getting a job here in town would be a way easier of way of getting those gems than wandering around in the wilderness and hoping to get lucky, but now that I'm actually looking into it, I've realized something.

I have no idea what kind of qualifications I have.

001 ☆

Oct. 6th, 2011 04:34 pm
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[The video feed turns on to show a young teenage brunette, pouting angrily.]

This is ridiculous.

Anyway! If any of you guys know the name ‘Haruhi’ in any way, report to me immediately. I will accept no excuses. [She hesitates, but then gives a smirk-] But for those who do remember something, if you’re an alien, time traveler, or esper – or even anything amazing or super-cool, report as well!

… And I suppose everyone else should just introduce themselves.

That is all. [After a few seconds, the feed shuts off.]
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What would you do if you aren't the person you thought you'd be at all?


((OOC: 0.9% on part of 'Million-Dollar Ghost' and 0.5% on 'Prisoners of Love.' 1.4% total memory regained. 0.6% remaining. SHut up, I didn't edit the memory regain after I posted this, you saw NOTHING.))

001 - Video

Oct. 3rd, 2011 04:37 pm
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[If you're watching this video, you'll see a white haired guy with a big goofy grin on his face, lounging on the couch in his suite, a mug of beer in hand.]

Okay, so let me get this straight. We were all brought here from wherever we all come from, which we don't remember, in order to help this lame city that can't keep itself populated. We're given a job just like that and all we have to do is fight monsters or whatever, and doing so will help us find gems that give us our memories back? This is so dumb, but whatever! At least there are fun things to do in the city, and I, the Awesome Gilbert, am good at fighting!

Also I have this whole apartment suite to myself! Sweet! Sucks to be you, losers who have to share!!! Kesesesese!!!!!!
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[It was no surprise to anyone, least of all himself, to find that he was perfectly at home within a library. He had spent most of his time there, reading up on various subjects to try and trigger some memories. When he finally remembered something, it was bittersweet at best - he was a mage, and supposedly an adept one, but how to actually cast was still beyond his reach.

Going out on hunts with the others would have to wait. In the meanwhile, it might not hurt to find employment... and what better place than where he was currently sitting?]

Ha... if magic is supposed to be my forte, why is it I cannot remember how?

[He's currently off for the afternoon, which means... nope, he's still going to be in the library, patrolling shelves, looking for books. He's found a few he recognizes as magical theory, but nothing has triggered anything.]
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[As Lawfer is heading back to his room one day after idly spending an afternoon doing nothing in particular, he stops dead in his tracks right in the middle of the 3rd floor hallway.  The shout is probably loud enough to be heard by anyone in their rooms.]

I'm... dead?!

I have a theory to propose about the truth behind this place.  It is the world of spirits.  We are each of us deceased, awaiting the judgment of Hel.  ...Tell me why I am wrong.
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[The amusement park had been fantastic! Jaime didn't exactly know why he felt like a little kid amongst all the other people, but he'd felt right at home with the bumper cars and the ring-tosses and had even managed to come home with a couple of prizes. Except in retrospect, taking home a giant stuffed beetle may have not been the best option.

Cue Jaime attempting to take it out of the apartments... except it's a little unwieldy, even for him, especially since this thing's like five feet tall. Even for a "cute" stuffed beetle, it had its limits. Although Jaime plans on taking it to the local orphanage/shelter/goodwill, he didn't really bother to go look for a map before he left...

So he might be wandering all over town with this ridiculously oversized giant stuffed beetle that nearly blocks his face. Good grief, maybe he should've thought this one through.]

[AUDIO, made after the initial trek]

Hey guys. Sounds like most of us're in the same boat, so I'm going to outright admit that I'm one of y'all. Anyone planning on grabbing some anemoi anytime soon? I wanted to go explore and look, but I don't feel like doing it by myself.

If you want to meet me, just let me know! The more, the merrier, right? Oh right... I'm Jaime! I hope I'll see you guys around soon.
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Hey, uh. Did anybody else remember anything?


The very first memories I get are of a pet cat. Then, THAT SAME DAY, said cat shows up in my apartment. "Coincidence" doesn't even begin to cover this. This had to have been deliberate. They thought I'd need these memories so I could take care of the cat without confusing him by calling him another name.

...Or I could just be overthinking it. I do seem like I have that tendency.

[Kyon is in the living room of his and Danny's apartment. A calico is perched on his lap and purring contentedly as Kyon strokes him.]

Oh. Whoops. One more thing.

...I wonder if me forgetting that was just a lapse in short-term memory or this place at work.

No. Wait. Stop. Okay. I'm just. Making myself paranoid now.

[Audio - Filtered to Danny]

Hey, Danny? You...won't have a problem with a cat in our apartment, will you?


Sep. 26th, 2011 09:35 pm
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[Salu, like everyone else in the city, didn't remember anything: who she was, where she came from, just her name. Which was, to say the least, mildly upsetting.

There were probably sensible ways of fixing this, but screw sensible. Sensible didn't get anything done. She was going to take a teleporter out 'cause she heard anemoi was out there, find some, get back to the city, and start remembering. And if anything got in her way she was going to beat it. With a large stick or whatever.

This was probably a stupid idea. Part of her recognized this. She didn't really care. Maybe she used to be more patient, reserved, calm, but there was only one way to find out. Which is why she was about to step into a teleporter and head out to who knew where.]


Sep. 25th, 2011 07:26 pm
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[When he makes the post, Valvatorez is standing on top of the ferris wheel, cape blowing dramatically in the wind, overlooking the city of Scirocco, at night.]

[Hey, even if you have no memories, some habits are built into the blood.]

It would appear that I have lost all my memories and been transported here. It would also appear that I'm far from the first person this has happened to.

However! I'm not going to let something this mundane get me down. What's the point? The problem won't go away just because I'm fretting about it. Therefore instead of wasting my time contemplating my dilemma, I shall introduce myself!

I am Valvatorez.


You know, introductions have a lot less impact when you don't remember anything other than your name.
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[Carnivals!  Roller coasters!  Cotton candy!  Exposure to too many foreign sights was overwhelming his brain; though Lawfer assumed it had something to do with the memory loss at first, careful observation of the others' reactions to the spectacles convinced him otherwise.  'Theme park' wasn't even in his vocabulary; asking someone to define it for him had resulted in nothing more than a brief spurt of laughter.

Either he had lost far more memory than the others, or he was simply from a vastly different place.  Either way, though he could grudgingly admit the park was enjoyable at some points, it was far too much to handle in a single day.  He looked forward to the comfort of a bed and a cold bath.]

[A: The first challenge: the elevator.  Anyone walking into the lobby will find a man pulling at two stubborn doors that refuse to budge, despite being assured that they would lead straight to his room on the 3rd floor.  He could only imagine that the stairs were behind them.  If only they would open.  Banging, kicking, and trying to force them apart with all his might leads only to strained shoulder muscles.]

I have clearly been directed to the wrong location.  Where are the rooms I have been assigned?

[B: The second challenge.  At some point, a wild yell will be heard from Lawfer's room, after which he barrels out the door as quickly as possible.]

Demons!  Demons!  Inside a box!  Do you hear their voices?!  The room is accursed!  Quickly, call for an exorcist, a priest; they may take material form at any moment!

[Astute listeners will notice that the television is on.]

[C: The third challenge.  After the business with the demon-possessed television is cleared up, Lawfer will be knocking at your door, largely devoid of clothes, and well... Let's say medieval knights don't usually shower that often.]

My apologies for the intrusion, but I cannot locate the communal bathing area.  Where is the well from which the water is drawn?
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[A man with curly white hair and bored-looking eyes, wearing a white kimono hanging off one shoulder and black high-collar shirt and black pants and boots, leaves the Lab with his new smartphone, fiddling with it and turning it on when all of the sudden--]

. . .

I can smell dog breath.

Why do I smell-- Oh, my head's inside of something's mouth. That would explain the lack of light, and also the teeth digging into my shoulders.

Wait... Why dog breath? Dogs aren't this big. Not even wolves are this big, or this heavy. Eh? What is this? This can't be a dog.

[After another pause, he screams bloody murder.

The connection cuts out.

...But later that same day, Gintoki can be seen running through the theme park, followed close behind by a gigantic 660 pound, 5 1/2 feet tall white fuzzy dog, tongue flying out its mouth and white tail swishing behind it like it's having the best time of its life.

The man is not.]


[He tries hiding behind tents and booths but the thing always finds him, giving a cute little "BARK" whenever he catches up. Gintoki will likely run out of steam after a couple hours and just give up trying to escape, at which point he simply continues wandering the theme park, large dog following behind him like it's afraid to let him out of its sight.

The man seems to be trying out all the games and trying all the food as if searching for something. He stands in front of the rollercoasters and watches people riding them, but doesn't get on, himself.]
. . .

[[ OOC NOTE:: dunno what I was thinking not saying something when I was first posting this haha-- JUST FYI, this big dog is basically a huge...dog in every way, and it has a hobby of eating peoples' heads and arms and things sometimes sort of. You are all its chew toys. The characters in Gintama are never permanently harmed due to it, but if your character is a meatier, stronger type, Sadaharu might play rougher because YOU CAN PUT UP WITH SOME BLOOD LOSS AND DEAL, RIGHT? RIGHT? So, small children and people who can't deal with extremely strong and rowdy pets might want to keep a short physical distance - that doesn't mean you shouldn't tag though~! Gintoki can keep him at bay for ya as long as you keep yer head on.]]
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[This? This is a glowing white-haired boy in a ridiculous jumpsuit riding a roller coaster. He looks pretty apprehensive about it, what with only having just shown up in a strange place with no memories of anything.

But it still looks pretty fun! He thinks. Maybe. Which is why he's riding it in the first place!

Except for when it gets to the top of the first loop-de-loop. When the roller coaster starts coming down again, Danny doesn't. He remains in a seated position, upside-down in mid-air.]

Oh...is the coaster stuck?

[He looks down--or rather, up--at the rest of his body in mid-air.]


Somebody get me DOWN FROM HERE!!!

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[Somewhere nearby, assuming you are in the amusement park, a crash. Suspicious noise to hear in a mysterious magical temporary park, perhaps? But a quick look around just shows an imploded concessions stand.

In the center of it, lying on and partially covered with rubble, shifting very quickly from a bewildered expression to a bored, vaguely annoyed one, is a man.]

...That felt like a landing. I wonder if I was in the air? Nothing seems to be coming back to me...

Hey. You. I have a very important question: did I have to pay for a ticket to be here? I don't seem to have one.

[Let's just play the real things we're wondering about close to the chest.]
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*So there's this girl, see. And she's obviously human, aside from that fang, and that REALLY long green hair. And there's a theme park around, which she megas has to check out, because holy moley, what fun! She's definitely getting into it too, with a silly souvenir hat, and some cotton candy, and all sorts of theme park happiness.

Now maybe you've been looking at all this theme park stuff dubiously. After all, it just sort of appeared, right? But that's not gonna stand.*

Hey, I betcha that's more fun to ride than it is to watch -- but I'm not you, am I? Wanna go on it with me?


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