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You know, I actually remember a few things, back when I was a kid. Anyone here ever heard of Uberwald? It's an old country, with vampires and werewolves and all that, and I'm certain I was born somewhere in its general area. Anyway, does anyone else come from a place like that, where things that go bump in the night are a fact of life?

...also, does anyone know where my roommate went? He just disappeared one day, haven't been able to find any trace of him since.
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[It happens in the middle of a nice, sunny day. Everyone is relaxing, everyone is enjoying themselves. Not Danny, though. Because while he was in his room alone, he remembered a certain something and miraculously, mysteriously transformed into something else. And the second he fully registers the implications of this, he bursts out of his room and runs down the staircase, feeling his heart beating heavy in his chest--beating!

He tears out of the apartments and outside, into the nice weather, and lets loose an unholy scream that can be heard through the phone broadcasts, as well as throughout the entire Ermis Suites and beyond.]


((OOC: Just a precautionary note: Danny's alter ego appearances run on Clark Kenting, so uh. Although it may seem like it, it shouldn't be immediately obvious that Danny in his human form is Danny in his ghost form.

2% on remembering the aftermath of the portal incident, as well as discovering his ghost powers during the first month afterwards. 21.1% total regain, 3.4% remaining.))
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*Whoever's keeping an eye on the green snake dragon issue might notice a certain odd woman with nine tails approaching, humming happily, hauling a sack that would put Santa Claus to shame on her back. She seems to have a distinct purpose here, but what?*

Oh excuse me! Mr. Dragon? Yes, I apologize for bothering you, but I was wondering if perhaps you would like some lovely pastries? I believe the machine called them, ah, "Poffins." They're tasty, and they'll give your scales a nice gleam! May I offer you some?

*Is she off her gourd, or what?*

EDIT: *Apparently not, considering the monster snake has now officially completely stopped blocking the lab. Mission accomplished!*
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[He hadn't been listening to the weather much. In between finding out about his new roommate (oh, great, he'd have to work harder to keep from getting caught) and getting himself a lovely collection of signatures from some random people off the street (as well as their money), he didn't have time to do so.

Then again, it isn't like anyone could have predicted that the sky would rain green slime, of all things, on the one night that he finds trouble trying to get back to his room. And since he didn't find a safe place to wait out the storm in time, let's just say Moist is now more than moist, and his suit has now been ruined.

Oh, look, everyone. There is now what is apparently a green slime monster making its way to the Ermis Suites. Dare attack it?]


[There's a fair bit of background noise on this one before Moist speaks up. One can probably make out the words "bloody hell", "gods-dammit" and other such colorful words and phrases. It was his second-best suit, after all--the best one is the golden suit he'd arrived in that is now in his closet, along with quite a few tools for the amnesiac criminal.

Then, finally...]

Anyone know how to get a rather large amount of green slime off a very expensive suit? And while we're at it, off your...everything else as well? Why would it even be raining green slime in the first place...


Feb. 28th, 2012 10:54 am
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Iroh found his way to the Ermis Suits easily enough. He didn't really have any possessions beyond the clothes on his back and the video phone that he had shoved in his pocket after a cursory examination (He'd look closer at that later.) so moving in wasn't any kind of ordeal. The only thing left to do was meet the neighbors.

So there's a fat, old, balding man wandering about the Ermis Suites with a smile on his face. On running into you, he says "Hello! I'm Iroh...and apparently that's about all I can tell you. I'm still kind of figuring things out here, you see."

Or something to that effect.
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[Either Ike doesn't know about the training center or he doesn't feel he can afford to use it yet, because he's out in the park. He's off the beaten path, in a clear area, wielding a beautiful two-handed sword.

...With one hand.

Other than that, the scene shouldn't look too unusual. The moves that Ike is practicing are all basic sword techniques, because that's all he remembers. Sometimes muscle memory will cause him to do something more complex, but those instances are uncommon.


first con

Feb. 9th, 2012 05:05 pm
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[ACTION; around Sirocco]

[Did anyone notice the sky changing colors for a minute a few hours ago? Well, the reason why is now strolling around town, looking a little lost. And, well, he is. Moist has gotten the explanation, and a room in the Ermis Suites, but this place is completely unfamiliar and he really wants to find a way out.

...which is also why he's itching to pawn something off, starting with that pencil he'd taken earlier. He's got to earn some money, after all, find some way to get off this island and somewhere else. Preferably somewhere far, far away from here, amnesia be damned.

Still, though, as long as he's here, might as well get comfortable. First things first, he needs to find the Ermis Suites.

Time to get some practice in on using the smartphone, then.]


--right, there we go.

Hello? Can anyone direct me to the Ermis Suites, Room 403? I'm a bit lost, as you can probably tell, and I've been wandering for hours.


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