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WHO: Nero, Arturia, and Irisviel
WHAT: Irisviel is going to teach the "twins" how to ride horseback.
WHERE: A farm.
WARNING: Irisviel is teaching Nero and Arturia how to ride a horse. Does this really need any more warning than that?

There's not enough Monty Python jokes in the world.... )
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[ Hello, Anemoi. Look at your device, now back to this video, now back to device, now back to the video. Sadly, it's not your video, but if you stopped a moment to admire Irisviel and her horrible ridding skills, it could be your video.

Look down, now back up. Where is she? She's is the amazing farm with the horse of your dreams. What's in your hand? Back at her. She has it. It's the reins of the horse that you want to ride. Look again. The reins are now screams of excitement and horror from the horse.

Anything is possible when Irisviel is in a farm and not in the city. ]

I'm on a horse!

[ Yes, this is Irisviel attempting to ride a horse at the highest speed possible that it should be illegal. ]

This is so much fun! Everyone should try it. Kyaa! [ She orders the horse to stop for a moment, so she could speak calmly. And secretly, the horse is grateful for this. ]

I remembered the face of a small child being carried in the arms of a man. They were so happy that my hearts feels so warm. I'm looking forward to remember more of it.

[ Ilya's and Kiritsugu's memories are at 1%! ]
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[Hello Anemoi, there is a very serious-looking young woman fiddling with the buttons on her communicator. After a few moments of the natural fumbling that comes from trying to use it for the first time and not realizing the camera is on it rights herself and she gives the camera a small, if flat, smile.]

Ah, hello. My name is Arturia. I've just arrived here? Could someone tell me someplace where I could get something to eat? I seem to be famished.

[She looks at the interface on the screen for a moment, studying it, before realizing she's still being recorded and that she forgot something:]

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

[And she figures out how to turn it off.]

[And once that post and the obligatory wait for replies is through, Arturia herself starts walking through the city, a map she obtained under one arm while she checks the place out. Any landmarks, restaurants, and so on she catalogs in her memory--which she is surprised to find is pretty sharp despite not remembering much beyond her name and the ability to function earlier in the day.

She is not an unusual sight, given she's dressed modestly in a white blouse and blue skirt, but there's a certain rigidity to her, a certain steel, that the observant could notice. Otherwise she is an ordinary, if good looking, young lady.

Who happens to run into your character.]

Excuse me, I'm looking for the Ermis Suites? I was told I have a room waiting for me there, but it's not marked on my map. Could you point me in the right direction?


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