Oct. 7th, 2011 11:41 am
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You know, Mokona isn't the only Mokona in the world, since she grew up with another Mokona! Mokona and Mokona were raised by a guy who lived in a big house and a woman who lived in super cool shop. They liked each other very much, and liked to be drunk and argue almost as much.

Mokona's full name is Mokona Modoki, which means "Mock Mokona". Mokona Modoki is the name of Mokona's friend, too, so there must be other kinds of Mokona we've never met. Since Mokona and the other Mokona are "Modoki", there must be a difference.

Mokona has lots of special tricks, but she hasn't remembered them all yet. Maybe Mokona who are "Modoki" and Mokona who are not "Modoki" can do different things.
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[The video goes on, showing Nura tailor-style seated on terrain (grassy, somewhere nearby), wearing her issued uniform, hair tied up to keep out of her way. She's not injured, nor is she upset, but she has a quizzical look to her face, and she's holding a gold ring with decorated jewels between her thumb and forefinger, which she holds up to the camera.]

So apparently I'm married?
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[As Lawfer is heading back to his room one day after idly spending an afternoon doing nothing in particular, he stops dead in his tracks right in the middle of the 3rd floor hallway.  The shout is probably loud enough to be heard by anyone in their rooms.]

I'm... dead?!

I have a theory to propose about the truth behind this place.  It is the world of spirits.  We are each of us deceased, awaiting the judgment of Hel.  ...Tell me why I am wrong.

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Sep. 27th, 2011 09:45 am
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[Nura. That's her name. ...right? Right. Well, it's the only thing she knows right now, besides that, and the strange ring on her finger...with the L engraved on the top in gold. At least...real gold, right? Well, anyways, Nura is heading toward the teleporter, eager to start collecting anemoi whatever way. There's an unsettled feeling within her that strongly dislikes the idea of being without memory, which Nura finds quite odd since she can't remember exactly why it would unsettle her so badly.

Pausing at the teleporter, she sweeps her long white hair into her hands and then ties it into a ponytail with the one tie she'd been given by the people who had found her. She stretches the band too tight and it snaps.]


[She looks around.]

Anybody got a hairband?


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