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[Apple picking was apple picking.  A relaxing day under the sun enjoying the fruits of nature and communing with the peace and tranquility that accompanied the rural surroundings.  Surely nothing could go wrong on such a simple chore.  After a day spent in such a leisurely manner, Palom flips on his gadget-thingy late one night to announce excitedly into the feed.]

Guys, guys!  They paid us to eat apples[Pick was the more technically correct word there, but he wasn't particular.] 

Look at all the stuff I got!  [The video will pan out to a bag of apples, two boxes of doughnuts (one already empty), and a gallon of apple cider.  Palom's face reinserts itself with an expression of excitement and a sprinkling of doughnut dust around his lips.]  And they're not even done!  She wants me to come back tomorrow because I was the best helper anyone could ever possibly ask for!

[Actually, she'd said something about 'a good effort' but again.  Words.]   And she said for me to bring all of my friends!  I don't have any friends, so I'm asking all of you instead!  And she says when we're done, or even if we just wanna take a break, the farm has hay rides and corn mazes and bonfires and pumpkin carving, and I don't know what any of those are except bonfires those are neat but it sounds like a lotta fun!  You should all come with me later this week!

Also I ate the most delicious food I ever had in my life; what are doughnuts and why didn't I know these existed?

[action for Porom]
[Wherever Porom is, Palom will announce his presence with a flying leap.]

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiis!  I've got something for you!

((OoC: So yeah!  I was thinking of starting a small log with apple picking and hay rides and all that typical fun autumn stuff and throwing it up tomorrow night; this is the IC announcement!  You don't have to post here to post in the log later.  And it's just for fun and games and that sort of thing!  I hope this is OK, mods!))
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...--lly weird, what am I supposed to do with this?  [giant closeup of Palom's right eye]  This is so dumb, the dumbest thing that's ever happened, if I'm gonna be kidnapped and brainwashed it should be somewhere cool like a giant mountain made of cake, who even kidnaps little kids and forces them into slave labor, I bet this is some kind of conspicacy[cuts into unwelcome view up his nostrils]  Well, the great Palom's not gonna stand for it!  I'll crush 'em all the minute I remember what sort of amazing fighting I can do!  I bet it's ninja-tech.  Ninjas are the coolest.  [at this point, Palom appears to lick the screen for some reason before spitting and making a face]  Well, that's definitely not candy.

What the heck is this thing?  [horrifying static as he shakes it]  This is the worst Sight spell ever; whichever mage thought this was a good design really needs some remedial lessons.  [somehow, he manages to hit the off button as he's messing around]

[Are you having a peaceful, quiet, relaxing day?  Well, you're not anymore!  Palom stands right outside the apartments, cheerfully approaching anyone coming in and out with a bright smile on his innocent face.]

Hi!  My name is Palom and I really desperately need those knee-moi things 'cause I'm a little kid and I'm way too helpless and stuff to get them on my own so I'm really, really nicely asking you to give me everything you have and then when I remember everything I promise I'll help you find more if I'm not too busy rescuing all of us and kicking whoever brought us here in the butt 'cause I'm definitely some sort of prodigy super-paladin-sage or something but I don't remember right now so the best way to find out is if you give me all your knee-moi!  It's really fair, right?  Please please please please please maybe just one?

[To add variety, he may occasionally be dropping down off the overhang to land on top of unsuspecting victims.]
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Mokona's new job is running the Job board!

It goes up two times each month, so look out for it near the apartment doors!
If anyone ever wants a job done for them, just tell Mokona and she'll put it on the board!

This time, there are six jobs!

Helping People Jobs

- Farmer Murphy has lost a goat! She has floppy ears and a black patch on her nose and she loves eating petunias the best! He wants someone to find Maybell and bring her back soon!

- Farmer Carol's orchards are super full this year and she needs someone to help pick all the apples before they all get frozen! She'll take as many extra helpers as she can, and she says she'll throw in a bag of apples along with regular pay! She gave Mokona some for putting up the job; and they're really good!

Big Jobs

There's still a lot of wrecked buildings outside! It's safe, but there's no nice places to live yet. And that means that there's always a lot to do!

- The streets are really icky out there! They're covered in rubble and need to be cleaned! It's a long job, so it's good for someone without anything else to do! It's a really big job, so up to two people can do it. It's long and tough, so bring a friend to work and talk with! There might be anemoi in the rubble, and you can keep any you find!

- There's a big house near the walls that's dirty too! It needs to be cleaned up so people can do things with it. Again, it's a job for two people who really like housework and repairing things! You don't need to worry about water or lights yet, but everything needs to be clean and painted and not broken or rotten or anything.

Scary Jobs

- There's a big mean bird that keeps messing up gardens and scaring pets! Mokona's not walking home alone from now on, too! It's big and yellow and goes "WARK WARK WARK!!" It's not too good at flying, but it can jump high and runs really fast. People say it might be nesting near the old movie theater, since lots of feathers show up there.

- Sue Salvatore has a spooky ghost in her kitchen and it's really annoying her! If anyone is good with ghosts, they should go to her house at night and ask to see it!

((OOC: This is 100% mod-sanctioned; y'all, and you know what that means! FYI in this case it means memories. Or at least memories in some cases! It is pretty much like in RPGs where you collect all the chickens and you don't know whether you're getting rupees or an empty bottle or a basket full of live fish until you do it.

I'll be rolling out results via random number generator to remove bias, and even if they don't get anemoi they will at least get a nifty bonus item. What Mokona says doesn't necessarily mean that there absolutely will be or won't be anemoi attached to a particular job. It is a wonderful grab bag of memories and fun.

Some jobs have a Mod NPC associated with them! In this case, the ghost and the goat assignments do. The bird is a feral chocobo and can be NPCed by players.

As stated by Mokona, if you want your character to request a job, go for it! Heck, if you yourself just want a certain job up there, just PM or Plurk at me! I'm gonna be doing like twelve of these per month, I am always up for new material and I rarely bite.

And if there are any further questions, ask away! Also feel free to plan OOCly in here for now although if things get huge enough I'll probably start putting up a separate post for that sort of thing.))
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Cut for introspection, depression, and fire. )

#1: [Anonymous Text]
Have any of you discovered that you possess unusual abilities you can't explain?

#2: [Video, some time later]
Hello. My name is Yuri Petrov, for those of you who don't know me. [He looks tired, but he smiles.] I happen to have an extra anemoi. [They pay him fairly well at his new job at the law firm, though they don't give him more than one or two anemoi a week.] if there are any of you here, especially children, who find yourself unable to gather the gems, I'd be happy to give you mine, and to contribute more in the future to those too young or otherwise unable to work or explore outside the city.

[ 02 ]

Oct. 11th, 2011 09:15 pm
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(1) closed, slightly backdated
[ A tiny little memory has come back to her. She remembers pink hair, red ribbons; a sunny smile. She remembers feeling good at that smile, and she remembers that the girl who smiled at her was important. Is important. It is such a small thing, but it is significant. Homura plays with the ring on her finger, wondering the meaning of it, and ties the red ribbons in her hair. She's remembered how she used to have her hair, too-- she has no hairband, but tying it like this works just as well. The room is empty right now, and she hasn't yet talked to the girl who sleeps here as well.

She goes to walk out the door. ]

(2) open
[ video: ]
Does anyone want to come search for anemoi? ... If you do, and you aren't busy tomorrow, come to the lobby of the apartments after 12'oclock lunch. Thank you.
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☆ Video
[ Does Madoka look nervous? Good. Because she is. With a nervous smile that keeps trying to run off her face and unable to look straight ahead. She hesitates before finally deciding what to say, how to say it, and that she's brave enough to talk. ]

I- um.
My name is Madoka. Um... I just got here. I don't remember much else but uh I guess that's the point... I'm not sure how much of a help I'll be to everyone but I'll try.... I don't remember having any specific talents, though... so I don't know how much good I'll be at a job here or... anything else...

[ She sighs. The more she talks the more pathetic she feels. ]

But um! Sorry to bother you, I just wanted to say hello! And um... I'll do my best so... If you need anything... if you need anything, then please let me know! Th-thank you for your time!

[ and the feed cuts out. ]
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I remember now... I have a brother. A twin brother. His name is... His name...

I can't remember it. [ the frustration can be heard in her voice ] It feels as though it's on the tip of my tongue, but I can't draw it forth.
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What would you do if you aren't the person you thought you'd be at all?


((OOC: 0.9% on part of 'Million-Dollar Ghost' and 0.5% on 'Prisoners of Love.' 1.4% total memory regained. 0.6% remaining. SHut up, I didn't edit the memory regain after I posted this, you saw NOTHING.))
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1) [Catherine's been pacing by the entrance again, but this time it's not in fear. It's... restlessness. She's been hiding inside for days, but nothing's connected here, she can't go anywhere, do anything. But this is conflicting with agoraphobia. Back and forth she goes, before-]

Oh, fuck it.

[Aaaaand out she goes, shielding her eyes against the sun.]

2) [While out on this journey of hers, she remembers something! And is completely dumbfounded by it.]

Hey. On a scale of "Einstein" to "fucking retarded," how bright would you say building a town next to a nuke sounds?

3) [Was her journey done or just starting? She got everything she needed. Some bottled water, a few snacks, some .44 caliber bullets...

Maybe you're near the habitation border. Maybe you're trying to get a group together. Here comes Catherine! ...and there goes Catherine, crossing the line without so much as blinking. The only noticeable difference is there's now a revolver in her hand.]
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[It's been a few days since Mami arrived in Sirocco, but this is the first time she's bothered checking the network. It seems there are other people like her - people suddenly appearing without their memories - so she saves the default WHO WHAT WHERE HOW WHY questions for later. No need to get repetitive, right?

But she does want to introduce herself, so after a moment of thinking up a good conversation starter, she speaks.]

What does it feel like for everyone else? Losing your memory, I mean.

For me, it's... almost like standing in the middle of an unlit room. You know there are things placed all around you, and you should know what they are and where they should be... but it's too dark. So you wander around trying to find something, anything, in what you think is a familiar spot. But it's empty, so you lose your bearings. And you just keep making it worse by continuing to look around.

[She sounds so lost in thought right now, it's almost like she doesn't realize she's talking to other people. Care to bother her?]


Sep. 30th, 2011 07:21 pm
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[Action // Backdated to the 25th]
[No matter where you are in the park...chances are you will most likely come crossed Sakamoto. Feel free to run into him.]

Does...anyone else feel like they're forgetting something very important?

((OOC: I am so sorry for being late again and for the short post. Real life hit me like a ton of bricks so tags will be a little slow, but hopefully not as slow as it took me to actually make the first post.))


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